Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Uploading images with more than one color to Design Space

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In one of my earlier posts, I walked you through the steps for uploading and cleaning up a coloring book style image in Design Space.  If you have not already master this process, you can see that full tutorial HERE.  This is a great way to start to work with images you find online, but sometimes you cannot find a black and white coloring book style image for what you want to make.  

Finding an image with crisp lines and no shadows will always be easier to convert to a cutting file.  I recently had someone ask me to help them convert this image into a cutting file in Cricut Design Space.

She wanted to cut just the U without the green background, so we need to create three layers for this image . . . one white, one green and one orange.  To do this, you will need to upload the image three times, and focusing on cleaning up and removing everything you don't want cut for each specific color.
Here is a video that shows how I achieved this, and then layered the colored layers back together to create the final image.

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