Monday, December 4, 2017

Mickey Mouse Snowflakes made in Design Space

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I was pretty excited yesterday.  I had this idea to create some Mickey Mouse snowflakes using the Cricut window cling material.  I love the way they turned out!

These were actually pretty easy to make.  Using Cricut Design Space™, I found a couple of snowflakes that I liked and grabbed the Mickey Mouse icon image.  Once I had those images on the mat, I welded the Mickey Mouse icon shape to the outer points of the snowflakes.  Then I sliced a Mickey icon out of the center too.  

I set my Cricut to the vinyl settings.  This setting will use the correct pressure, speed and blade depth so that you cut the vinyl but leave the backing in place.  

After the images are cut, unload your mat and then peel the whole thing off of the mat.  Then simply pull off the negative space around the snowflakes.  Once you take the snowflakes off of the backing sheet, there might be some of the small pieces you need to clean up from the inside.  Sometimes some of those little pieces get stuck.  Don't worry . . . they cut . . . just push on them a little or use the Cricut weeding tool to poke them out.

Save the backing sheet.  Once you take the snowflakes down, you can place them on the backing to store and use again next year.

If you need to purchase some Cricut window cling material, use this link

A little tip . . . clean the window first before putting the snowflakes up.  The moisture from cleaning the windows helps them to stick to the window better.

And if you don't want to make some of your own, you can buy a set from me.  I am selling a set of 6 snowflakes for $12 . . . just go to my store at

 Or you can purchase the SVG at the Crafting Pixie store HERE.