Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thanks A Bunch Pop Up Box Card

I am not sure why, but I have gotten into making pop up box cards recently.  Maybe because they are more than just a card . . . they are a display piece!

I made this one as a thank you for a co-worker.  I used my Cricut Pop Up Box cartridge.  I started off with cutting the base shape from a lime green paper.  Then I creased the shape so that I could fold it into the box.

Next I cut a yellow plaid paper to be the accent pieces on the outside of the card.  I glued them into place before I glued the box together.

Then it was time to create the flowers that would decorate the inside of the box card.  I used an orange colored paper for the cards, which coordinated with one of the colors in the plaid paper.

I cut some extra flowers out of yellow cardstock and used those to accent the side flaps of the box.  I also used some dots of Viva Decor on the side flaps.  

The finished project is a very special way to tell someone thank you.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Game On

I have been neglecting my scrapbooking for a long time, and when I finally looked at where I last left off it was in 2010!!!!  Oh my!  I did not realize I was that far behind on my books.

So here is a OLD photo of my son dressed up as Tails from the Sonic video games.  This was his costume for one of the Anime Detour events he went to when he was in high school.

I used some brown and green paper with stars on it from Bo Bunny and then cut several gold rings with my Cricut.  I also cut the words Game On with the Cricut from the Sports Mania cartridge.

How did I know that the phrase Game On was a phrase on the Sports Mania Cricut cartridge?  I used MyCutSearch.com of course!  I just went to the main page and typed the word game into the search bar (by the red arrow on the left in the image below)

Once I hit the search button, by the arrow on the right in the image above, the website did all of the work. It showed me the Cricut cartridges that had the word game in them. By clicking through the images I was quickly able to find one that said Game On, which was perfect for this layout.

Even though the page on Sports Mania is featuring images for tennis, the words Game On don't have any tennis images connected to them . . . so it was a perfect match!

 Speaking of Cricut products . . . have you ordered your August Cricut Mystery Box? If not, hurry . . . . they are going fast! Just click on the image below.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pop Up Box Birthday Card

I love box cards . . . they become a display piece to show off and have so much more visual interest than a ordinary card.  I created this one using the Cricut All Occasion Box Card cartridge.  I actually combined elements from two different box cards to create a very unique card for my nephew.

I really loved this cardstock with balloons all over it, but it was a busy pattern so I have had this cardstock for a long time but have not found the right project for it . . . until now.  The balloons made a perfect backdrop for this card, and since it has variety of colors in it, that allowed me to coordinate a lot of different solid colors for the pop up elements.

Below you can see the inner piece of the card that all of the elements attach to.  It folds in a zig zag pattern and attached to the inside of the box.  This allows you to easily fold the box flat to put in an envelope.  I cut this in the same green as the base of the box so that they would visually blend together . . . yes, you will still see it when you look at the card, but it will not stand out.

Instead of doing the cut that said CELEBRATE to place on the banner, I cut more stars and wrote my nephew's name on the banner.  I thought this was a fun way to personalize this card.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Disney Pixar Blog Hop - August 2016! Olaf Summer Project

Welcome to the Disney Pixar Blog Hop!

Disney and crafting are a magical combination, and we are so happy you joined us to day for this blog hop.  Some of the crafters participating in this event have been doing this together since 2011!  Over the years the hop has grown but one thing has always stayed the same . . . amazing crafting projects that feature your favorite characters from Disney and Pixar movies.

For 2016 we are going to have a hop every other month for the entire year!  If you missed one of the hops we already had this year, you can still go back and see the projects.  For February click HERE, for April click HERE and for June click HERE.  If you are on Facebook you can like the group page so that you can be the first to learn about each upcoming event.  Just click HERE to go the the Facebook page.

To make sure you don't miss any of the fun, be sure to start at Shawn's blog to see all of the projects.  Just click HERE to head over to Shawn's blog and then follow the hop line up at the bottom of the post to see everyone's projects.

For this project I wanted to create a cut out that could be placed in a vase or potted plant.  I figured since this would be a fun summer decoration, it would be cut to include Olaf in the fun, since he does not get to enjoy summer.  

I used my Frozen Disney Cricut cartridge to cut he Olaf under the beach umbrella.  I added some iCraft Deco Foil to Olaf's sunglasses so that they look like mirrored sunglasses.  Here is how I did that . .  

First I cut the sunglasses out of black cardstock

Then I used my Zig two way pen to apply adhesive to the sunglasses cut.  Then I placed a piece of iCraft Deco Foil  over the top and rubbed over the top of the foil with my finger to help ensure that it was really stuck down.  If you look at the upper left portion of the foil in the image below, you can see the outline of where the sunglasses are.

Then I just peeled the foil away and POOF . . . like magic I had mirrored sunglasses for Olaf!

Doesn't he look cute!

To embellish the beach umbrella I placed a red button from Buttons Galore on the top.  I used some Dimensional Magic to place clear droplets on the umbrella.  I thought that this added some nice texture to the umbrella.

You could place these cut outs on a stick, but I cut a piece of Rowlux Illusion Film that I had and glued those to the back.  Then I just placed them into the vase.

One more close up of Olaf's sunglasses . . . I just love how the iCraft Deco Foil  on the sunglasses shimmers when the light hits it!

Before you go, make sure to enter to win our prize for this hop . . .

We have a prize from Clear Scraps!  You could win one of their sandcastle chipboard albums!  This is perfect for your summer beach photos or with a little magic, this castle becomes the home for any Disney Princess.  (due to shipping reasons, winners must be in the continental United States)

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Good luck, and enjoy the rest of the hop!

The full blog hop line up is below.  

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

NEW Disney Princess Cricut cartridge!

Disney fans, are you ready!?!?!?  There is a NEW Disney Cricut Cartridge!!!!!

This new cartridge is called Disney Princesses - Believing in Dreams and it features characters from Brave, Tangled and The Princess and the Frog.

This cartridge was released earlier this year as a digital cartridge . . . but now there is a physical cartridge available also!

Here are some of the images from this cartridge

Head over to Cricut.com  and check out all of the Disney® Cartridges by clicking on the links in this post.