Sunday, November 30, 2014

Personalized Holiday Decor

Since we are at a new house this year, I wanted a new Holiday decoration to kind of celebrate the fact that our family has moved.

We have a little family joke where my husband, daughter and I refer to each other as "The Three Amigos" . . . and I wanted a one item that celebrated that.  (Our oldest child moved out a few years ago)

I found the perfect item at . . . they have SO MANY different items for the home that you can personalized any way you want!  I found this snowman family plaque that I really liked.

Then I personalized it by adding our family name, choosing that I wanted three snow people on the plaque, and added the first names of family members below.

I think it looks really cute sitting with our Christmas stockings that I made a few years ago.  There are other items, like a doormat, that match this same snowman family . . . so if I wanted to continue with the theme and add other items I could do that too!

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