Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Decorating the New House

I am starting to decorate our new house, and I used Pinterest to help me get started.

I made a board on Pinterest, and then later when I wanted to show my husband the options of what I was looking at I just showed him the board.  If there were items on it that he hated, I deleted them.  This really helped us to narrow down what we liked and figure out where we wanted to shop.

I found this table that I wanted to get for our front entry area.

I found it at Wayfair.  I had never shopped there before, but I can tell you I WILL be shopping there again!  They have SO MUCH to choose from and the prices are really great!

Then I found this discount . . . .

Just click on the Wayfair button and you can start shopping and saving too!  I might need to do some Christmas shopping this way.

I have the table ordered and once it arrives I will post a photo of it in the entry of our home.

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