Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little Pink Ladybug - CHA 2014

While at CHA I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Little Pink Ladybug.  Their booth was just a few rows down from ours.  They have created bow making templates so that even someone like ME can make a perfect bow every time!

When I was hanging the scrapbook layout displays that I made for the booth, I decided I wanted a bow hanger on them . . . and when I could not make a pretty bow my new friends at The Little Pink Ladybug came to the rescue!

Then later on in the show they started to add our bling to their bows . . . or after someone would make a bow at their booth they would send them to our booth to add the bling!  Here is an example of some bows that got blinged up.

My daughter Beth even has a blog post today about The Little Pink Ladybug that included a video where you can see the templates they sell being demonstrated.  Click HERE to check that out.

I highly recommend The Brilliant Bowmaker from Little Pink Ladybug to anyone who wants to make a perfect bow every time!

Here are some links to Little Pink Ladybug for you.  Tell them Shawn sent you!

Website // Facebook // YouTube

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brother Scan N Cut and Rhinestone Sticker Sheets

One of the new products at the CHA 2014 show was the Brother Scan N Cut machine.  People we very interested to see just what this machine could do.

Inside the bag that we all got when we picked up our badges was a foam butterfly that had been cut with the Scan N Cut.

I was busy working at The Buckle Boutique booth, so I did not have time to go and check out the machine in person, but my husband and daughter did!  We asked them to bring the rhinestone sticker sheets over to the Brother booth and ask them to see if it can be cut on the new Brother Scan N Cut machine.

I am happy to report that it CAN be cut on this machine!  If you would like to see the video that my husband and daughter recorded you can check it out HERE.  Below are photos of the rhinestone sticker sheet that was cut on the Brother Scan N Cut.  My daughter drew a rough flower like shape.

In the first photo you can see some of the flower cut out.  

And the second photo shows the entire flower cut out of the rhinestone sticker sheet, and the cut piece off to the side.  Since these sheets already have adhesive on the back, all I have to do is peel off the backing sheet and I have a giant sparkling rhinestone flower shape that I can stick to anything!  No more lining up individual rhinestones to add sparkle to a project!

Again, if you want to see the video of the Brother Scan N Cut machine cutting out this flower, click HERE.

To purchase the rhinestone sticker sheets for your next project, head over to The Buckle Boutique.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CHA from my daughter's viewpoint

Since I was so busy at the last CHA show working in the booth for The Buckle Boutique, I did not have a lot of time to go out and see the show for myself.  But my daughter and husband did come and walk the show on Sunday.  I often call my daughter my "Personal Assistant", so I told her she was in charge of taking photos and having her Dad video tape some things so we could post them on our blogs.

My daughter started her blog about 6 months ago.  You can find it HERE.  While she has always liked to create things or craft with me, she never really paid attention to designer names, companies or brands.  Now that she is blogging she is starting to see that there are some companies that she likes more than others.

I did not tell my daughter to check out any specific booths . . . I just asked her to take photos of anything cool she sees or Make and Takes and demos.  Because of this, she discovered some companies and products that might not be getting the same amount of "blogger buzz" as some of the more well known companies and products.  So if you want to see CHA through the eyes of a teenager who just recently became interested in this amazing world of craft blogging, make sure to head over to The Creative Ninjas Blog, leave Beth a comment and see what she discovered!

Here first post on CHA can be found HERE.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Did you see the Today Show clip about CHA 2014?

If you missed the Today Show this morning, you might have missed seeing the segment that they did on the recent Craft and Hobby Trade Show in Anaheim, California.  My friend Tanner Bell, who is one half of the Teen Crafting website A Little Craft in Your Day, can be seen in the segment . . . twice!  You can also see a quick shot of Marisa Pawelko's display at the Sizzix booth.  Marisa partnered with The Buckle Boutique this year . . . her new line of dies works so great with the rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique!

If you missed it, I was able to find the clip online HERE.

Friday, January 24, 2014

MORE photos from CHA 2014!

Since I was working in The Buckle Boutique's booth at CHA, I asked my daughter to take photos of things she saw.  I call her my Personal Assistant and Teen Trend Coordinator.  She has been busy with hockey and school, so I HOPE to get those photos up on the blog this weekend.

I do have one new photo I can show you . . . I covered a Cricut machine with the rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique!

This was SO EASY to do!  I simply took the clear rhinestone sticker sheets and cut it with scissors.  I cut pieces for each section/panel of the exterior of the Cricut . . . almost like making pattern pieces for the entire exterior of the machine!  Since the rhinestone sticker sheets cut so easily with scissors and you can cut THROUGH the gems I was even able to cut the curves around the buttons and dials on the machine.  Then once I had the piece cut to size I just peeled off the backing and stuck it to the Cricut.  One large section covered in rhinestones just like that!

Rhinestone Sticker Sheets can be purchased HERE
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CHA 2014 - Sizzix, Marisa Pawelko and The Buckle Boutique

While at the 2014 CHA show we had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Sizzix and Marisa Pawlko on the launch of her new dies. Marisa created a new outfit each day of the show using her dies . . . and our rhinestone sticker sheets!  I was able to get photos of 2 of the outfits . . . .
She had lips in the bright yellow rhinestone sticker sheets all over her pants, and then on the pockets . . .
Another day she stopped by our booth to say hi, and she had this great outfit with unicorns cut from the rainbow rhinestone sticker sheets!

Here is a closer photo

Here is the packaging for the new unicorn die
I also took a few photos at the Sizzix booth of the projects they had on display and were creating using Marisa's dies and our rhinestone sticker sheets.
I love the sparkle on this simple box.
These little lips have can be used as a nail file . . . there is a rough backing on them!
Holly from Sizzix shows off a bracelet she made with the rainbow rhinestone sticker sheets.  

If you love what Marisa does, I would encourage you to support her Kickstarter page!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

CHA - ShowBuster Display

We had a GREAT time in California for the Winter CHA show!  It was so nice to see friends, and make new ones.  And the weather was so nice . . . 70's and 80's for daytime highs the entire time we were there. We started off the show with our ShowBuster Display
We went with the simple power of our rhinestone sticker sheets for our display.  We used the clear rhinestone sticker sheets to cover the back, bottom and sides of the display cube . . . it really sparkled when the sunlight hit it, and made it stand out.  We also cut our booth numbers out of black rhinestone sticker sheets for the upper left corner of the display.  
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Friday, January 17, 2014

CHA Review - The QUICK story

I have plans for CHA in review posts for all of you with photos and videos . . . I just got home today and I am TIRED!

The QUICK over view

I left for CHA on Wednesday, January 8th and I had been VERY sick for two days before that and I was actually still not feeling that great when I headed off to the airport.  Thursday and Friday were kind of a "Nyquil Induced" fog . . . sick, tired, and trying to set up the booth for The Buckle Boutique and the ShowBuster Display cube we had.  Oh . . . and the box I had shipped with ALL of the projects I made for the booth did not show up on time!  It did not get there until Saturday at almost noon, after the show had started.

Saturday was the first day of the show, and once people started to play with the rhinestone sticker sheets over at the Sizzix booth with Marisa Pawelko's new dies EVERYONE wanted to get their hands on the rhinestone sticker sheets!  I made lots of new friends and got to see some old friends.  My husband and daughter came in on Saturday evening, and they walked the show on Sunday.  They took photos and video.  They even went to the Brother's booth and go them to try cutting the rhinestone sticker sheets with the new Scan N Cut machine.

We also had Charity Wings broadcasting LIVE from our booth on Sunday showing off the rhinestone sticker sheets.

Once the show was done and everything was all packed up, my family spent Wednesday and Thursday at Disneyland and California Adventure.  Then Friday morning (today) we headed to the airport to come home.
I cannot wait to show you everything we saw and did!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Princess Sleeps Here

It is the last day of the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show . . . soon it will be time to pack things up, head home and get some rest after the busy time we have had in California.

Wouldn't it be great to sleep like a Princess?  Why not let everyone know that you deserve to be treated like a Princess with this cute decorative pillow, embellished with a crown applique from The Buckle Boutique!

This pillow was VERY EASY to make.  First I decided how big I wanted to make the pillow.  I purchased a pillow from a thrift store since I knew I would be making a new cover for it . . . why spend $10 on a pillow form when I can spend $2 on a pillow from a thrift store and just cover it with new fabric!

I cut two rectangles to fit the pillow form, plus some on each side for seam allowance.  For this pillow the dimensions were 14" x 18".  Then I took the piece that was going to be the top of the pillow and applied the applique and the lettering.  The lettering was cut from the Tulip Fashion Glimmer Shimmer Transfer Sheets from the Winter Woodland Cricut cartridge.  The Princess was cut at 2 3/4" and sleeps here was cut at 2".

Before I applied any heat to the images, I laid them all out on the pillow and made sure that they were straight and centered how I wanted them.  THIS probably took the most time of the whole project!  I was fussy about where I wanted things.

Once I was happy with the layout, I put a light weight cloth over the top and let the heat of the iron do it's job.  Because the crown is heavier and needs more heat than the letters to stick to the fabric, after everything was cooled off I flipped the entire thing over and heat set the crown piece again from the back, so that I could get more heat right to the iron on backing.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Animal Kingdom Scrapbook Layout

This week I am showing off the projects that I created for The Buckle Boutique's booth at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show in Anaheim, California.

For this two page scrapbook layout, I used a variety of papers from the My Mind's Eye Collectable Notable Collection, along with the Rhinestone Sticker Sheets from The Buckle Boutique.

I had some bright, colorful photos from the parade at Animal Kingdom, and I thought the bright colors of the papers from My Mind's Eye went perfect with the photos.  I even got a little creative and created my own Simba cut which I cut with the Pazzles cutting machine.

Minnie Mouse is living on the wild side . . . her bow is cut from the pink zebra print rhinestone sticker sheet from The Buckle Boutique!  I thought the animal print was perfect for an Animal Kingdom layout.  And yes, I cut that with the Cricut!  How do you cut rhinestones with a Cricut?  Remember, these are not "real" rhinestones . . . they are a rhinestone sticker sheet.  The rhinestone gems are actually soft and you can cut right through them.  Click HERE for a video and some tips on how to do this.

I had a photo of the Mickey's Jungle Expeditions sign that I framed with some orange rhinestone sticker sheet product.

I carried the same My Mind's Eye paper collection into this layout to help bring all of the photos together.  I accented this layout with some large arrows in the orange and bright yellow rhinestone sticker sheets.  I also cut the word WILD out of the orange rhinestone sticker sheet and backed it with a purple paper to make it stand out even more.

Not to be outdone by Minnie, Daisy Duck has a pink cheetah print bow and a cheetah print bracelet.
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rhinestone Embellished Diaper Cake and a MyCutSearch Tip

I have made diaper cakes in the past, but using the products from The Buckle Boutique on them takes them to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

First, if you want to see my detailed step by step instructions on how to build a diaper cake, you can go HERE.  If you want to see ALL of the diaper cake projects I have done, click HERE.

I created this diaper cake for The Buckle Boutique's display booth at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show going on in Anaheim, California.  I wanted to show that you could use the rhinestone sticker sheets or the rhinestone fabric to decorate a diaper cake . . . or a real cake . . . for parties, showers or weddings.

I am going to skip the steps on creating the diaper cake, since you can read how to do that in my past posts HERE, and skip right to the decorating.  For this cake I alternated every other tier of the cake showcasing the blue and green rhinestone fabric and the lime green rhinestone sticker sheets.

The rhinestone fabric has an iron on backing, so for this application I cut a long strip of stiff crinoline fabric the width of three rows of the checkered pattern, and long enough to wrap around the tier of the cake plus some extra for overlap.  I sewed velcro onto the crinoline so that it could overlap and attach to itself.  Then I just ironed the rhinestone fabric to the crinoline.  (If you were doing this on a REAL cake, I am sure there is a ribbon or some sort of food safe product you could attach the rhinestone fabric to in order to wrap it around the cake)

For the other tiers, I cut a piece of 2 1/2" wide ribbon long enough to wrap around the tier of the cake, plus some for overlap.  I sewed velcro to the ribbon so that it could overlap and attach to itself in the back, then I cut strips of the lime green sticker sheets, three gems wide.  I peeled off the backing from those sticker sheets and since the sheets have adhesive on the back I just stuck these long strips down to the edges of the ribbon.  Then I wrapped them around the tiers and secured them in the back with the velcro I sewed onto them.

I even added a little strip of the rhinestone sticker sheet to the bear as a collar for him.  And a simple bow in matching colors adds the perfect finish to the cake.  If you wanted to add more elements to the cake to embellish it you could, but I wanted to keep this one simple to really show of the rhinestones and have those be the focus of the cake.

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Even though I did not use a Cricut cut on this project, I was thinking that if this were going to be used for a baby shower, and you wanted to make invitations or gift cards to go along with it how would you go about finding the right image for that?  Well, if you knew the image you wanted to cut, like a rattle or bottle, you could just type that into the search bar.  But what if you wanted a baby themed image AND wanted to know if there was a Cricut cut of a card shape with that image already on it.

I tried this on by typing in

baby card

and I was very happy with the results.  It showed me ONLY handbook pages that had a card shape, and some sort of baby image in them also (baby bottle, baby onsie, baby bootie, etc.)

Here are some of my favorites.

And these are just a FEW of the choices!  Look at all of the different options I have for a baby item either cut into a card, or a shaped card.  If I needed something fast, cutting the baby onesie card where the card and the onesie are cut all at once would be perfect . . . and it even has an envelope.  If I wanted to spend a little more time I could do the baby diaper pin shaped card.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Steamboat Willie Scrapbook Layout

I have always been a Mickey Mouse fan, so I really enjoy our trips to Walt Disney World, and creating the scrapbook layouts to remember those trips.

This layout features a photo I took during the Fantasimic show of Steamboat Willie driving the boat with all of the characters on it.  For this page I wanted to focus in on JUST Mickey.  This layout is extra special because it will be featured at The Buckle Boutique's booth at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show this weekend.

I used papers from the Teresa Collins Summer Stories collection.  I loved how the black and white patterns worked with the black and white look of Mickey dressed as Steamboat Willie.  I wanted to add a little POP of color, so I decided to use a soft teal color.

I cut some banner shapes out of the clear Rhinestone Sticker Sheets from The Buckle Boutique.  I think that the clear color adds a silver accent to the page.  I love the way they sparkle!

To the right of the Steamboat Willie photo I added a die cut from the Teresa Collins Summer Stories Collection that has a film strip on it, and says PHOTO on it.  

Then I needed a title for this page.   Luckily, the Teresa Collins Summer Stories Collection has a sheet called Bingo Cards, and each bingo card has a different word at the top of it.  I noticed there were cards with the words ONCE, UPON and TIME on this sheet, so I cut them apart and lined them up on the layout, added an "a" and "at" and finished it off with a black and white Disney cut from the Disney Mickey Font Cricut cartridge to create the full title of

Once Upon A Time At Disney!

I love it when I can use everyday papers like these to create a Disney scrapbook layout, instead of going out and purchasing Disney specific papers.  I feel like this allows me to be more creative.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show - 2014

Are you ready to get crafty!

Make sure to check in with us daily to see new projects and inspiration from the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show (or CHA as it is called by many)

I will be there with The Buckle Boutique in Booth #2325 bringing you projects that sparkle and shimmer.

We will be partnering with Westcott Brand for their in booth demos.  Their non-stick scissors are PERFECT for cutting the rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique.  I have used other scissors in the past, and I would always get some adhesive residue on the scissors . . . but NOT with the Westcott brand non-stick scissors!

We will also be a part of the Live from CHA Event!

There will be live interviews from a variety of businesses, including The Buckle Boutique.  Make sure to check out the Facebook Event page for more details, or the Charity Wings blog HERE.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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