Saturday, November 30, 2013

Do it Yourself Bow Maker

I have seen lots of bow makers online, and for the most part they consist of something to hold the loops of ribbon steady for you and a way to space out those holders to change the size of the bows.  I didn't make a LOT of bows in the past, so I have never purchased a bow maker . . . but now I seem to be making more of them.  I needed something "in a pinch" that would work and here is what I came up with.

I taped two plastic forks to the work surface in my craft room.  I can tape them farther apart if I want to make a larger bow.

Then I started looping the ribbon around the tines of the fork.

Criss-cross the end of the ribbon and tie a knot.

Slide the whole thing off the forks, and there is your bow.  I know, it is still not the prettiest bow ever, but this method did help me to hold things in place while I worked.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Buckle Boutique Winter Bling Party

Welcome to The Buckle Boutique Winter Bling Party!

Today the Design Team will be sharing projects they created using the product from The Buckle Boutique for your winter holiday crafting.  Get ready for some projects with rhinestones, sparkle and bling!

For my project I wanted to create a special Christmas ornament for my daughter.  She LOVES Donald Duck, so knew I wanted him to be the main theme of the project.

I started with a plain glass ornament, and I painted the whole thing white with primer.  Now, you could start off with a while ornament, but all I had was the clear ones so that is why I decided to just go with that and paint the whole thing.

Then I places a rubber band around the center of the ornament.  This made it easy for me to find the middle and visually play around with that rubber band to make sure it was straight . . . or as straight as I could get it.  You could use tape, but I found that when I was trying to tape it I could not tell if I was right in the middle of the ornament as well, so that is why I decided to use the rubber band trick.

I used a paper cup to rest the ornament in as I painted either end.  This way I did not have to worry about setting it down and having paint come off.  When I was painting the bottom, the top was down in the cup and then when that was dry I flipped it to do the other half.  I painted the top half royal blue, like the color of Donald Duck's shirt.

Once the paint was dry, I cut a strip of the yellow rhinestone sticker sheet from The Buckle Boutique with scissors and peeled of the backing and attached it to the ornament.  I love these sticker sheets!  Just cut off the amount of rhinestones and sparkle that you need, peel off the backing and stick!  SO EASY!  With loose rhinestones I would have gone NUTS trying to line them all up in three rows like this!  Can you imagine how long that would have taken?

Last, I used my Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge to cut a large red bow to place on the center of the ornament.  I even added a little sparkle to Donald's bow tie by cutting it from a glitter sheet.  I used a pop dot to attach it to the ornament.

Before you go, I wanted to tell you about a GREAT PRE-HOLIDAY DEAL for YOU

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So make sure to head over to The Buckle Boutique and stock up on your favorite products right away!

Your next stop in the Winter Bling Party is 

The full hop list, in case you get lost

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Magic Marble Monday - Christmas Ornaments!

Thanks for joining us for another Magic Marble Monday!  What is Magic Marble?  It is a paint that you can use to decorate SO MANY THINGS!  If you want to see all of the things my daughter and I have been decorating, just click HERE.  The paint is easy to use . . . start with a bucket of water, pick the colors you like, put a few drops of each color in the bucket, use a stick to swirl the colors together and then just dip the item you are decorating into the water . . . that is it!  The paint really does the work for you.  It starts to swirl itself before you even run the stick through it . . . sometimes you don't need to really use the stick that much.

For today's project my daughter and I wanted to try making a Magic Marble version of the swirled paint Christmas ornaments that are so popular right now.  Ironically, the same day we thought of doing this project, my sister-in-law sent me a photo of some paint swirled Christmas ornaments and said "You should try this with the Magic Marble paint!"

I purchased a box of ornaments from the Dollar Store, and I have to tell you that at first I just tried to dip them right out of the box . . . that did not work well, so I quickly rinsed off the paint, dried off the ornament and did some research.  That is when I found out that Magic Marble actually recommends you prime a surface for the best results.

Learn from my mistakes!

So I grabbed the primer and put a thin coat on all of the ornaments, allowed it to dry and then we started again.  We decided to make the first batch to send to my sister-in-law as a gift, and we knew she decorated in blues, greens and purples for the holidays.

We added the paint to the water from darkest to lightest . . . the purple, then the teal blue, and last the metallic silver.  We thought the silver would give them a nice shimmer . . . and it did!

We put a safety pin through the loop on the top of the ornament so that after we took it out of the paint we could clip the safety pin to a hanger and then hang all of the ornaments in the laundry room to dry.

I just love how even though we used the same colors for all of these ornaments, each one looks completely different!

To see other projects I have made with Magic Marble swirling paints you can click HERE.  I have provide product and company links below.  Make sure to tell them Shawn sent you!

Magic Marble Website //  Facebook  // Pinterest  //  YouTube

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Creating from Scraps

I was a part of a group of ladies that all decided to create projects using scraps.  The first lady packed up her scraps and put them in the mail to the next lady, who would then pick some scraps to work with and then add her own scraps to the box.  By the time the box got to me, this is what it looked like!

I picked several different things, and the shapes I used on this card are two of the things I picked.

I LOVED the bright colors on this Christmas tree!  I paired it with a softer background paper that also had several colors on it, and to make the card pop off of the background I added the top note frame cut which was also one of the pieces in the scrap box.  I inked around the edges of the background paper and added a little Viva Decor in the corners.  

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hockey Yearbooks

Our daughter's hockey team does a hockey yearbook each year, and few years I have been asked to put that yearbook together.  Besides my Disney scrapbooks, I think my hockey scrapbooks are my favorite thing to do.  I do the hockey yearbooks using a digital scrapbooking software.

This is the cover I used for one of the yearbooks.  I took a photo of the pucks scattered on the ice while the girls were practicing and used that for the lower portion of the cover.  The large B is the team logo.  I added the lettering with a text tool and even added some "shadow" effect to the lettering . . . this is easy to do with digital scrapbooking . . . just a click of a button to add the shadow.

Another page I really liked was this one.  I got all of the girls to stand in a circle in the locker room and then I stood up on a bench looking down into the center of the circle.  I also had each one of them sign their name and jersey number on a piece of paper, which I scanned into my computer and then was able to pull in to the space above and below the photo to make it look like each girl signed the yearbook.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I just wanted to update people on some things.  I have been SUPER BUSY getting ready for the Craft and Hobby Trade Association Mega Show in Anaheim, California.  I will be working in The Buckle Boutique booth (Booth #2325)  If you will be at the show I would LOVE IT if you would stop by and say Hello!  I have some new projects for the booth display that I am working on.  I cannot wait to share them with you!  If you would like to see projects I have created using The Buckle Boutique's products, click HERE.

Besides working with The Buckle Boutique, I have been busy working with Craffiti Direct to showcase their new stamps . . . and of course I am extra happy that one of the sets was designed by my son, Thomas Mosch.  He also created our logo for the website.  Stay tuned to see new projects created with these stamps . . . and maybe even some new stamp sets from my son.  If you would like to see all of the projects I have created with Craffiti Direct's stamps you can click HERE.

I have also been doing Magic Marble Mondays.  If you have not heard of Magic Marble, it is a swirling paint . . . drop the colors you like into a bucket of water and then dip an item into it that water for instant swirls of color!  To see projects I have created using Magic Marble, you can click HERE.

One company that you have heard me talk about a lot in the past year is Square 1 Masterpiece.  Before using Square 1, I had only used traditional vinyl a couple of times and the idea of a repositionable vinyl sounded great to me.  And add to that the fact that they also had a printable product that you could customize with your own images and patterns . . . well, I had NEVER heard of anything like that before!  I still think the idea of a product I can print on and stick to things without worry of damaging the surface is great, but I have since found out that their are other companies that create a product like this.

Well, as with any master plan, things change along the way.  This is true with Square 1's master plan also.  A year ago I saw myself as being a very large contributing part of that master plan, but that is no longer the case.  I wanted to be honest with all of you that follow me and come to me for tips and advice.  I am no longer working with Square 1 Masterpiece.  I may still use the product, when it fits for the projects I am using, but it may not be the only vinyl I use.

Oh, and I forgot to mention . . . Mark your calendars because The Buckle Boutique's Design Team will be having a big event next week!  We will be showing you holiday projects with rhinestones, sparkle and BLING!  And we have a special surprise for all of you to kick off the Holiday Shopping Season!  If you would like to get a reminder on Facebook about this event, click HERE to join the event page!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Paper Dolls in School Uniforms

Here is a project that I did on request.  My mother works for a school, and she had seen the paper dolls that I created for my niece.  If you want to see that project you can go HERE.  Well, I also made a boy and girl to hand in the office of the school my mother works at.  They have snowflakes, leaves, flowers and hearts that she puts around them and changes out with the seasons.  

Since the children at this school wear uniforms, I thought it would be cute to put the paper dolls in the school uniforms too!  This was a lot easier to do with the boy, since he just needed to be wearing solid colored blue and green clothes, but I had to be more creative on the girl's uniform.

I was able to borrow a used uniform and bring it home to scan in my printer/scanner.  Once I had the image scanned, I just printed out on my printable adhesive backed fabric.  Then I used my Cricut Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge to cut a dress.  I had to "modify" the neckline by hand to make it match the style of the school uniform.

I also made an elf and Santa outfit for these two, so that they could dress them up for the holidays.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hockey Tournament Door Signs

Hockey season is starting up, and every year our girls have out out of town tournament.  It is a tradition to make some sort of sign or decoration for the hotel room doors for each team.  

Last year my daughter and one of her teammates made these.

We cut a large jersey shape from the Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut cartridge.  I used the cut to fit function so that it would cut the jersey the largest size we could get out of the sheet of paper we were using.

Then my daughter and her teammate colored the red and blue stripes on the shirts, to make them look like the team's Home jerseys.  Then I cut numbers for all of the jerseys.  The girls love it when they are at the hotel and there is a jersey with their number on the door.  Most of the girls brought these home and save them . . . and parents have mentioned that many of them have them on their bedroom doors.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Magic Marble Monday - Christmas Gift Tags

Thanks for joining us for another Magic Marble Monday!  What is Magic Marble?  It is a paint that you can use to decorate SO MANY THINGS!  If you want to see all of the things my daughter and I have been decorating, just click HERE.  The paint is easy to use . . . start with a bucket of water, pick the colors you like, put a few drops of each color in the bucket, use a stick to swirl the colors together and then just dip the item you are decorating into the water . . . that is it!  The paint really does the work for you.  It starts to swirl itself before you even run the stick through it . . . sometimes you don't need to really use the stick that much.

So last week I showed you how I colored some white Rhinestone Sticker Sheets from The Buckle Boutique.  If you want to see that project again, just click HERE.  This week I am using those custom colored rhinestone sticker sheets to create some Christmas gift tags.

I got my inspiration from images I have seen on Pinterest of swirled or marbled Christmas ornaments.  Here is an example of one that I found.

This example was not done with Magic Marble, but the swirls of color reminded me of the look that Magic Marble creates.  Here are the Christmas tags that I created from this inspiration.

I cut the ornament shapes from the Christmas Cheer Cricut cartridge.  I accented around the edges with some green pen, and then simply cut the rhinestone sticker sheet that I had already colored with the Magic Marble in a circle to place on top of the ornament cut.

A little Viva Decor in the corners for an accent and they are ready to be tied on to a gift

For the small tag I used the Cuttlebug snowflake embossing folder to emboss the background paper.

To see other projects I have made with Magic Marble swirling paints you can click HERE.  I have provide product and company links below.  Make sure to tell them Shawn sent you!

Magic Marble website //  Facebook  // Pinterest  //  YouTube

The Buckle Boutique's Website // Blog // Facebook Page // Twitter // Pinterest

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Which Cricut Cartridges have a Font that has a Shadow Cut?

Grab a cup of coffee . . . I am going to share a tip to help your search for fonts with a shadow cut on MyCutSearch.

If you have ever been working on a project where you KNEW you wanted to use two colors on your lettering to give it that layered effect, like this.

To do this, you would need to use a font that includes a shadow cut feature.  Well, if you are like me, before MyCutSearch came along you would flip through all of your font handbooks to find the PERFECT font for your project, only to be disappointed when you saw that there was no shadow cut feature for that font.  Well not anymore!  What if you could JUST preview the fonts that HAVE a shadow cut?  Let me show you how you can do this.

Let's use the image in the layout above for an example of how to search for images with shadow cuts.

First, go to MyCutSearch, and on the left hand side you will see Advanced MyCutSearch.  It is the third item down on the list.  Click on that.

That will take you to a screen that looks like this.

Make sure the keywords box is un-checked
Check the font box and check the character-number-symbol box
In the search bar, type in 

s shadow

The image below shows the boxes you should have checked, and along with the search parameter information.

Click on search
Now you will see only the pages with a letter S that also has a shadow cut!
Remember, you can always click on any of these images to get a larger preview, which would look like this.

And if that is still not big enough for you, you can click on the single preview image to enlarge that one more time.

I hope that this helped you to learn something new about MyCutSearch, and how you can use it for your papercrafting needs. 

For more information on, including more tips, click HERE.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Get ready for some SPARKLE!

Make sure to mark your calendar to be here on Wednesday November 27th.  Why?  Because The Buckle Boutique's Design Team has a special line up of projects covered with rhinestones, sparkle and bling to share with you


If you are on Facebook, you can join the event page so that you get an extra reminder about the event.  

Just click HERE

 Get some inspiration for your holiday crafting!  We cannot wait to see you there!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spellbinders DEALS!

Scrapbook Steal of The Day - Spellbinders Shapabilities at 32-38% off Retail at!

Christmas Ornament using Dried Flowers

At first glance, this does not look like a Cricut project, but trust me, I will be using my Cricut at some point here!

Last summer my Grandfather passed away.  He had served in the Navy during WWII, and we had a large arrangement of red, white and blue flowers on top of his casket.  When the funeral was over, several people took a flower home with them.  I took the remaining flowers.  I was not sure what I was going to do with them at the time, but I knew I wanted to do something.

There were not enough to make arrangements that would hang on the wall for everyone in the family, plus not everyone likes the dried floral arrangement look.  Since my Grandfather loved the holidays, I decided to make ornaments for every family member.

Some of the supplies use include :
Chipboard tag shapes
Mod Podge
Various inks
Background stamp
Viva Decor

I started out with some plain chipboard tags in various shapes.  I purchased this in a variety pack.  You could use your Cricut to cut out tag shapes if you would like.  If you don't know which Cricut cartridges have a tag shape on them, you can go to and type in the word tag and you will find that there are a LOT to choose from!

I wanted a soft, neutral colored background.  I used several different shades of cream, brown, gold and a rusty red color.  I would just "smooch" the ink on, then spread it around with the sponge.  Then grab the next color and do the same.  Some areas had a lot of color, and others were thin on color.  I did this to both the front and the back.

Here you can see the nice soft background that this created.

I also stamped the entire tag with a background stamp to add a little pattern to it.  I did this in a golden brown . . . it does not show up in this photo . . . it was a very subtle background, but that was what I was going for.

Next it was time to add the dried flowers.  First I gently pulled the flowers apart and separated the nice looking petals from the ones that were too small to use or dried all curled up.  I put them in three piles . . . red, white and blue.  I also had some of the leaves that I saved too.

I used a paint brush to place a large dot of paint where I wanted the flowers to go, then I placed the leaves and petals in a circular arrangement . . . almost making mini-flowers with the dried petals.  I then applied a thick coat of Mod Podge over the petals so seal them so they would not crumble.  It also added a nice shine to them.

And here is where the Cricut came in . . . for the tags that were for my Father and my Aunt, I cut the word DAD from the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge.  I used a silver paper that had a little texture to it.  I thought it looked like Duct Tape, and we used to tease my Grandfather that he used Duct Tape to repair EVERYTHING, so it seemed fitting.

For the tags for all of the Grandchildren I cut the word PAPA, since that is what we called our Grandfather.

These made a wonderful remembrance of my Grandfather that each person in the family could have, and hang on the Christmas tree each year so that Grandpa will always be there with us.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Scrapbook Steal

Scrapbook Steal of The Day - Hampton Art Smooch Spritz 2-Packs at 55% off Retail at! Click for Details.

Turtle Card using Underwater Stamp Set from Craffiti Direct

I had so much fun making this card!  Why?  Because the stamped image was created by my son!

This is a little thank you card.  I used yellow cardstock for the base, then cut a piece of light blue cardstock slightly smaller, and embossed it with a swirl pattern.

I cut a yellow scalloped square and a white scalloped square, and stamped the image of the turtle onto the white square.  The turtle is from the Underwater Set by Thomas Mosch.  Just click on the image below to go straight to this set.  (stamp sets are 25% off right now!  Use discount code 25turkey at checkout!)

I took some bright green ink and went around the edge of the white scalloped square to give it more pop.  For a final touch, I cut a strip of lime green rhinestone sticker sheet to run across the card.  I love these sticker sheets!  They come in one large sheet and you just cut off what you want and peel off the backing and stick.  No need to line up rhinestones and glue each one down on it's own!

If you would like more information on the products I used, be sure to check out their links below.  Tell them Shawn sent you.

Craffiti Direct's website // Facebook page //  Pinterest

The Buckle Boutique's Website // Blog // Facebook Page // Twitter // Pinterest

Monday, November 11, 2013

Magic Marble Monday - Dazzling Diamonds

I have been showing you some things that my daughter and I have done with Magic Marble Swirling Paints over the last couple of weeks
Click HERE to see them all

This week I wanted to try the Magic Marble swirling paints on one of my FAVORITE PRODUCT . . .
The Dazzling Diamond Rhinestone Sticker Sheets from The Buckle Boutique.  I love that this product looks like rhinestones, but you can cut through it with scissors, a craft knife or even your die cutting machine.  That is because the gems are really a soft material.

I used the white Dazzling Diamonds for this project.  I had some light blue, green and yellow Magic Marble in a bucket of water and then I just slowly lowered the sticker sheet down into the swirling paint

Look at the cool pattern that came out!  That would look nice just like that . . . peel off the backing and stick it to anything!  Or you could cut this custom colored sticker sheet into a shape with your die cutting machine.

Once I figure out HOW I want to use this, I will share that project with you also!

To see all of the projects we have done with Magic Marble click HERE

If you want to check out this product yourself, you can go to their website by clicking HERE.
Check out their Facebook Page HERE
(tell them Shawn Mosch sent you)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's that time of year . . .

It is that time of year . . . when the craft shows are in every mall and church around.  As crafters, it is the time when we go to those craft shows to see what new ideas might be out there, but also a time when many of us start to think "Could I make money with my crafts?"

The answer is yes, you can make money with crafts or the crafting industry.  I have a full article that talks about MANY different ways you can do this.  To read that article, click HERE.

Now, I want to remind EVERYONE that I am in no way saying that this is easy . . . it does still take work.  If you want to sell at craft shows you might need to do some work to find the best ones.  Weighing out the dates, times, amount of traffic, booth fees, location and amount of advertising are all factors to thing about.  If a booth fee of $15 probably does not sound like a lot of money, but if there is not a lot of traffic and you end up sitting at a booth all day and sell $50 worth of product, therefore taking home $35 for the day, was it really "worth it"?  If you would have been in a larger show that is more established and paid $50 for a booth space and sold $200 worth of product wouldn't that have been a better use of your time?

What if you don't want to sit at a craft fair booth and you only want to sell online?  Did you know that you have LOTS of options for places where you can sell your products online?  When the topic of selling crafts online comes up, many people automatically think about selling on etsy.  While this might be a good idea for some, I can tell you that I personally have not had success with etsy and I know others that would agree with me.  Did you know that for each item you list on etsy you have to pay 20 cents per month even if you don't sell it?  So if you have 10 items listed and sell nothing, you owe etsy money for that month.  Sorry, I am crafting to make money, not spend it.  Yes, if I went to a craft show and paid a booth fee I could end up in the same boat (see example above) but that is one of the reasons I am choosing to sell online instead of at craft shows . . . online my products are out there for people to see 24/7 
(lots of people shop at 2am and I am there for those people)

Don't believe me that there are other places that you can sell online?  
Well, take it from the SmallBizTrends then.  I found this article
which lists 29 places you can sell your handmade items online.  I have accounts on several of these.

And I am not saying that selling online is simple and all you have to do is list your items and *poof* the sales will start rolling in.  You do have to advertise and promote.  There are free ways to do this also, but if you JUST want to craft and have no interest in learning how to operate a website, blog and promote it then selling online is probably not for you.  I found a page on Facebook that talks about this
One of the examples that I heard in her video was to think of your business as a tiered cake.  If you don't have a strong foundation, the top tier will cave into the one below it.  Your business plan and so much of the things people don't SEE are in that foundation.  If you jump right in with a website and Facebook pages before you have your foundation you are putting the icing on the cake before you have stacked the tiers of the cake.  The icing is the pretty part, but you need something for it to built on for your business to really develop and take shape.

Personally, I like selling online and the promoting part comes easy for me.  I am in several Facebook groups and I visit different message boards and post my projects there, and then I include links to my blog so people can see more information on the projects and this is where I include that they can order items from me.  Yes, I know that there are many people that come to my blog and see the project and then just go and make it themselves . . . but you get those people at craft shows too . . . the window shoppers.  But at least THIS way I don't have to sit at a booth all day to watch people walk by and then go and recreate my ideas at home.  If they are "just looking" at my online site they can do so while I am off doing other things.

So there is a little more info about two of the options and why you need to really think about what is right for YOU and YOUR CRAFTING!

Check out my crafts I sell at