Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Warning - Important info

I became aware of a website through a LinkedIn group I am a part of and I wanted to share this information with anyone who has posted information on the internet.

I had never heard of before this month, but once I did visit their site I was not happy.
They call themselves the Ultimate Web-based Library, with all of the books, documents and manuals you will ever need.  I search the names of a few people that I know of that create books/documents/manuals/tutorials and I was surprised to find some of them listed on this site

Some of the ones I found were 

While some of the documents and listing on this site are free to download, there are some that when you click on them it asks for credit card information in order to download the document.


But if you have a blog and post tutorials you may want to visit the site to check for your name or your blog's name and see if they are posting tutorials that you created on their site.  If they are, contact them at and file a DMCA Complaint

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