Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting ready for summer

The warmer weather is finally coming our way . . . time to break out the flip flops!
And when you do, why settle for plain boring flip flops when you can add your own personallity to them!

 You can buy a inexpensive pair of flip flops . . . I got the first ones you are going to see for just $2.50
Then I cut two stripes of Dazzling Diamond Adhesive backed product three gems wide.  I then did an angled cut at the end so that I could miter the two of them together at the front point of the flip flop.

Since the product already has adhesive on the back, all I had to do is peal off the backing and stick them to the flip flop . . . that easy!

They have a variety of colors to choose from so you can find the perfect color . . . or make several pairs in a variety of colors!

I have a friend who we call "The Bling Queen" and she saw this product and fell in love!  The two of us had a craft day and created some really fun projects that sparkle.  She wanted a pair of flip flops also, so we went to Target and got these plain wedge flip flops.

Then we cut Dazzling Diamond to the width of the bands on her flip flops.  Since there was a nice wedge on the shoe, it was just SCREAMING for us to embellish it, so we added a samll silver S with some dots of Viva Decor.

These shoes went form BORING to BLING in about 20 minutes!

We had so much fun and I cannot wait to show you some of the other projects we came up with!

Dazzling Diamond Rhinestone sheets are brought to you by
The Buckle Boutique

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stock up on things that sparkle!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

MyCutSearch Tips

I like to turn questions from people who use our site,, into tips.  I figure if one person is asking the question then others probably want to know also!  Here are some recent ones

Question: I find that after you type in your search subject, it very time consuming to click on every page trying to find your image. Is there a way to incorporate a selection box that would allow you to look at at lot more pages at one time?

 Answer: When you do a search, the first page that shows up should have 12 small preview images on it. What I usually do is read the handbook names underneath those images to see if it is a handbook I even own, if so I then do a "right click/open in new tab" for that image, and then a use the page forward button (in the lower right corner of the 12 image preview page) to go to the next 12 image preview. I continue in this manner until I have gone through all of the pages, and then I will have tabs open at the top with all of the images I want to look at more closely. Then if I don't like the image, I close the tab to take that image out of the choices I have to look at.


Question: I am looking for a font where the letter is cut out of the center of a scalloped circle shape.  How would I find an image like that?

Answer: Do a search for scallop circle and one letter of the alphabet so something like this 

scallop circle b 

 now the only search results that will come up with have pages with both a scalloped circle and a letter b on the page. From there I could see that The cartridge Storks Delivery and Tie the Knot both have a scalloped circle type images with a letter inside of it.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Where has Shawn been?

I know I have not been posting as regular as I used to.  For a time I was posting something new DAILY . . . then life got in the way.  If only I could win the lottery so that I could just stay home and craft all day!  But until that happens I have to keep my day job.  

And if you follow this blog you know my daughter plays hockey, and I cannot MISS one of her hockey games!  She is even doing some off season hockey things now, so we are at the rink even when it is not the normal hockey season.  She will only be young for so long, so I want to enjoy every moment of it.

And there are some milestones happening in my family's near future . . . our son turns 20 years old and our daughter turns 13!  Looks like we planned things right . . . we will NEVER have two teenagers, since our son turns 20 a month before our daughter turns 13.

I have been doing some crafting here and there, but I just have not gotten time to post the photos.  I have also been busy planning and preparing for the Craft and Hobby Association "Create 'n Connect" event coming up in July.  I will be hosting a workshop showing people how to use the products from 
for crafting, home decor and fashion!

Also, I recently wrote an article for the Women Owned Business Club Magazine, which you can read here.

So as you can see, I have been busy even though I am not posting daily.

As soon as I have time I will be sharing all of the projects I have created, along with a few things I have on my crafting "to do" list.

In the meantime, if you have a project that you would like me to share on my blog just let me know.  I would be happy to have some guest bloggers!