Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Locker Decal

The other day I showed you a project I created with the new material from adhesive backed fabric . . . I made some fun custom decals for my daughter's iPod.  If you missed that post you can click HERE to see it.

My daughter loved the decals so much, she wanted me to make some that she could hang in her locker at school.  She found an image from Pottermore (a Harry Potter website) and we put the printable sheet in the printer . . . then we cut around the image and . . .

Now she has a custom decal for her school locker!  And she can move it around and re-stick it without leaving any residue on the locker!  At the end of the school year she can place the backing back on it or stick it to one of her notebooks to bring home and save for next school year.

It also does not stretch and distort like vinyl does when you pull it off of the backing, so there is no need to use any sort of transfer tape.  It is almost like a giant Post-It note


  1. Really cool! I would guess her friends will want one of their own. I want to put a quote on my wall, wouldn't this be a great way to do it? And maybe some other places. I love words...