Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Personal Cropped Challenge

When I attended the Cropped Event last weekend, I gave myself a personal challenge . . . I was staying at a hotel, and had very few supplies with me, and I wanted to make a birthday card. So my personal challenge was to create a birthday card in less than 30 minutes using just the supplies I had with me in my hotel room.

Here you can see I had one small crafting bag, my Cuttlebug, a paper trimmer, some paper and I also had inks in the bag.

I used a solid color pink paper to create the base of the card, and then embossed it with my Happy Birthday Cuttlebug folder.  I wanted to make the embossing stand out more, so I used some Kleenex and dabbed ink onto the Kleenex and lightly inked the card.

I used a double sided paper to make paper roses.  This is something I have NEVER DONE before!  They turned out cute, but the paper was a little thick so they were bulky and heavy.  I rolled some of them with the blue side of the paper to the outside, and some with the pink side of the paper to the outside for a little variety.  To finish it off I used the Happy Birthday Stamp Set from Megan Elizabeth and Above Rubies Studio.  I am finding that this is my go to stamp set for birthday cards!  

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Birthday Boy

When I was at the Cropped Event last weekend with Megan from Above Rubies Studio one of the Challenges was to create a project off of the subway art that Megan showed us as inspiration.  Subway art is anything that is created with a variety of fonts or typesets and arranging them together.

I needed to make a birthday card for my nephew, and I thought that this could be a good challenge for this card.  I combined two different fonts from two different sticker sets to spell out Birthday Boy.

I added a little embossing to the background paper to make it pop.  It was a quick and easy card, but it still turned out really cute.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cropped and adhesive backed fabric Project

I had such a wonderful time at the Cropped Event this past weekend!  Megan from Above Rubies Studio and the team at Craft e Corner did a WONDERFUL job, and I was so happy to be a part of the event.

I am going to show you some of the projects I created while at the event, but first I want to show you something that Megan Elizabeth made for my daughter.  This is a notebook, but instead of regular notebook pages it is filled with index cards.  They are connected together so you can easily take notes, and then separate them on the perferations.  There are little pockets inside the front cover to store the index cards once you separate them.

Megan demonstrated how the adhesive backed fabric works, and the variety of ways that you can cut it when she customized this for my daughter.  The letters were cut on the Cricut, the flower was cut with a paper punch, and the border piece was cut with a straight paper trimmer.

The best part is that my daughter can move the letters and shapes around, and we can make additional images to decorate the cover.  All of the images will come off easily and can then be placed back again on the notebook because the adhesive backed fabric is repositonable. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cards for fall

When I first received the Positive Thoughts stamp set from K Andrew I sat down and started to read some of the sentiments, and suddenly all kinds of ideas for Disney Themed cards started to pop into my head.  It is my Disney addiction.

Then I was looking at the card and thought how it would also work for some of the sentiments in the new Fall-O-Oween stamp set, so I made a second leaf the same size and color as the first one that had the sentiment on it, and got this . . .

So now I have two different cards, with the same layout.

All of the cuts for this card are from the Disney Dreams Come True Cricut cartridge.

If you want to see some of my other Disney projects, click HERE.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Make your own bookmarks

I wanted to share these wonderful corner bookmarks created by my friend Ellen at CardMoney

I thought that this was just beautiful, and more fun than a traditional bookmark.

To see some of Ellen's other creations, be sure to stop by

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Check out my new shirt!

I made this shirt last night so that I can wear it to the CROPPED Event this Saturday!

I used a iron on T-shirt transfer from Neenah Paper Inc.  
It comes in 12 x 12 sheets of solid colors.  I cut these letters with my Cricut and then ironed them on to the t-shirt.  The instructions say you should place the image down, iron it on and then peal off the backing . . . in one big sheet . . . but mine cut all the way through so I needed to line them up letter by letter.  Since my letters were thin I did have to work a little bit to get the backing to come up.  If I had been able to cut through JUST the film and not the backing then it would have pealed up in one nice sheet.  I will have to play with the cutting settings to find the right depth and pressure so that I cut just the iron on film next time.

The material is washable . . . wash garment inside out, in cold water and dry on low heat.  I will have to review the product again after I have worn and washed the shirt a few times to let you know how it holds up. I have a hockey jersey that I wanted to put our last name on, so I will probably use this product for that also.

If you would like to check out this line of iron on transfer, you can go to the Neenah Paper website at 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

CROPPED - Challenge #2 Project DONE!

Only a few more days until the big CROPPED Event with Megan from Above Rubies Studio.   
I cannot believe how fast the time went!

I JUST FINISHED my project for the 2nd Challenge - The Paper Layerz Mini Layout Challenge
In the Mystery Box there were two sheets of Paper Layerz paper by Megan Elizabeth.  The challenge was to use all 9 blocks on one sheet of Paper Layerz to create 9 mini scrapbook layouts.

I wanted to keep my mini layouts with the same theme, and the theme I used was Hidden Mickeys!  The last time we went to Walt Disney World I took pictures of all of the Hidden Mickeys that we found in our hotel room.  They were hidden in the images on the comforter and chair.

Now, for me, as a 12 x 12 layout this is a little busy . . . but if I look at each of the 9 squares as their own individual layout I like them a lot more . . . and to me, that was what the challenge was about!

For the first mini layout I matted the photo with some green metallic paper, and then cut a corner image and then mirrored that same image, to frame the photo.  I added a little Viva Decor to embellish the flowers.
(Did you see the Hidden Mickeys in the arch above the couple's heads?)

For the second square I matted the photo in yellow paper that I embossed and then inked around the edges.  I added a fleur de lis cut . . . and I added a little Viva Decor to the center of the fleur de lis.
(Did you see the Hidden Mickey in the center of the Mardi Gras mask?)

I really like the way this next square turned out.  I matted the clown photo and offset it to the right.  I then accented it with random scraps of paper that I cut to look like little banners or flags.  And of course I had to add some of my own Mickey Mouse icons.
(Did you see the Hidden Mickey inside the balloon?)

I had this pastel glittery diamond patterned paper, and I thought it would go so well with the colors on this sheet of Paper Layerz.  I used it on this square and then some simple squares I cut in half to be photo corners.  This is also where I put the word "Hidden" in cream colored stickers for my title of "Hidden Mickey"
(Did you see the Hidden Mickey on the top of the crown?)

And this square is where I put the second half of my title "Hidden Mickey".  For this photo I matted the photo and added some stitching lines around the edge.  The Hidden Mickeys are easier to see in this photo . . . it if of the upholstery on one of the chairs in our hotel room.

Okay, I have to admit it . . . this is my least favorite of all of the 9 squares.  The square was a white square, and since the challenge was to use each square as the background for a mini layout I felt like I needed to leave a lot of the white showing.  I would have rather done the background in the blue with just a small frame of white.  The one thing that I do like about this layout is that for this square and the brown square I cut the circle shape out of the Paper Layerz because the back of the Paper Layerz was all pink checked on the back.  So, since this square was white, I took the circle from the brown square and used it here, and you will see later on how I used the circle I cut out of this space.
(Oh . . . did you see the Hidden Mickey in the necklace?)

Okay . . . remember the square with the clown and the balloon?  I really liked that layout, so I mirrored it to make this layout.  For this one I added the swirl cut instead of the straight banner/flag type cuts.
(Did you see the Hidden Mickey in the bottom of the bell?)

Here is the square that was the partner for the bird layout (that I did not really like)  So, the circle I cut out of the center of the white square . . . well, I flipped it over to use in THIS square!  That pink is the pattern that was on the back side of the Paper Layerz!  I cut a blue scalloped circle just a little bit larger to frame the whole thing, and added a little ribbon.
(Did you see the Hidden Mickey as a bead in the garland?)

And last but not least . . . and I think this was my favorite square of all of them.  This is a picture of me hugging Mickey Mouse, but I cut it so you just see Mickey's face.  I thought the black background was perfect for Mickey.  I cut the large Mickey icon out of a metallic red and tilted it to the side . . . then I just added a scrap of paper with some primary colors.  I used the stickers that came in my Mystery Box for the 2010, which was the year of this trip to Disney.

I hope you liked my layouts and I cannot wait to craft with you this weekend at the Cropped Event!

Monday, September 17, 2012

CROPPED Event questions

Hi everyone!  The CROPPED Event is coming up in just one week!  I cannot wait!!!!!

There have been a LOT of questions about how to upload your images for the challenges to the CROPPED website.  For those of us have blogs, this is something we do all the time . . . but for those of you that do not have blogs this could be a whole new concept.  So Megan was nice enough to make a quick little video that demonstrates exactly how to upload your project photos!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Birthdays are like golf . . .

My Father is a golfer, and his birthday is today.  (Happy Birthday Dad!)

I found this cut saying . . . .

Birthdays are like golf . . . 
Much more fun if you don't keep count

and I decided to use it for his birthday card.

The cut is from the Celebrate with Flourish Lite Cricut cartridge.  I used some left over dots from a past project to accent around the corner and the saying.

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Cut Search Tip - Fonts

When we were creating the website, I knew it would be a helpful search tool, but I did not even know that we were going to be able to do what this video shows.  It was well into the process of creating, building and cataloging all of the handbooks that I wondered if this would work if I searched it correctly, and I was happily surprised to see that it DID work, just like I wanted it to.  So, we had to create a video to show all of you about how you can search for cuts that have shadows.

I personally use this tip all of the time.  I love doing multiple layers of color in my lettering on layouts and cards.  Give it a try sometime!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Locker Decal

The other day I showed you a project I created with the new material from adhesive backed fabric . . . I made some fun custom decals for my daughter's iPod.  If you missed that post you can click HERE to see it.

My daughter loved the decals so much, she wanted me to make some that she could hang in her locker at school.  She found an image from Pottermore (a Harry Potter website) and we put the printable sheet in the printer . . . then we cut around the image and . . .

Now she has a custom decal for her school locker!  And she can move it around and re-stick it without leaving any residue on the locker!  At the end of the school year she can place the backing back on it or stick it to one of her notebooks to bring home and save for next school year.

It also does not stretch and distort like vinyl does when you pull it off of the backing, so there is no need to use any sort of transfer tape.  It is almost like a giant Post-It note

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In case you missed it . . .

Make sure you read Megan's post at Above Rubies Studio from yesterday.  Not only does she have a video to share, but she also talks about the upcoming CROPPED event!  There is a picture with a little look at just SOME of the prizes that will be given away over the weekend of September 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

If you will be watching all of the fun at the CROPPED Event, please cheer me on . . . I will be competing on Saturday in LIVE CHALLENGES against other crafting professionals!  (I am so nervous . . . I hope I at least make it past the first round!)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Countdown to CROPPED!

I will be participating in the CROPPED Event this September with Megan from Above Rubies Studio.   Don't know about the CROPPED event?  Click HERE to get more details.

I cannot believe that the event is just a couple of weeks away!

While the Mystery Boxes are sold out, you can still purchase a "ticket" to view all of the online fun.

I have been away from my craft room for a while, so I still need to finish my Second Challenge Project, but I did want to give you a little look at what I am doing.

Rules for The Second Challenge:
Use all 9 blocks on one sheet of Paper Layerz (included in Mystery Box) to create 9 mini scrapbook layouts.  You can make each mini layout with the same theme, or as totally individual layouts all on one 12 x 12 page.  Some form of a photo or art will be needed in each of the 9 squares.

So here is a look at just one of my 9 squares . . . 

One square down . . . Eight more to go!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Disney iPod Decoration

If you know me, you know I love crafting and Disney . . . bring those two things together and I am in heaven! As soon as I saw this adhesive backed fabric I just KNEW I would be making some GREAT Disney projects with it!

It is kind of like a cross between vinyl and fabric and you place the 8 1/2" x 11" sheets into your printer.  Make sure to only place one sheet in the printer at a time so that it really grabs on to the sheet.  
My daughter picked out some images she wanted me to print out.

Then I used my Creative Memories oval cutter to cut one image, and a regular old pair of scissors to cut out the other images.  If you wanted to get fancy you could even cut fun shapes with your Cricut.
My daughter could easily peel the cut off of the backing . . . 

and place it on the back of her iPod

Isn't that cute!  

Now remember, my daughter is a 12 year old girl . . . so by the time she had the first image on it she already wanted to put a different one on the iPod.  Not a problem!  Just peel the first one off, place it back on the backing sheet, and place a different image on the iPod.

For now, I made 4 different images for her, and she can keep the others on the backing sheet and store it in her desk.  The best part is that she can change them so easily and it 

It also does not stretch and distort like vinyl does when you pull it off of the backing, so there is no need to use any sort of transfer tape.  It is almost like a giant Post-It note

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vote for YOUR favorite project!

Please go to THIS LINK and vote for your FAVORITE project by liking and repinning it. A friend of mine has one of the projects in it. The challenge was to create a something out of a paper bag or pencil box.

(My friend Lisa's is the Pirate Pencil Box)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Cut Search Tip

It has been a LONG TIME since I have posted a tip, so I thought I would share one of my videos.

You can check out more videos at . . . I never did change the name of our YouTube account when we changed the name of the site.  I did not want to have to re-do all of those videos.   All the tips work the same for even if in the video I am talking about!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sketch Blog Hop

Welcome to the Sketch Blog Hop. Everyone has had so much fun doing these it's turned into a regular event!

The purpose of this hop is to show how all of these talented bloggers can take the same sketch and come up with totally different cards. If you've never used a card sketch before, give it a try! You should have arrived from Jennifer's blog you are in the right spot.  If not,  you can go back to the start at

First off, I want to show you the sketch we were all given to start with . . . 

I used this sketch for a birthday card for my husband

I hope you enjoyed these cards and that they inspired you to create something from this sketch.  Your next stop is 

Enjoy the hop!

Here is the full line up in case you get lost . . . 
Jennifer Restivo
Shawn Mosch
Susan E. Bermudez
Jamie Rogers Moore

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blast from the past Guest Blogger - Embellished Bayou

Embellished Bayou is your source for beautiful custom home decor and gifts. When I first discovered this crafter, she was mostly focused on home decor . . . frames, wall decor and items like that.  Her focus has changed a little over the years, and she is now featuring mostly embroidered and applique items, but one thing has not changed . . . she is a HUGE FOOTBALL FAN!

Here is a little about the artist ~
I have always had a love for all things crafty! I often see things for sale in stores and think "I can make that!" I try to take ordinary things and make them extraordinary...I'm always getting inspirations for new crafts.

Let's take a closer look at a few of their products ~

This bib and burpcloth would be such cute gift for new parents.  Maybe you can even request that she personalize them to YOUR favorite football team!

Owls are really popular right now, and this one is so cute!  It would look great in a nursery or toddler's room, and you can even get it personalized with their name!