Monday, January 2, 2012

Where in the world has Shawn been?

I know I have been MIA and I wanted to fill all of you in on what is up. New day job is taking up a LOT of my time and I knew I would have the week between Christmas and New Year's off and figured I could craft my little heart out, but that plan changed. I friend of mine has a friend who lost a baby and wanted a Memorial Scrapbook made. So in between the Christmas activities I was focused on getting that done . . . I wanted to get it completed and to the family since these are the ONLY pictures of the baby that they have . . . the poor little thing was just over a pound when it was born . . . it was a VERY emotional book to make.

I decided to do a digital scrapbook for this project.  All of the pictures were on a CD or a memory card, so this made it easy for me . . . I did not have to print anything out . . . just grab them from the computer and go.  Also, I was able to easily crop or digitally edit any pictures I wanted to use.

I really want to share this scrapbook with all of you because I love the way the digital layouts turned out, but I do want to remove the images of the baby before I post the layouts online, but here is the cover of the book.

The family wanted it to be bright and cheery, and they told me that the like bright and bold colors.

I used the software to do this book, and I really love how easy it is to use!  Another thing I really like is that there are free kits that you can download.  Now I can get started and give it a try without investing a lot of money, and then if I like scrapbooking this way I can add on a few things here and there.

So, do YOU want to try out this program for yourself?  Well if you use the code 


you can get $10 off the software! 

Just go to to download the software and then you can start looking at the free kits and papers so that you can create your own digital scrapbooks too.

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  1. Beautiful cover for the book Shawn. What a heartbreaking reason to have to make it.--Pat N.