Sunday, January 8, 2012

All those little scraps . . .

After all of the holiday crafting, is your craft table filled with lots of little scraps?  I know mine is.  There are pieces that just seem too big to throw out, or cuts that did not come out the right size for the intended project but could work (some day) for another project so I save them.

First, you you can relate to this, you might need to join the Facebook group Craft Hoarders.  I am a paper hoarder, and it is nice to have support from others who understand my addiction.

So how about we put those scraps to good use and make something from them!  The only rules are that 90% of the project needs to be made from scraps!  Here is an example of a card that I made using some scraps I had.

I think that most of these circles were from the inside of a loop, ring or Letter O cut I made with my Cricut.  I have a plastic baggie that I put all circle scraps into, and then I just went through it and sorted out colors that I thought worked together.  Even the card base was a scrap . . . yes, a larger scrap, but still it was not a full sheet of paper I was using.

This could be a great way to use of scraps and make some quick thank you or "thinking of you" cards.  I used a sentiment from the K Andrew Designs set called Positive Thoughts.  

So show me what you can create with your scraps!  I want to feature you as a Guest Designer on my blog!  Just email me a picture of your project or a link to where you have it posted.  


  1. Fabulous card. I love using mu scraps as much as possible cause I have a ton!!! I will have to make a couple projects today :)

  2. Very cool card, wow to keep all those small dots amazing!! i made something and emailed it to you already!!
    Getting Cricky JR. DTM-Sister

  3. Great Job Shawn. I organize my scraps and save my "mis-cuts" too. I use them all the time.


  4. I love making cards from scraps because it is so easy and you have so much in front of you to create with.

  5. That is cute and clever. Well done.
    I have so many scraps. I hate having to punch a tiny circle from a 12X12 sheet of paper. You never know when those scraps will come in handy.

  6. I've got a scrapbox too that I keep telling myself to use 'em or thrown them away. I still haven't done either. I just keep adding to it. I love the color combo and the design of your card. Pretty doggone cute to have been made of scraps.