Thursday, September 22, 2011

MyCutSearch Anniversary ~ Searching for Imagine Patterns

Here is a MyCutSearch Tip for you that you might not even know about.  It is specifically for all of you Imagine owners.

Now, I don't own an Imagine, so had to do some thinking when it came to all of those backgrounds and patterns that are included on the cartridges.  How in the world was a going to "categorize" those?  Then I started to think about how I look at paper when I go to start a project.  Sometimes I know I want a specific color or pattern.

So let's pretend you were getting ready to scrapbook a layout of a summer picnic.  Wouldn't a gingham check pattern be nice to use, since it would look like a traditional picnic tablecloth?  So go to and type in

You should get this for your search results

That's right . . . that is a preview of all of the Imagine handbook pages that have a gingham check pattern.

Here is a larger view of one of them.

Some of the other patterns you can search for are floral, stripe and polka dot.  I hope that all of the Imagine owners like this feature and find it helpful!

Tomorrow we another MyCutSearch Tip and then we jump into the Disney Pixar Blog Hop for the weekend.  I hope that you join us for all of the fun!

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  1. this is FANTASTIC! thanks so much. I am new to using the Imagine and this is so so helpful!