Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quick and easy birthday card

Why is it that we have dates like birthdays on our calendar, but so often they seem to "sneak up" on us.  That is when I end up saying "OMG . . . I need a birthday card for TOMORROW!?!?!" and I end up running to my Cricut to see what I can create.

This seems like a PERFECT time to play with the card function of one of my cartridges, so I grab Stretch Your Imagination.  This has a function to create cards in both a square and rectangle shape.  I used a piece of paper from my DCWV Natural Paper Stack, set my Cricut for 5" and used balloon image on this page on the shift function and hit cut

Now, with this cartridge you need to remember that all of the layers, except the frame, are scaled to fit the BASE IMAGE, not the image that is cut into the center of the window of the card.  I wanted to make the balloon in the window a different color than the rest of the paper, so I measured it to see what size it was so I could cut my layers to match . . . not an "exact" match, but it works.  Then I cut a blue balloon and cream colored string and layered those one.  I found a small scrap piece of paper in a soft cloud blue and put that behind the window and there you have it . . . one card ready to go.

Is it the most beautiful card I have ever made?  No, but it was fast and it held the gift card I was giving, so it worked for this situation.  Not ever card needs to be a "work of art".


  1. I love this paper you used as the card base.

  2. Now i make birthday card easily..I like this paper design.Thanks for sharing.........