Sunday, July 31, 2011

Featured Product

Back when Scrap N Easel first came out, Marlo did a video to show you what it was all about

Now, Scrap N Easel has grown to become CHA Top 20 Hot Pick product!

If you still do not have one, click on the button above to get yours!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Fun

Here is a quick and easy scrapbook layout that shows off some summer fun in the pool.  I used a printed paper with water themed words on it . . . H2O, Splash, swimming, and images of flip flops.

Then I accented it by adding two large solid colored strips of paper, with a slight wave cut on them.  I am one of those people that save everything, so the dots you see around the pictures are actually circle or dots that were left over from other cuts.  For example, if I cut a capital letter O out with my Cricut, there is a center circle that is left over.  Instead of tossing that, I have one small zip lock baggie where I store all of my round/circle/dot left overs like that, and then I can use them for accents later on like I did in this layout.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Guest Blog Featuring New Cricut Cartridge - Art Philosoply

Yesterday I showed you the new Cricut Cartridges including the new Art Philosophy Cartridge which is a joint effort between ProvoCraft and Close To My Heart stamps.  I personally have never used Close To My Heart stamps, but I am lucky that one of my followers does!  Her name is Laila and she is a Close To My Heart Representative.  Today we have a Guest Blog Post from Laila about this great new cartridge, Art Philosophy.

Close to My Heart has taken it to a whole new level! We are the first to come out with a Cricut Cartridge that pairs with clear acrylic stamps and dimensional chipboard. Simply plug the cartridge into your Cricut®* Personal Electronic Cutter machine and you’re ready to cut any of the 700 shapes, ranging from elegant rosettes and lace to trendy gift boxes and banners! You’ll also receive three stamp sets as well as three sets of 9" × 12" Dimensional Elements that work in tandem with the cartridge. On top of that, numerous My Acrylix stamp sets in our new Idea Book pair wonderfully with images on the Cricut® cartridge. They made it SOOO easy…if you look closely at the sets you’ll see that they’ve put lines around the images that coordinate and marked the size setting right on the acetate sheet.

The chipboard sheets are available to purchase separately. However, the 3 Acrylix stamps sets are only available with this cartridge bundle.

The bag, star, circle and tickets were all cut on the Cricut. Scissors were only required to cut the ribbon!
Check out this video from Close to My Heart to see what it’s all about:

There are a couple of different ways you can get this amazing new kit:
1) The collection is available August 1 for $99.00. You can email Laila (when you include your address I’ll send you a copy of the new Idea Book). And we now can offer Hostess Rewards for every order over $150. So if you add a few other items, you can also get at least $25 in rewards plus the Stamp of the Month.
2) Host a party! When your party total reaches $250 or more, you will be able to get the bundle as a half price item – so you can get the Cricut Cartridge for less than $50!!!! Plus you’ll get at least $40 in Hostess Rewards.
3) OR you can join Close to My Heart as a consultant for only $99, get this amazing kit of products; supplies, and then order the Cricut Cartridge from yourself at a great discount. I’d love to have you join my team. Email me for more details!
I can’t wait to share with you the amazing artwork the CTMH art department has created with this bundle. Love love love it! Stay tuned to see more artwork!

Thank you Laila for sharing this information with us here at Crafty Chics!  I hope that you will also let us know when you post new products you have created with this cartridge so we can share those here also!

Be sure to check out Laila's blog at CraftyLalia

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Cricut Cartridges July 2011

So, I was looking at the Cricut Cartridge Library, which is something I do on a regular basis to check and see if new handbooks are posted . . . and I noticed some Cricut cartridge titles that are new to me.  I am not sure if all of these are THIS month's Hello Thursday cartridges, or if if some of them are just ones I have not noticed yet.  (the list is getting SO LONG!)

Art Nouveau

Autumn Celebrations

CTMH-Art Philosophy

Simply Scarecrows

 Something to Celebrate Cartridge 


As always, I cannot wait to see the FULL HANDBOOKS for these cartridges!

Cricut Cartridge Sale

I found out that Michael's has some Cricut cartridges on sale for just $19.00!!!!

I don't have a full list of which cartridges are included in this sale, but if I find one I will list them for you.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ScrapFest 2011

Registration has started for ScrapFest 2011.  This year it will be from September 16th - 18th at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

For more information check

Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby card

I used a card sketch a few weeks ago for a baby card.  There was a scallop half circle on the sketch and I created MY scalloped half circle out of baby diaper pin cuts from the Simply Sweet Cricut cartridge.  I like the idea of that and with this card I took that idea one step farther.

I used a solid blue and a blue and white Houndstooth pattern for the background of the card.  Then I did a quick search on to find a scalloped circle.  Did you know that there are over 160 different scalloped circle images out there!  I quickly found one that was on a cartridge I own and cut it out.  I ran it through my Cuttlebug with the Swiss Dot embossing plate to give it some texture.

Then I cut several diaper pin images out of shades of blue and teal at 3/4" and placed them inside of the scallops.  The diaper pin I used was from Simply Sweet, but there are several other cartridges that also have a diaper pin image if you don't already own Simply Sweet.

I placed a piece of chocolate brown ribbon with a teal stitching to hide the area where all of the different pieces of paper came together and then finished it off with the word baby, which was also from the Simply Sweet cartridge.  I like how cutting this word with a shadow cut really helped it to pop off the card.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby's with the band

I am in a baby mood this week.  I had so much fun showing you how I created diaper cakes for gifts and baby showers.  I am hosting a baby shower, and the Father-to-be is in a band so I thought what better gift than a baby onesie with the band's logo on it!

I purchased some plain white onesies and then used iron on transfer paper and placed it in my home computer.  I used the HP brand, but here are a few different ones that you can try.

I used a Word Document to place the logo, and then edit it with the mirror function.  This prints it out as a mirrored image so that when you go to iron it on to the shirt it appears the correct way.

 Then all I had to do was put the paper in my home printer, hit print and iron on the transfer according to the directions in the package.  Here is how they turned out.

I know . . . they are not the "cute and cuddly" baby look that most people would think of, but the Father is going to LOVE that his son will have his own band shirt!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Diaper Cake - adding the decoration

If you have been following my blog this week I have been giving you DETAILED instructions with picture on how to make a Diaper Cake. Today we get to the REALLY fun part of any cake . . . the decorations!

I like to have a theme to work with. I feel like it helps to make it easier to pick the items that I will be using to decorate the cake.

So, we start off with our basic cake which looks like this after we have put the tiers together.  If you missed that, you can go here for instructions.

We want to hide those rubber bands and ribbons that we used to hold everything together.

I like to use a pretty decorative ribbon.  In the example above I was doing an Owl themed cake because that was the theme the Mother-to-be was doing in the nursery.  I wrapped the ribbon around the tier of the cake and then did a simple hand sewing stitch to hold it in place.

 I have seen some cakes done using crib sheets or baby blankets folded so that they can wrap around the cake.

Some nice big bows always help to bring the look of the cake together, and they can also help to hide the seam where you stitched the ribbon together.  You can use tulle or ribbon for this.  I usually like to add some ribbon in a variety of colors and widths behind the bow also to accent the colors in the ribbon.  If you make the bow, you can cut pieces of ribbon and just hand sew them to the back of the bow before you attach it to the ribbon that is wrapped around the cake.

On a 4 tiered cake I like to do the bows on the third and top tier.  If you place a bow on the bottom tier it can get in the way of the tray and you will not see any of the ribbons you add for accent colors.

On the small 2 tiered cake above I also added a It's A Boy scrapbooking embellishment to one of the tiers.  I did not want to add a LOT of additional accents because I thought it would clash with the ribbon.

For another cake I did we were going with a Rock and Roll themed baby shower, because it was a couple's shower and the Father-to-be is in a band.  I used the Cricut cartridge Stamping Solutions to cut out electric guitar shapes which I simply taped to the ribbon.

When I did my FIRST diaper cake I wanted to do something to look like candles on the cake and for some reason I thought of using baby spoons.  You can purchase them in solid colors, or sometimes even in the theme of the baby shower and the cake.

Here is what they look like once you stand them up in the cake . . .

The spoons are also nice because they are an item that the Parents-to-be can actually use also.

And of course, every cake needs a good cake topper.  I like to go with a cute stuffed animal, bathtub toy or rattle.  If the stuffed animal will not seem to stand up for you on the top of the cake, you can place a baby spoon in the very center of the top tier for the toy to lean against.

Below you will see different cakes I have done over the years and how all of these elements come together.

The Owl Themed Diaper Cake

The Rock and Roll Diaper Cake

Here is a side shot where you can see the electric guitars better.

My First Diaper Cake ~ It's A Girl Themed

With is one I even did two smaller 2 tiered cakes to place on other tables at the party.  The smaller ones are topped with bathtub toys.

Here is a cake that was created by another blogger, Heather.  I found Heather's blog because she entered my Birthday Card Contest.  While I was at her blog I saw a diaper cake she created and asked her if I could share it with all of you in this blog post.

Heather used a lot more items that the Parents-to-be can actually use to decorate her cake, such as washcloths, baby bath supplies and a rattle.

Make sure to check out Heather's blog at to see all of her diaper cakes and a diaper bike that she made (which has inspired me to try something . . . if it works you will see it on the blog in a week or so)

Another great idea from Heather . . . washcloth lollipops!

Another idea I found . . . you could fold baby washclothes or socks to look like roses to decorate the diaper cake.

I hope that my posts this week helped you to see that making a diaper cake is really not that hard to do, but the final product is one that will amaze the Parent-to-be and the guests at any Baby Shower.  And you can really have a lot of fun being creative in combining items the parents will use with decorative items to give the cake it's own unique and special feel.


Since Diaper Cakes seem to be one of my most popular posts I have linked ALL of the posts I have done on them together for you, including the detailed directions and what size diaper I use.  

Just click HERE

Any new diaper cakes I make will also be added to the above link.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Diaper Cake - building the tiers

Yesterday I showed you how to get started building a Diaper Cake.

The question I am asked the most  about this project is "How many diapers should I use to make a diaper cake?"  The answer to that is in the post I did yesterday . . . Get Started Building a Diaper Cake . . . just click HERE.

Today let's turn that pile of diapers into tiers of a cake.

Let's start off with 7 of our rolled up diapers.  We need to stand them on end placing one in the center and the other six in a ring/circle around the center one as shown in the next image.

Then place a rubber band around all seven diapers to hold them together.  I also like to turn all of my diapers so that the ends are tucked into towards the center.  After the rubber band is around all seven diapers, if there are any ends sticking out you can always just turn/rotate diapers to get the messy ends hidden.

This is your top tier of your cake.  See how nice it looks now that all of the ends are tucked towards the inside.

To make the next tier, just repeat the steps you just did for the first tier.

Then start to add another ring/circle of diapers around one of these so that the next tier grows one ring bigger.

Now you have your First and Second tier done!  Because of the size of these tiers and the fact that the rubber bands hold things together pretty well, you can pick up the first or second tier pretty easily and move them around, but when we get to a third or fourth tier they become a little less stable, and this is why I like to place my entire cake on a tray so that you can lift it up and move it around without any of the tiers coming apart.

So, let's get that tray out now and build another layer like we did for the second tier and place it on the tray.

Then let's add another ring/circle of diapers around that to create a layer the size of the third tier. Since I did not have a rubber band large enough to go around this layer, I tied some white gift wrapping ribbon around it.

I think you can see that these layers are getting pretty big.  I don't want to move this one so I am going to start placing around ring/circle of diapers around this one to be my fourth and bottom layer of the cake.

Then, I will add one of the smaller layers on top of that, and built my third tier right on top of the fourth tier.  I hope you can see that building the fourth tier on the tray, and then the third tier on top of that one helps to manage each layer and keep them stable.  If you built them all on the table and then tried to stack them, things could shift around in the building process.

I wish I had rubber bands large enough to go around these layers, but the ribbon does the job and it will all be covered up when we decorate the cake.

Once all four layers are stacked this is how the Diaper Cake will look.

Remember, you don't need to go this big with yours.  I made a two tiered cake for a co-worker so that we could put it on her desk.  I just wanted to go really big with this one since I am hosting the baby shower and it will also be a centerpiece at the party.  If I was doing this to give as a gift I might just to a two or three tiered cake.

The question I am asked the most  about this project is "How many diapers should I use to make a diaper cake?"  The answer to that is in the post I did yesterday . . . Get Started Building a Diaper Cake . . . just click HERE.

Now we just have to decorate it!  I think we will save that for tomorrow.

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