Saturday, June 4, 2011

Check THIS Out!

Just yesterday I found out about a NEW product that I think is really cool, and I have to share it with all of you.

First, let me give you the background on WHY I think this is so cool.

When I first was "bitten by the Bug" I had what is commonly called the Baby Bug . . . the Personal Cricut Cutting Machine.  It changed the way that I scrapbooked!  No more buying stickers for basic images or letters.  I found that I did a LOT more words and titles on my pages and I think this was because I HATED having to try and find the right colored sticker letters in the right size to go with my project.  And why is it that I always end up short one letter, and then going back to the store to buy another package of sticker letters just to get the one last "e" that I needed to finish the project?!?!

So, I thought my life was complete.  I only do scrapbooking and some occasional card making, and the Baby Bug can do images up to 5 1/2" in height, so why would I even need the bigger machine.  I think I was telling myself this because the bigger Expression machine cost so much money at the time.

Then one day, around my birthday last year, my husband asked me if I would ever want the bigger machine.  I told him it was WAY too much money.  He said what if I could get a good deal?  I told him the amount that I considered "a good deal" on the Expression, and he said okay and changed the topic.  To my surprise, for my birthday get got me the Expression . . . and you can see MY expression of joy below.

When I first got the Expression I thought that I would ONLY use it for cutting really big things, and that I would still use my Baby Bug more often.  NOPE!  My Expression is my MAIN machine.  I don't think I have even touched my Baby Bug in almost a year.  I may let my daughter start using it.  

So, one of the reasons that I use my Expression more is that I discovered that I if I was cutting an image with several layers, I could place all of the different colors of paper on the mat at once (like in the image below) load it once, and then just place the blade in the corner of the paper and cut that layer.  

No need to put the mat in for one color, take it out and put another color in, load it, . . . . in and out over and over for each color of a mulit-layered cut.  I know, to some of you this does not seem like a big discovery, but remember, I had ONLY used the Baby Bug for so long, and that mat was not big enough to really do this unless you were doing really small cuts.

So now I find all of my papers I want to use first, going through my stash to find the colors that go together just right.  Okay, this is where the cool new product comes in . . . . what if you did not have to dig through your stash to find coordinating colors and papers?  What if someone already did that for you and had them all together in one spot?  That is where the new Paper Layerz by Above Rubies Studio comes in!

This paper is designed with 4"x4" segments in coordinating colors and patterns on double sided paper.

Want to see this paper in action?  Then check out the video below!

If you want to know even more about this great new product, head over to Above Rubies Studio!


  1. What a great idea. Now why didn't we think of this?

  2. I agree with you completely! I started out with the bug and thought no way would I get anything else... Then black friday came and I had birthday money, and got the expression, LOVE it! Christina