Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paper Lace 2

Another one of the new Cricut cartridges is another "sequel" . . . . Paper Lace 2

It does not JUST include lacy images . . . it has a full font set too . . . upper and lower case letters.

And some phrases

and borders

And yes, as the name says, lacy images

Wouldn't it be fun to make embossing plates out of some of these?

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  1. wow....thanks for that....I started to buy that at Michaels yesterday because it was on sale...but talked myself out of it.....but now.....I think that is tooo coool...and yes, to make embossing plate out of some of those would be toooooo neat!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for showing the images!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!!