Monday, May 23, 2011

Cricut American Alphabet

First off . . . have to update all of you on some fun family news . . . my daughter's soccer team took FIRST PLACE in the soccer tournament this weekend!  It was so great to be there for each and every minute of it, even if some of those minutes were in the rain.  Can you tell her hair is soaking wet in this picture?  She is the one dead center of this shot.

Okay, back to crafting . . . 

So, since ProvoCraft decided not to release any new cartridges this month, and just re-showcase the cartridges that were from last time around, I thought that this would be great time to take a closer look at what is really in the new cartridges.  I am going to try to explore one each day.

Cricut American Alphabet

This cartridge is one of the ones that comes pre-loaded into the new E2 machine.  I am not sure if it will ever be available to the general public on it's own.  It looks like it has some cute font variations . . . a nice simple letter, letters inside of a circle and a fancier one with a swirl/flourish coming off of it.  One thing I do like is that the letters have both upper and lower case letter options.

But just because it is called American Alphabet don't think that it ONLY has letters in it!  There is a great variety of images in this cartridge too!  My personal favorite is the high heel shoe.  The images sort of remind me of the Celebrate with Flourish cartridge, which is a Lite cartridge.  Here are the images from Celebrate with Flourish so that you can see them both.

I really liked Celebrate with Flourish when it came out, but since it was a Lite and my Walmart does not carry any Cricut products I was out of luck . . . now that American Alphabet is out I guess I am out of luck again unless I buy the new E2.

Want to see some larger images of the new American Alphabet?  Here you go!

And let's not forget the great phrases!

If anyone has the new E2 and has played with this cartridge let me know!  I would love to do a guest blog spot and show of some of the things you have created with it.


  1. Congrats to your daughter! And to you, Shawn for staying out of the basement and cheering your daughter on!

    ~ Jen

  2. Congrats to you daughter... I've actually used three of the images and the letters on a few projects. Stop by my blog to check them out.


  3. Thanks for the link Jazzy . . . I am going to share some of your creations later on this week!

  4. I have a layout on my blog (posted today on May 23) called "Life is Good." I used one of the fonts off this cartridge for my title.