Saturday, May 21, 2011

Butterfly card

I have a co-worker who has been ill, and a few of us are getting her a small gift.  Of course, I wanted to make a card for all of us to sign.  Since I just got my Cuttlebug recently I wanted to use that in this card.

I used the swirl Cuttlebug plate on a light purple piece of cardstock (purple is this person's favorite color) then I added a simple band of paper in a darker purple with a patterned paper layered over that.  The final touch  . . . a teal colored butterfly cut from the Graphically Speaking cartridge on glitter paper.

I think it turned out pretty good for my first Cuttlebug card.  If any of you are "pros" when it comes to the Cuttlebug and want to share some tips with me that would be great.  I really want to learn how to make my OWN plates from images I cut.  I tried to do this with some Mickey Mouse images cut from cardstock and layers about 5 deep but it did not make a good impression.  If anyone has tried making their own templates and found a method that REALLY works, let me know . . . I will even share it with people here on this site!


  1. Just make sure when you make your embossing folders to have a "positive" and a "negative" side so it acts sort of like a mold (or shape press for the paper.) Warning: embossing is addictive!
    I hope to have that tutorial on the Mickey Heads posted this Tuesday.

  2. If embossing is addictive, does that mean we have to go to "Rehab" if we want to stop? OMG . . . can you imagine that . . . a bunch of ladies begging for cardstock and their Cuttlebug. "I just want to make one more card, and then I will stop, I promise" LOL

    For this card I used a Cuttlebug folder, so that is why it turned out so good. Once I get caught up on the database of cartridges for the site I am going to try that Mickey Mouse Heads one again . . . yours was AWESOME!!!!!!