Monday, May 16, 2011

Any baseball fans out there?

I am not a baseball fan, but my husband and daughter did go to a baseball game yesterday and that got me thinking about baseball themed crafts.  If you have a baseball fan in the family, wouldn't some of these ideas make for a GREAT baseball themed party?  (none of these are my creations . . . just sharing the great work of others that I have found)

I love these cupcakes!  How cute, but easy to do!  Plain white frosting and red candies . . . done.

Need something to store those treasured baseball memories in?  How about this . . . get a round hat box, paint it white and add the baseball stitching.  

Now, this last one I did make.  My sister is a baseball fan, so this is the birthday card I made for her last year.  Solid blue paper to the left, red/white/blue striped paper with a shine to it on the right, and then 5 circles cut out of white that I added the stitching to with a red pen.

Do you have any baseball crafts that you have created?  Leave a comment with a link to your creations.


  1. love all of these ideas!! so cute!

  2. OMGoodness!!! Those cupcakes are adorable!! I'm passing that onto my friend Angela for her son's baseball team!

    Here is a baseball card I made for that friend's son not too long ago!