Saturday, April 30, 2011

Disney Pixar Blog Hop ~ Day One

It is finally here!  The Second Disney Pixar Blog Hop!

I am so happy to be hosting again with Melissa and I am glad to say that many of the bloggers from the first hop were able to join us the second time around . . . PLUS we added a second day to the hop with a WHOLE NEW line up of bloggers!  

And it gets better . . . this time we have a GRAND PRIZE . . . a Gypsy donated by ContainYa Crafts, Maker of Scrap'n Tote & Scrap'n Easel  How can you enter to win?

There will be two blogs, one on each day of the hop, who will have a special "Hidden Mickey" on their Blog Hop Button.  It will look like the one to the left, which is just for example . . . I am NOT the Hidden Mickey Blog for today.  To enter to win the Gypsy send an email to 
cricutsearch at gmail dot com and tell us which two blogs you found the Hidden Mickey on.  All entries must be in by midnight on May 1st, and the winner will be announced May 3rd at, and

Okay . . . now on to the first project!  When my daughter heard we were doing a second Disney Pixar Blog Hop she asked me if I could do a special project for her.  When we were at Walt Disney World last year, Donald Duck became her favorite Disney character, so she wanted me to make something Donald for her.  We decided on a sign to hang on the doorknob of her bedroom.
One side has a angry Donald Duck, and says "Enter at your own risk"

The other side says "Welcome to Beth's room" with a smiling, happy Donald Duck.
I am happy to say that it is been on the Welcome side every day since she has put it up.  
Before you go, I would like to offer you a chance to win the Cricut Cartridge Best of Pixar, which was donated to us by Custom Crops.   If you have not shopped at Custom Crops you have to check them out . . . everything you need for your paper crafts in one place.

To enter to win the Best of Pixar Cricut Cartridge, just go to my favorite site, and type
Donald Duck
into the search bar, and find how many different handbook pages come up in your search.  Then send me an email telling me the number of handbook pages you found . . . you can email me by clicking here, or by going to the Contact Us page of, since it is not only my favorite site but one that was created by my family.  

Entries must be in by midnight Sunday May 1st.
The winner will be announced by Tuesday, May 3rd here at my blog, and on Facebook pages for My Cut Search and Crafty Chics so make sure to check back if you want to know who won!

And now I send you off to Marlo at 

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Changes are coming . . .

We have so BIG news to announce.  We are changing the name of our site.

When we first launched the site in September 2010, we did so under the name  With so many other sites out there that use the word Cricut in the name of their sites, we did not see any harm in doing so.  We were later advised that we should remove the word Cricut from our website name.  This was very hard for us, since we loved the original name and had already gathered a following under that name, but we knew that if we wanted the site to have the potential to grow as we wanted it to, it would be better if we changed the name now.  We came up with the name, since we are hoping that this will become the main source for finding what crafters want to cut with their Cricut.

Don't worry . . . if you liked what you saw at CricutSearch, you will continue to see the same thing with  We have been working VERY hard over the last few months to update the site, and I am happy to say that we have almost all of the cartridges loaded onto the site.  The rest will be coming within the next few weeks.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

The bond between father and daughter is a special one, and my daughter has always been a "Daddy's Girl".  They love to hang out, play sports, video game or listen to music together.  These were some of the pictures from a Father/Daughter event that they went to.  They had a blast.

I love the smile on both of their faces, and I love the picture in the lower right corner . . . my husband asleep on the couch after a long day of fun with Beth.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Basic Shapes

Sometimes if I have a LOT of pictures that I want to fit on just a couple of pages, I cut them all down to a basic shape and find some nice paper to back them with . . . instant layout!  You can play with the colors, almost like playing with the fabrics of a patchwork quilt.

I did a similar layout where I did all circles, and the paper that the circles were mounted on overlapped slightly.  The nice thing was I did not feel like I had to fill the page with embellishments . . . the papers did that for me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today is the day that the new Expression 2 will be shown on the Home Shopping Network.

This machine comes with 4 cartridges pre-loaded onto it.  They include

American Alphabet

Just A Note

Cricut Decals

Cricut Essentials

Monday, April 25, 2011

Let's start of the week

The end of last week was crazy with everyone waiting around to hear about the Hello Thursday cartridge releases, and then the email never came, and then someone leaked a few and posted them on their blog when they were not supposed to, and then they had to take them down, and then everyone was trying to find some images anywhere they could . . . even though I like to get the info up ASAP, it all got to be too much for me, so I decided we would just wait and start the week off with the new cartridges now that the bloggers that "promote" the new ones have been given the okay to post them.  (wouldn't that be a fun job!)

I don't own an Imagine, but for those of you that do you might want to add these to your list.
Baby Boutique by designer Teresa Collins

The images are a lot fancier that baby cartridges I have seen in the past, and I have to say, I love the animal print background images.

Black and White is another one by Teresa Collins.

If you are bored by the black and white prints, print them out on colored paper for a totally different look!

The last one for the Imagine is Vintage Damask, which reminds me a lot of some of the images from the Teresa Collins cartridges, only with color.

Now, the Lite cartridges, which are available exclusively at Walmart.
Sorry . . . I still could not find a good image of the back of this box.

I am guessing that Paper Lace has been a popular cartridge for the Cricut, because they are coming out with a Paper Lace 2.

Another one that must have done well was the Car Decals, because now they are adding Cricut Decals.
I do like some of the images on this next one, American Alphabet, but you know me . . . I have to see the WHOLE handbook before I decide for sure if it is a cartridge I want or not.

Just a Note will be one of the cartridges pre-loaded on the new Anniversary model Expression 2.  I only have a small preview of that cartridge.

Cricut Essentials was also on the Hello Thursday list, but actually showed you that cartridge back in January of this year.  If you want to go back and look at it again, here is the link to that post.

Then there are four Best of cartridges . . . best of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  This is a nice way for some people to get a sample of a variety of cartridges that could be hard to find now because they are retired.  

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope that everyone has a VERY Happy Easter!  Here is a blast from the past . . . and it shows how my scrapbooking style has changed.  This is one of my EARLY scrapbooks when the kids still enjoyed getting up to find the Easter baskets and the egss . . . now they don't care about the "hunt", they just want the candy!

I cut the letters inside of an egg/oval shape.  Just think, now I could go to Cricut Search to find all kinds of images for this layout . . . egg, bunny, rabbit, basket.  Maybe that is why my pages have so much more on them now . . . it is so much easier to find what I want!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

MORE images of the new cartridges

I found a few more images of the new Cricut Cartridges that were supposed to be announced for the Hello Thursday list this week.

The others that I found were of the Lites, and they can be seen in my post from yesterday.

One More Week!

Just one more week to wait!

Day Two line up 

Bobbi Jo

Don't forget . . . Marlo from Scrap N Tote will be donating a Gypsy for the Grand Prize for this two day hop!

How can you win the Gypsy?

Each day of the hop, there will be one blog that will have a Hidden Mickey on their Blog Hop Button.  Tell us which two blogs have the Hidden Mickey Button and you can enter to win the Gypsy.  So make sure you stop by BOTH days of the hop!

Other great prizes that you can win along the way are Cricut Cartridges, gift certificates for Custom Crops, an EK success Disney Scrapbook Kit and much, much more!

Follow the Facebook Event Page for this hop for all of the updates.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Found some pictures/images

As promised, as I find pictures and images of the new cartridges, I will post them for you.  There are VERY few out there as of yet since ProvoCraft has not sent out their Hello Thursday email yet, and they have not updated the new handbooks to the cartridge library online, but here is what I do have . . .

Lite: Bump in the Night

Lite: Crocs Rule

Lite: Yee-haw

What day is it?

So I was lurking around on the message boards and blogs last night to try and find the new Cricut Cartridges that were supposed to be announced yesterday for Hello Thursday, but no one was leaking anything.  So then I checked again Friday morning and saw something, but since I had to go to my day job I did not have time to put the post together to share the info with you.  Sorry that I made you wait this long!

The names of the cartridges are

American Alphabet
Imagine: Baby Boutique
Imagine: Black and White
Imagine: Vintage Damask
Lite: Beep Beep
Lite: Bump in the Night
Lite: Crocs Rule
Lite: Yee-haw
Cricut Decals

I will post pictures either tonight when I get home, or for my blog post tomorrow.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Shots

We all have them . . . those random shots that don't seem to go with anything else. So why not pull all of that randomness together to try and create a layout from it.

In this layout I had a picture of the first time my daughter had Prime Rib . . . she was only 8 years old and she was HOOKED on it after the first bite.  No more Kid's Meals for her!

Another picture I had was of my daughter eating a marshmallow that was on a stick.  It was originally covered in chocolate, which she had dipped into her hot chocolate.  She was on a sugar high that day.

A third picture has my niece with the crew at the coffee shop.  They made her an honorary employee with her own apron!

After I put all of these pictures together I noticed the food theme running between them, so I added a few stickers I had that said "yum"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cricut Search Tip

Our English teachers taught us that punctuation is important, but I found out over the weekend that SOMETIMES punctuation can be a bad thing.  Let me explain what I mean.

In the world of data and programming, some punctuation marks serve a function OTHER that what it was intended for in the English language.  Sometimes the difference between a program working correctly is the difference between a comma and a semi-colon.  Changing that one little punctuation mark changes that function and the outcome of the entire program.

What does this have to do with a crafting blog?  Well, over the weekend I found out that if you are searching for a phrase on Cricut Search and there is an apostrophe in that phrase, it will not allow the search function of the site to work as it was intended.  How do I know this?  If you search It's a girl on Cricut Search you will get no matches in your search.  But, if you search a girl . . . just dropping the word It's you will find all of the cartridges that have the phrase It's a girl on them.

I am trying to decide if I want to go back through the cartridges and remove all apostrophes from phrases.  Maybe this is a project I can assign to one of the kids over the summer.  For now, just remember to drop any word that contains an apostrophe from your search.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Concert

A couple of years ago, for my 10th wedding anniversary, my husband purchased tickets to the Billy Joel/Elton John concert for me. I was SO looking forward to this concert! Then, just days before the concert I got sick with the flu. The night of the concert came, and I wanted my husband to at least be able to enjoy the concert even though I could not go, so our daughter went in my place.

So here is the scrapbook layout of her going to her first concert . . . I used some paper with sheet music printed on it, and embellished things with metallic musical notes.  

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nature, from the eye of my daughter

Yesterday I showed you a scrapbook layout I did of some pictures of my daughter when she was out enjoying a photography class. I love looking into her bright blue eyes. She makes me so happy.

Now I want to share with you the world through her eyes. These are pictures that she took when she was either 8 or 9 years old during one of those photography classes.

I love how she zoomed in on this flower growing up through the grate in this next picture.  

And instead of taking a picture of the entire stream, she fixed in on this section of rocks.  

She is my daughter, so of course I think her pictures are great.  I really think that some of these look like postcards or something that could be framed and put on the wall.  When we went on a recent family vacation I would ask my daughter to take pictures of some of the things I was taking pictures of just so that I could get her angle on things.  I think that some of hers turned out better than mine.