Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cricut Bundle and Purchase LITE cartridges ONLINE!

I wanted to share some information I found with all of you.  Cricut has a bundle with the Champagne colored Cricut Expression, along with three cartridges . . . Home Decor, Calligraphy Collections and Picturesque for $225.00

But here is the information that I think is REALLY great news . . . you can purchase the Cricut Lite Cartridges ONLINE

These cartridges used to be exclusive to Walmart stores, and I was disappointed when I went to my local Walmart store to check out the cartridges and they did not have ANY Cricut products in the store.  Click here to purchase Cricut LITE cartridges!


  1. Shawn, when Michaels recently had a $10 blow out on their $69.99 cartridges (advertised), I followed advice found on FB that Wal-Mart honors other stores' advertised specials ... and sure enough, even though the Cricut Lite carts are $39.99, they sold me as many as I wanted for $10 each! I know, I know!! I should have gotten a slew of them, but ONLY got 5. What a deal, 5 for $50!!

  2. OMG! Since my Walmart does not even carry ANY Cricut products I should have given you a list of the ones I want so you could pick them up for me!