Thursday, January 20, 2011

Better late than never ~ Hello Thursday

I don't know about you, but I never got my Hello Thursday email from Cricut today, so I just spent a bunch of time trying to do some hunting to figure out which are the new cartridges for today's Hello Thursday.  I hope that I found them all, but if not, I will be sure to add the rest when I do find them.

If you follow my blog, you will remember that I posted last month about a few of the cartridges that I found online and suspected were going to be a part of this month's Hello Thursday . . . All Sports, Florals Embellished and  Formal Occasions.  Be sure to go back to my original post about these cartridges to see the front and back previews, but now I have a little more info on all of these cartridges to share with you . . . some samples of the insides of the handbooks.

All Sports . . . it has some nice phrases to go with the sports, similar to Sports Mania.

Florals Embellished . . . flowers, designs, and phrases

Formal Occasion . . . this could be used for Prom, Weddings, Homecoming 

Now on to the ones that I had not heard of before today . . . 

Baby Steps looks like the new version of New Arrival.  

One thing I do like about this is that it contains a lot of things that would be good for those first moments . . . first bath, first tooth 

I don't even like camping, and I like this cartridge . . . Campin' Critters.

Just look at some of these cute little animals

And these landscape images

And they even have some 3D cuts of tents and backpacks!  Now that is creative!

Next up is Kate's ABCs, which could be a partner to Nate's ABCs that came out at the end of last year.

The rest of the cartridges are Imagine Cartridges . . . I think I am going to save all of those for tomorrow's post, so stop back to see what I found.

 - - - - - - - 

Hold on . . . I just found one more cartridge!  Martha Stewart Birthday Cake Art

With the new Imagine cartridges that I am going to talk about tomorrow, this brings the total to 10 new cartridges.


  1. Thanks for this!!! I don't have an imagine (yet) - But I want to see :D

  2. Can you (for the Cricut search page) keep up with all these new releases? PC wants to keep you real busy, don't they?

  3. Great job with this posting!! As always, very informative!! I greatly appreciate all your hard work.


  4. Tami . . . we do plan to add ALL of these to the search site, but we have a few changes going on and we want to do a big announcement so we thought we would do it all at once. Hold on . . . I promise it will be worth it! And once we DO make this big announcement I promise that after every Hello Thursday, I will spend the weekend trying to get the new cartridges up on the site ASAP. I know that so many people want them, and I really thank all of you for hanging on while we work out some final details for the big day!

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  6. Hi Shawn -- Do you have a favorite of the carts you showed? I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get "Baby Steps" and "Kate's ABCs". Both will be excellent when I finally sit down to make Charlotte's baby album -- hopefully before she heads off to college, LOL. Well, she's just 6 weeks old and already she's changing so much. Oh my!

    I still haven't convinced myself that I "neeeeed" the Imagine, though watching some tutorials on it sure make it tempting. Well, if I just wait .... save .... inhale/exhale .... maybe I'll find a good deal on it when I can afford it.

    I ♥ your blog, AND!!!

    Love, Your Sistahhhh

  7. they are finally posted here