Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Go Bananas ~ It's your Birthday!

I wanted to share the birthday card that I made for my nephew, who loves monkeys.

Here is the inside of the card.

The best part about this card . . . I was able to use to find the PERFECT image for the front.  I knew that the Animal Kingdom cartridge had an image of a monkey, but what I did not know was if there were any OTHER cartridges that might have a monkey that I liked better.  So I went to, typed in monkey and 16 different pages came up!  WOW! That is a lot of monkeys!!!!

As I started paging through the previews, I noticed that one of the images that came up was from the Locker Talk cartridge, and I thought that was strange . . . why would there be a monkey in Locker Talk?  Then I looked at the image . . . it is of playground equipment and there are Monkey Bars in the image . . . since the word monkey is in the two word phrase monkey bar that is why it came up in the search.

After looking at all of the images, I decided to use the one from Animal Kingdom, but it was nice to be able quickly and easily preview all of the other monkeys so that I knew I had the perfect one for the card.

I hope that all of you also find useful for your crafting needs!

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