Saturday, May 16, 2020

Thank You Card

One thing that I really like to make with my Cricut is cards.  Instead of spending a lot of time in the store looking for the perfect card, I can easily go to my craft room and pick some materials and make a unique and custom card for anyone in my life.

For this card, I used a sheet of patterned cardstock, some solid colored cardstock, a sheet of Illusion Film and photo corners.

I actually found this card design in Cricut Design Space, but you could create something like this on your own also.  I set the base of the card as a soft teal, but I will cut it with the patterned cardstock.  The darker teal color are actually pieces that will be cut out from the card base. 

This is how the card base looked after I cut it from the patterned cardstock.  See the little openings that it cut where the teal illusion film will show through.

Next, on the inside of the card I placed a piece of the illusion film.  You can see that I made it a little bit smaller than the side of the card.

I placed photo corners in all four corners of the illusion film to hold it in place.  I used the photo corners since tape and glue just do not work well with this product.  This way the glue is on the photo corner, and those hold the firm film piece in place.

Now I just stick that in place on the inside of the card front.

I finished off the card by adding the solid colored lilac letters on the front of the card.  Now you see the words with the soft shadow effect of the illusion film showing through the openings in the card.

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