Monday, April 13, 2020

Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad

A lot of you know that I have made videos about Cricut Design Space and share them on my YouTube channel. Earlier this year someone asked me if I could do Design Space videos specifically for the iPad. So in February I purchased an iPad so that I could begin that process.

Originally, my plan was to sell this document for $5 per copy, to pay for my time to create it and make all of the videos that go along with it . . . but with everything that is going on in the world today, and so many people being out of work, I just could not bring myself to ask people to pay for this. So here it is . . . my Teach Me Cricut Design Space for the iPad.

I go through each and every button and show you what it does. The document includes screen shots and links to short videos, so you don't have to watch a big long video just to learn to do one thing.

On my resources page, I do include a link with a way that people can donate money as a way to say thank you for this document. You can donate by clicking HERE.

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