Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Tip for Cutting Scraps

Have you ever worked on a project where you just need to cut a couple of really small pieces, and they could be cut from scraps?  Here is a trick I use to save a little time.

Place the material you need for the first cut in the upper left corner as you normally would, and then place the material for the second cut in the lower right corner of the mat.

Load the mat as you normally would for the first cut . . . 

Then when you unload the mat, rotate it 180 degress and load it to cut the second material.

Then once you remove the excess material you can see you have two small cuts in the corners of the mat.  This also helps with the wear on your mat since you will be using a different section of the mat to cut on.  When you keep cutting in the same corner over and over again, that corner will become less sticky . . . but the opposite corner of the mat will still have lots of stick left to you.  So now you can get more use out of your mat!

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