Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Disney Mickey and Friends Love at First Sight Cricut Cartridge

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If you are a Disney fan, and you have the Cricut Explore machine then you will be happy to find out there is a brand new digital Cricut cartridge Disney Mickey and Friends Love at First Sight,

This will be perfect for your Valentine's Day projects!

This cartridge includes adorable images of Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy.  

Click HERE to purchase your digital copy of this brand new cartridge and the check out some of the projects you can create!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Crocheted Snowman Gift Bag

Before Christmas I saw another person post an ADORABLE crocheted snowman gift bag on a crocheting Facebook group I am in.  They had found the pattern at RepeatCrafterMe.com . . . you can click HERE to find that pattern.

Well, I had some white yarn in my stash, so I grabbed it and started to crochet.  I had no idea what sort of gift I was going to use the bag for . . . I just started to crochet.  As I was going along, I happened to look over at a past wine bottle Christmas project I had created and I thought "This could be a cute gift bag for a bottle of wine, if I made it taller than the pattern calls for."  So I just kept crocheting until I used up the ball of white yarn that I had.

Then I found this aqua blue yarn in my stash, left over from a baby blanket I made, and I thought it would make a nice bright accent color for this project.  I am not sure if it was lack of sleep, or pre-holiday stress, but I just could not get the bottom of the hat to look the same as the pattern, so I just did a double crochet and then did a long chain-type stitch layered over the top of that for the bottom part of the hat.

Then I had to do another alteration . . . I did not have any orange yarn to do the nose on the snowman, so I decided to use embroidery floss and kind of "cross stitch" a nose on the snowman.  Then, since I was doing the nose with embroidery floss I just decided to do the whole face that way.

This was a great way to use up some scraps in my yarn stash.  And snowmen don't need to be just for Christmas.  If someone was having a birthday in the next couple of months I could still use this for their gift.  

January 2017 Cricut Mystery Box

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If you are looking for a GREAT DEAL on some products from Cricut for your crafting this year, you should check out the January 2017 Cricut Mystery Box.

For just $39.99 you will get a box with rolls of vinyl, a roll of adhesive foil, two pens and THREE Cricut cartridges including Chalkboard Fonts, Outdoor Man and Disney Mickey and Friends.

Supplies are limited, so click HERE to order yours now!

The Best Machine for DIY Projects

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cricut Explore

***This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase from clicking on one of these links, I will make a small commission.  Thanks!***

Earlier this week I posted about how I received a Cricut Explore One™ for Christmas, and I will finally be looking at learning the Cricut Design Space™ software and how to use SVG files.  For all of you that have been worried about making this same jump into the world of the Explore machine and Design Space, let's learn the ropes together!

mamawcindy posted this question in relationship to my earlier post about the Cricut Explore . . .
I still use my Cricut Expression and the Gypsy and love them both.Several months ago I downloaded Cricutcraftroom and have used it a few times. I received the Explore for Christmas (2) years ago. Afraid to use It. Could you tell me If I am to Download Design Space first before I get the explore out of the box or do I hook up the explore and then get design space?
Great question!

I personally have already downloaded Cricut Design Space™, but I have not taken the Explore out of the box.  I am waiting to register it to my Cricut account until I know I will have PLENTY of time to craft, because as I understand it once you register your Explore you get a free 2 week trial to the Cricut Access.  I would hate to hook up my new machine, have it all registered and then not have time to play with the images on Cricut Access!

Also, since I have a Gypsy and I have cartridges linked to that, I wanted to be able to use those in Design Space.  I did some research and found that I needed to link the Gypsy to the Cricut Craft Room first, and then when I opened Cricut Design Space I would have access to all of those same cartridges.

Also, once you have downloaded the Cricut Design Space™ there is an option to click to register your machine so to me it makes more sense to get Design Space set up and loaded on your computer first.

Sign up for Cricut Access™ and get 10% off all orders on Cricut.com and in Cricut Design Space™

List Yourself on Blog Directories

One way to get your blog in front of more people is to list yourself on Blog Directories.  One of the ones that I am listed on is the Cricut Top 40.

One thing that is really fun about this directory is that when you list your blog you get a button to display on your blog.  There is special HTML coding inside of that button, so as your traffic goes up you can see your ranking on the Top 40 list as compared to other blogs that are listed.  If you are in the top 40, your current ranking number shows up inside the circle on the button . . . if you are not in the top 40 for the day, the circle disappears from the button.

Normally if I have a fun new project on my blog, or some event I am promoting, I see my ranking numbers rise through the day.  But imagine my surprise when I came to my blog this morning to see this . . .

That's right . . . I am #1 on the Cricut Top 40 currently!  How the heck did THAT happen!?!?!?  I have not even posted a new project for a while!

So I took a look at my traffic and stats for the day . . . and I can clearly see I am getting a HUGE amount of traffic from a FaveCrafts.com link.  This is another place that I have my blog and projects listed.

I am so glad I have made the connections with companies like FaveCrafts.com and had the opportunity to share my crafts with so many people.  Hopefully 2017 will be more of the same!

If you want to follow me on Facebook so that you can see all of my crafting adventures make sure to click HERE.  You can also follow me on Pinterest by clicking HERE.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Moving from the Cricut Expression to the Explore

Well, tonight I made the first step towards using my new Cricut Explore machine.  I have had the Cricut Expression for YEARS, and then I added a Gypsy to my Cricut collection.  I liked that the Gypsy allowed me to alter some of the images I already owned.

So, I had MOST of my Cricut cartridges linked to my Gypsy.  With the Explore I will have to use the Cricut Design Space software to layout, adjust or alter any of my images.  So first I had to download the Cricut Craft Room software and once I logged into that software with my Cricut account there was an option to link my Gypsy to the Cricut Craft Room.  I thought it would take a while to do, but it was done in less than 2 minutes.  Easy!

Then I logged into Cricut Design Space, and at first I did not see my cartridges so I contacted the Cricut help desk and they recommended I log out of my account and then log back in.  I was happy to see that once I did that, I could see all of my cartridges that were linked to my Gypsy on my account.


If you cannot see your linked cartridges, go File > New and you will open up a virtual mat.
Click on Insert Image.
Then click on the funnel shape on the upper right side of the screen . . . I circled it in red in the image below.

Once you click on this, you can choose from just images on Cricut Access, My Images (which shows images you have purchased, are linked to your account or free images you can use) or you can choose to view images you have uploaded.

So now I can see all of the images that are on the cartridges that I have linked to my Gypsy in Design Space.  Now I can start to design with those, and cut them with my Explore.

I really thought the process of transferring all of those cartridges over so that I could use them in Design Space would take a long time, but I think it took longer to type up this blog post than it did to transfer the images.