Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Embroidered Patch with Oly Fun

My niece needed her name on her backpack, and since I have a Brother sewing/embroidery machine can also embroider my sister asked if I could help out.   Here is a photo of the backpack.  The problem was that the backpack did have a rigid frame, so it made it hard to get into the embroidery arm of my machine.

Instead of embroidering right on the bag, I decided to make a patch that I could sew onto the bag.  I used some black Oly Fun fabric from Fairfeld for this project.  I knew that Oly Fun would be the perfect fabric to use since it is great for indoor and outdoor use.  I did not want to have to worry about snow or rain getting on this patch.  Also, this fabric will not fray so there is no worry of the edges of the patch getting messed up.

The fabric was a great texture and weight to embroider on.  I decided to embroider an oval and then put my niece's name inside the oval.  Once I finished the embroidery stitching I trimmed away the extra threads and cut around the outside of the oval, close to the stitching lines.

I secured the patch with some fabric glue in the center, just to hold it in place while I hand stitched around the outer edge.  I think that since I used the black it looks like I embroidered right on the bag and it does not look like a patch.

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