Monday, May 25, 2015

Off Topic: Going to the Movies

My family just got back from going to the movies.  We saw the new Avengers movie . . . it was great.  But there was one thing that really bugged me.

Up in one of the first few rows there was a parent who brought a young child.  We were back further so I could not see the child really well, but I would guess they were under the age of 5.  Now, I have NOTHING against bringing a child that age to a movie, as long as the movie is something the child can handle.  This child OBVIOUSLY did NOT want to sit still for 2 hours, and it seemed that is exactly why the parent sat so far up to the front of the theater.  We could hear the child talking through the whole thing, sometimes trying to yell over the sounds of the movie . . . and then of course the movie would go quiet and all you would hear is the child yelling.  At one point the child was running back and forth in the theater.

I wanted to go up front and tell this parent to get a babysitter so that all of us don't have to listen to their child through the whole movie.  It was terrible!

I just wanted to add, after I posted this topic for discussion on Facebook a lot of people commented and I had to come back here and make one thing VERY CLEAR . . . I do not blame the child for being a child.  They want to run, laugh, talk, move and be free.  I do blame the parent for not parenting their child and teaching them that we sit quietly in the movie theater . . . and also for not doing the right thing and leave the theater when their child was disruptive in the theater.

It is the parent that is in the wrong if you ask me.  They were being selfish.  They wanted to see the movie so they did not care how many other people were disrupted.  I have been a single mom.  I have wanted to go out and do things but was not able to due to the fact that it was not appropriate to bring my child/my child could not handle the situation.  That is part of what being a parent is about.  Sometimes you have to give up some of your luxuries, like going to see a movie in the theater.

Am I the only one that thinks this way?  Anyone else agree with me?

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