Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vote for Shawn!

I just found out this week that two of the projects I made for my blog made it into a Best Blogger Contest.  There is a cash prize for the top three winners. Please help me win by going to this link

 and finding one of the two projects with my name on them. One is a rhinestone covered wine bottle

You can see the FULL tutorial for this project HERE

and the other is a fabric interpretation of Scrabble tile art (it has a close up photo and you will see a LARGE heart)

You can see the full tutorial for this project HERE.

A little green dot will show up next to the voting button once it has accepted your vote.

 You can vote once from each device you have, so each computer, laptop, tablet and phone. If you have more than one device in your home please vote once from each. If you would like to also vote from work that would be great too. I would also love it if you share this with any of your friends you think would also help out and vote for my projects.

The images come up in a random order each time, so mine could be up at the top or way down at the bottom . . . I never know!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Contest . . . Win Crafting Product!

 Prime Publishing are the creators of a large variety of food and crafting websites, including

Right now there are SEVERAL contest going on at and you can win craft products from a variety of different companies.  Make sure to head over and enter today!  Just click HERE.

Rhinestone Embellished Wine Bottle

I quit drinking over 10 years ago, so when I received a recent email from entitled "40 projects to make with wine bottles" I forwarded the email to my sister and asked her if she would be willing to help me gather some "craft supplies" . . . aka empty wine bottles.  She was more than happy to assist.

Then, when I attended CHA this year, I was invited to the Prime Publishing Blogger Event.  Prime Publishing are the creators of a large variety of food and crafting websites, including

As you walked into the room there were tables set up around the perimeter of the room, and at each table were representatives from different companies including

Styrofoam Crafts

Then, when we arrived home we received a box with various product from these companies.  Now we have all kinds of new products to create with.  We were also told that if we created something with any of the products in the box we could then enter that project into the Best Blogger Craft 2015 contest.  At first I felt like my mind was a total BLANK . . . what am I going to create?  It needs to be something that inspires others, and creative, but it would be good if it was something that was trendy and current.

I have already entered one project into this contest . . . my Scrabble Art Reinvented project . . . click HERE to see that project post and tutorial.   Today I got the idea for another project using some of the supplies from this event, so now I might have two projects to enter.

Since a couple of the wine bottles my sister gave me have the lettering and label information printed right on the glass, I knew I was not going to be able to use these bottles for painted projects.

See what I mean?  I would have to do SO MANY LAYERS of paint to fully cover and hide the words. 

 So on to plan B . . Bernat Mega Bulky yarn, rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique and embellishments from Little B.  {wow . . . I guess that really is Plan B . . . lots of companies with the letter B in the name}

First I used the rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique to cover the main portion of the bottle.  This fun animal print is from the new Tween Quad sheet.  The quad sheets have 4 different patterns on one sheet, so you can get more variety out of every sheet.  I love that these rhinestone are all on one large sheet with an adhesive back.  I just peeled part of the backing off and lined it up on the bottle . . . 

then as I rolled the bottle and continued to peel off the backing the bottle basically covered itself in rhinestones.  Quick, easy and beautiful!  And since this is from the Tween Quad sheet, I still have 3 other patterns left in case I want to make this same project again in a different pattern.

Next I added some glue to the top of the bottle, and dripped a little down the back.  I did this so I could start the tail down the back and have it tucked under the yarn.

Once I wrapped the yarn around the top I let it sit for a little while.  I wanted to make sure that the yarn was secure at the top before I started to wrap it around the bottle.  In this photo you can see the little tail I left hanging down.  As I wrap the yarn around the bottle I will go right over that so that the end of the yarn is not exposed.

Then I applied more glue and just wound the yarn around the bottle, making sure not to leave any gaps between the rows.

After I was sure that the glue had dried under the yarn, I used the corrugated tape from Little B to cover the last parts of the bottle.  Just the the rhinestone sticker sheets, this tape has an adhesive back, so I just needed to cut off the right amount, peel off the backing and stick it on the bottle.

When I finished with the corrugated tape I felt like it still needed "something".  I used a few scraps of the rhinestone sticker sheets I had left over from another project along with butterfly stickers from Little B

I love how these dimensional butterfly stickers look like they are going to fly right off the bottle.  And look how great the colors go with the pattern in the rhinestone sticker sheet!  It is like all of these products were made to go together.

This colors are so bright and cheery . . . perfect for spring!  I am going to put this on the table in our front entry to brighten things up.

Thank you to Prime Publishing, FaveCrafts and all of the companies that attended the 2015 Blogger Event at CHA!  A special thank you to Bernat and Little B for sending me the products that I used today!

Be sure to watch for the voting to begin February 25th where you can vote on YOUR favorite project to win the Best Blogger Craft 2015!  I will post a link to the voting once it begins.  

Shopping Sunday

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Birthday Wishes

This card was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest, and have on my "Cards ideas I want to try" board.  When I looked at the basic sketch and elements of the card, I saw that it was not anything too elaborate.  Some basic rectangle shapes, some ribbon and an embellishment.

I started out with a 8 1/2 x 11" natural color of cardstock that I cut in half.  I then took those two halves and folded them in half.  This gave me two cards that fit into some envelopes I had.  I have started to use this method a lot for cardmaking . . . cutting one piece of cardstock in half and then creating two cards out of it at once.  As long as I am making one, I might as well just make two and have an extra ready for when I need a card but don't have time to make one.

In the photo above you can see the half of the cardstock, then the other half folded over, and how that will fit perfectly into the small envelopes I have.

Next I found some papers that I liked that had the same color family in them . . . green and blue.  I also grabbed some blue ink.  

Then I cut a strip of each of the patterned papers.  The size does not really matter all that much, but these were around 2 1/2" wide.

Then I cut those strips into rectangles, rounded the corners, and inked around the edges.  The upper rectangles have the inking on the edges, while the lower ones do not in the photo above, just so you can see how inking the edges makes the shape "pop" more.

Then I cut a strip of paper that was just a slightly lighter color of cream than the base of the card, and cut the blue paper just a little wider than that.  Trim them down and I have two sentiment tags to add to the cards.

After I stamped the Birthday Wishes sentiment in blue ink, I also used some Viva Decor in a copper color to dot the corners of this piece.  The picture above shows one with and one without the Viva Decor dots.

As I was layering all of the pieces together I decided it needed a little something more, so I cut a tag shape from the rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique, and tied some ribbon from 3 Girl Jam through the tag.  I love this ribbon!  It is a soft cream color, and has hints of  green and brown in it.  Since it is hand dyed, no two ribbons are the same!

And let's talk about the rhinestone sticker sheets for a second . . . these amazing sheets can be cut with a scissors, craft knife or a die cutting machine.  I cut the one for this project with my Sizzix Big Shot and one of the steel rule dies.  You will be amazed at how easily the rhinestone sticker sheets cut with the Sizzix Dies!  Don't believe me?  Watch this video!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shopping Sunday

When I was at the Craft and Hobby Trade show with The Buckle Boutique, our booth was very close to the Sizzix booth. It was so much fun to see all of the new dies they have coming out. And I love how easily their steel dies cut the rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique.


If you are looking to learn a new craft, check out the online classes at Craftsy!


And if coloring in stamps is one of the things you want to learn, you might want to check out these pens.  They help to take the guess work out of blending by controlling how much color comes out of the pen, so the depth of the color changes as you color!


Friday, February 13, 2015


Just in time for Valentine's Day, here is a card idea for you.

I started off with a deep purple paper that I used for the base, and then I added some beautiful paper from Jinger Adams Bella Vista collection.  I love the colors in this paper!  

Then I wanted to try out the stamping kit I have from Inkadinkado.  This is a nifty little tool that allows you to stamp an image around a circular gear shape.  In this example I alternated purple and white hearts.  I had the spacing on the gear I used set really large, so after I trimmed around the hearts I only used a portion of the full image I stamped.  It created a nice overlay for this card.

Then I added some sparkle with a heart cut from the rainbow rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique.  Then I cut the word love out of white to layer on top of the portion I had done with the gear stamp.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cricut Mystery Box

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Let's Get Take Out Sign

Over the weekend I had some special guests in my craft room.  Meet Sarah

My daughter Beth also decided to join us.  Beth has her own blog and YouTube channel

Sarah wanted to do some crafting, so I told her to find a project she wanted to do on Pinterest and we would could craft while my sister cooked dinner for us.  Sounded like a win, win situation for me.  Sarah found an image on Pinterest that said

Fork It
let's get 

And the entire background of the image was covered in forks.  She wanted to re-create this look for her own kitchen.  I suggested that we do it in the colors of her kitchen so she started to look at all of my stacks of paper to find the right papers, and while she was doing that I jumped on the computer to find an image of a fork using

If you have not used before, it is a lot like a Goggle Image search just for images of items you can cut on your Cricut.  Just type in what you are looking for (using the singular form of the word . . . so in this case, fork, not forks) and the site will show you each Cricut handbook page that has a fork anywhere on it.  Sometimes it is the main image, and sometimes it is one of the secondary images in the different feature tabs or functions.

Once I paged through the images I easily found one that worked for this project and was on a cartridge I own. . . Wall Decor and More

Since I just wanted to cut the fork, I pulled this image up on my Gypsy and use the hide function to turn off the spoon, knife and plate.  This way I did not have to cut all of those pieces that I knew I was not going to use."

Since this was a quick weekend project I was talking photos on the fly, so I did not have the "perfect" lighting that I would like. Sorry, this is a "crafting gets real" kind of post instead of one of those where I retake the photos 5 times to get the perfect shot and lighting.

We cut out several forks in black, grey, a silver pattern and red and Sarah started to lay them out on the background paper.  The original plan was to then do the letters in black.  Once we had the forks arranged, we decided that it would look better to take the red forks out of the background and have the lettering over the top be in red, so we ended up with extra red forks . . . but we did use those for another project.  You can see that some of the forks were fully on the paper and some were hanging off.  

Once we were good with the background layout Sarah started to glue the forks down.  She stared with the center ones so that if things "shifted" at all she could adjust the columns as needed to the outside and not end up with any weird looking gaps.  Once the glue dried, Sarah simply trimmed off the parts that were hanging over the edge of the background sheet.

I think it turned out really cute!  This would be a great way to make your own personalized background paper for any project.

Next we cut and placed the lettering over the top of the forks.  I have to admit, the first set of letters we cut were a little too big . . . but we ended up using those for another project later on.  Sarah was having fun finding ways for us to use our "mistake" cuts.

Once the letters were all in place, there was a little bit of concern about how to keep everything lined up and just how we wanted it while gluing things down.  Beth suggested putting a piece of painter's tape over the top of the letters so that we could lift them up all together.

Once we lifted them off with the tape it did keep them all in line really nice, and it helped with the smaller letters . . . those little letters get so hard to hold on to!

The tape worked really good, but the only problem I had was there were a couple of places where some of the glue we put on the back of the letters got on the tape, which made it a little harder to peel the tape back up.  It was a LOT easier to remove the tape on the larger letters since we were better able to control the glue and get it just on the letters and not the tape.

I think if we would have used vinyl for the smaller letters I think it would have worked even better, since the adhesive on the back of the vinyl would have adhered the letters to the paper without the need for glue, and then we would not have needed to press down on the painter's tape as much . . . so then things would have peeled off easier.  Crafting is about experimenting and learning, so that is what I learned from this project.

Sarah had brought a few frames she found on sale at Target with her.  She said it was one of those purchases where she had no idea what she was going to do with the frames when she bought them, but when they are on clearance sale for a couple of bucks you just cannot pass up the deal.  (she has the making of a craft hoarder with thinking like that . . . that is coming from a self proclaimed craft hoarder)  :)

And here is Sarah holding the finished piece.  SO CUTE!

So what happened to those extra pieces I mentioned earlier?  Well, Sarah also had smaller frames, and she thought of a couple of people that she might like to give one of these to also.  So back to the paper stacks to find background paper.  She found some silver glitter paper that she cut down to fit the smaller frame.

She started to arrange some of the letters that were too big for the first project, but when doing an abbreviated version of the saying they worked just perfect.

I cannot remember if it was Sarah or Beth that thought of arranging the extra forks in a border like pattern around the outside, but whoever it was it was a really cute idea!

More gluing and trimming of pieces.  I totally forgot to take a picture of the other one "in progress" so here is the finished project . . . 

And here are the two small completed pieces next to each other

The one on the left used a grey glitter paper for the background and the one on the right used a silver paper with a white overlay.

So in the end, we created 3 totally different pieces from the one Pinterest inspiration piece.  None of them were exactly like the original piece, and that is the great thing about inspiration . . . you can use it to get the idea started but then personalize it and alter it as you need to.  And this also showed that even when you make mistakes, like when we first cut the letters too big, we can find a way to use them so that it is not a waste of the cuts and the time we had already spent working on the project.

I hope that this project inspired you to create something for your own space or for someone you know.  There are other crafting projects that Sarah wants to try out, and since I have a whole craft room for us to work in (and she is in a small space) and I have seen the Pinterest board she has of all of the craft ideas she wants to try . . . so I am sure we will be crafting together again.  Stay tuned to see what we decide to make next!