Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Frozen and Cricut

Hey Disney fans . . . have you heard?  Cricut is teaming up with Disney to do another cartridge!  This time it will be for Frozen!

Currently the new Frozen images are ONLY available for use with the Cricut Explore machine, and ProvoCraft does have a package deal where you can get the Explore AND the Frozen DIGITAL cartridge by clicking HERE.  

The other news is that if you own an E or E2 (like me) and are not planning to upgrade to the Explore, there WILL be a physical Frozen cartridge, but it will not be coming out until sometime next year.

Here are some more images you can find on this cartridge.

I am thinking we might need another Disney Pixar Blog Hop to celebrate the release of the physical cartridge when it comes out.


  1. super fun images.. great collection... BL

  2. ugh! I am NOT buying the machine for this cart that I NEED!!! geeweez I need it lol but at least they have it tfs from BL group

  3. Yay!!! Now I need to wait for this before I make my pages of meeting Anna and Elsa at WDW. ;-)