Monday, March 24, 2014

A Gift - Thank You

I created this project as a thank you gift to the staff at DCWV for partnering with The Buckle Boutique on some recent projects.

I created their logo out of rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique!  It was really pretty easy to do.  The logo needed two main colors. black and yellow.  I decided to make each square 5" x 5", so I marked that off on the back of the sticker sheet.  Then I found the center of that square and loaded the rhinestone sticker sheet into my Cricut. Cutting directions for the rhinestone sticker sheets in your Cricut can be found HERE.  I moved the blade until it was over the center point of the square.  I then used the Center Point feature of my Cricut so that the letter I cut would be centered in that space.

First I cut the D out of the yellow rhinestone sticker sheet, and then I cut a black D to go into the space where I had just removed the yellow D that I cut . . . almost like doing a puzzle . . . you need a D shaped hole in the center of the yellow to place the black into.  

I continued to do this for all of the letters.  I believe I cut them at 4 1/2".  Then I decided to place them on a piece of chalkboard paper form DCWV that has a floral pattern on it.  I thought that the black and yellow logo went well with the black chalkboard and the yellow flowers on this sheet.

Now, here is something that you DON'T see . . . when I went to stick the squares down I did not do a good job of lining things up.  The adhesive is SO STRONG on the rhinestone sticker sheets that when I went to place the piece since things were not perfectly aligned it did not allow me to adjust it much.  Not a problem!  I cut some clear rhinestone sticker sheets to be the border and those also covered where things did not line up nice.  If I were to do this again I would only remove PART of the backing from the rhinestone sticker sheets when I was placing the large squares.  This would allow me to be able to adjust things if needed.

And that is my finished DCWV logo!  This could also be a cute family wall hanging, if you have four people in your family and you did each person's first initial.  That would look amazing framed in a front entry!

For more information about the rhinestone sticker sheets used in this project, you can check out the following links . . .
The Buckle Boutique's Website // Blog // Facebook Page // Twitter // Pinterest

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