Friday, January 4, 2013

More Paper Dolls

My adventure in making paper dolls has continued!  My niece enjoyed the paper dolls that I made for her out of adhesive backed fabric so much that she sat down and gave me a list of more clothing she wanted.  One thing she asked for was an outfit for the boy that would look like what her Dad wore when he went hunting . . . so I needed to make camouflage for paper dolls.  Not a problem . . . when you use the adhesive backed fabric that is ink jet printable!

If you have not seen the video that I did on creating Paper Dolls with adhesive backed fabric, you can go HERE
For a picture tutorial, you can go HERE

After you have followed the above directions for making paper dolls the rest is easy . . . just create clothing for them!  And with adhesive backed fabric you can be even more creative in your choices in clothing.  For example I found a camouflage print online and printed out on a sheet of the Ink Jet Printable adhesive backed fabric.  Then I was able to cut a pair of pants and a shirt from that to create this . . . 

This little guy is all ready to go hunting with his dog

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