Friday, October 12, 2012

Football and Crafting

I received an email yesterday about a project I posted back in 2010 about a Vikings coffee sleeve I created for my husband to use.  My husband and I have a little joke . . . the Vikings always seem to play better when I am crafting, baking or shopping.  There was one time that I went shopping and happened to come home when the game was LATE in the 4th quarter, and my husband told me I needed to go back out shopping . . . I did not argue with him!

One Sunday, as we were both enjoying our favorite Caribou Coffee, I decided he needed a Vikings coffee sleeve, so I created these.  I used the cardboard sleeve as a pattern to make these.

Okay . . . back to the email I got the other day . . . 

So the staff at Internet Exposure, a Minnesota based company, saw my coffee sleeves and wanted to share THEIR Vikings creation with me . . . and I HAD to share it with you!

They made these AMAZING Minnesota Vikings pumpkins for Halloween!

Here is the best part . . . they even have stencils for each of these carvings on their website that you can use to create your OWN Minnesota Vikings pumpkins!  Just click HERE.

They also include some great tips on pumpkin carving.

Thank you Jeff at Internet Exposure for allowing me to share these photos with my readers!

Skol Vikings!

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