Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MyCutSearch Tip

Grab a cup of coffee . . . it is time for a MyCutSearch.com Tip!

This one is coming straight from an email from someone that uses our site.  They are a card maker and they wanted to know how they could use MyCutSearch.com to find phrases like Thank You to cut with their Cricut.

EASY!  Just go to MyCutSearch.com and type

thank you

into the search bar.  This will show you all of the different cuts of the words thank you.  You can also go back and search the word Thanks to find MORE phrases that have the word thanks in them.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Healing, through crafting

Those of you that know me well know that my Grandfather passed away two months ago.  This was REALLY hard for me to deal with . . . who am I kidding, there are still days now when it is hard to deal with.  But I have found that crafting is a form of "therapy".  Something about using my creative side to take an idea to reality helps to make me feel better.  And when I can craft and create something that is a tribute to a wonderful person it is even better.

Anyone remember the television show "Cheers"?  Remember how EVERYONE would walk in and know Norm?  He was always there . . . with a story, or to listen to your story . . . but when you walked into Cheers you felt welcomed because you saw Norm sitting there and you had to say hi.  Well, my Grandfather was that kind of person to one coffee shop in our area.  At his wake I was speaking with one of the coffee shop's employees and we were joking that there should be a plaque for my Grandfather over in the corner by "his table".  Well that gave me an idea . . . 

I took a photo of my Grandfather, and in Photoshop I added a tag with his name, nicknames and the years of his life.  I printed this out on adhesive backed fabric so that it could be stuck onto any surface.  Now if the coffee shop wants to have a "plaque" to my Grandfather up in "his corner" they can . . . and it will not damage the wall.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MyCutSearch Tip

Grab a cup of coffee . . . it is time for a MyCutSearch.com Tip!

This one is coming straight from an email from someone that uses our site.  They wanted to know how to find cuts of the 3D flowers that you roll up.

EASY!  Just go to MyCutSearch.com and type

3D flower 

into the search bar.  The results will show you ALL of the different styles of 3 dimensional flowers that you can create from various Cricut cartridges, including the style that you roll up.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just back from Walt Disney World

I just wanted to say I have missed all of my blogging buddies while my family took a much needed vacation.  We went to Walt Disney World, and we JUST got back last night.  Today will be filled with laundry for me, but I hope to be back to crafting soon!!!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sesame Street

I was looking back as some of my older scrapbooks, from before I owned a Cricut.  I used to use a LOT more stickers.  I also noticed that I used to leave a lot more white space on the pages.  Here is an example

This is a layout from a trip we took to Sesame Place, which is a great theme park in Pennsylvania.  

Looking back at your older scrapbooks, what changes do you see in your styles?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Never used vinyl?

I have been looking at some AMAZING things on Pinterest created from vinyl, but I also see so many comments from people about how they feel like they could never do that . . . why?

Fear of messing up? 
Making the first cut might be scary, but weren't we all scared with we cut our first piece of expensive or glittery paper? I know I was! Heck, for a LONG TIME I would pick the cheaper papers for my projects because I did not want to wreck the more expensive ones. Then I realized that those papers were being wasted because I just let them sit instead of jumping in and creating with them.

Hard to work with? 
It depends on the product you use. Remember when contact paper was harder to work with? I am going to date myself, but I am talking about a LONG time ago when you had to stick it right the first time because that is where it stuck for GOOD. Now a days it is more forgiving . . . and there are some vinyls, or vinyl like products that are more forgiving also.

I even posted a message thread about this topic on the Cricut Message Board to get people talking about what they are afraid of and why they have not given vinyl, or vinyl like products, a try.  If you would like to see that message thread you can read it by clicking HERE.

If you have always wanted to try a project with vinyl (or a vinyl like product) but have not made the jump, let's talk about why and together we can find answers to the most common questions out there.  Trust me . . . once you try it you will be happy you did!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Witch with Attitude!

Not all witches have to be mean . . . some can be sassy and have attitude!  That was the idea behind this card.  The woman was cut from the Forever Young Cricut cartridge, and then I added a witches hat to it.

The background paper is black with glitter on it . . . I think it was from a DCWV Paper Pack.  It is pretty busy when you look at the pattern by itself, but I think it works for this card since the rest of it is simple solid colors.  I added a little bling and sparkle to the card also next to the sentiment.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Joy of Organization

Even though this post is older, I have to share it with you again because what crafter out there is not looking for a better way to organize their supplies!

First off, I have to show you the old way that I USED to store my Cricut cartridges and mat . . .

There is a countertop in our basement that I use for working on my scrapbooks, and I had attached a twist tie to one of the drawer handles to hang my Cricut cutting mats from.  This way they were always there when I needed them, and they never got left out on the floor collecting dust or where someone could step on them.

Now, when my cartridge collection was small the photo box storage system actually worked pretty well.  I had one for my Font cartridges, one for my Image cartridges, and one for my Disney cartridges.  As my collection grew, I outgrew the boxes, and I also found that when I was working on projects for a few days they would end up sitting out and looking like this . . .

Not a very organized system.

But now I have a Scrap N Tote, in my favorite color . . . PINK!  So now when I scrapbook I can just grab my Scrap N Tote by the handles, set it next to my Cricut machine like this . . .

 . . . oh, and I put the cartridges in alphabetical order, so then when I got to MyCutSearch.com to search for the image I want to use, and it tells me what cartridge that cut can be found on, I just flip my Scrap N Tote open like this to the right page . . .

I am SO READY to start crafting!  Oh . . . did you notice that there is even space for my cutting mat?  No more hanging in on that ugly twist tie.  I have the 12x12 mat in the back, and my 6x12 mats for my Baby Bug in the front.

I also love that I can just grab the handles and go!  This was GREAT for when I went out of town to the Cropped Event recently.  I was able to easily bring all of my cartridges with me, and they stayed organized!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gordon Ramsey

My sister-in-law asked me to help her out with a little gift idea she had for a family member the other day.  She had been looking for something with a picture of Gordon Ramsey on it to give to someone as a gift.  The only thing she was finding was cookbooks, and she did not want to get them that.  So I suggested we print out a photo of Gordon on adhesive backed fabric

If you have not used this product yet, let me tell you it is so easy to use and so versatile!  Just place a sheet in your standard ink-jet printer, pick the image you want to print out and hit print.  Then you can cut or trim it with scissors or a paper trimmer.

I added a little message to the photo, to make it look like Gordon Ramsey signed the photo.

It was a great (and quick) little gift, and now they can stick this photo any place they want . . . on a wall, their refrigerator, on a laptop . . . any place they want!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crafting CAN Equal CASH

Many crafters start creating things because they love to do so, and it is a great creative outlet, but they will often wonder "Could I make money doing this?"  The answer is YES, there are ways to make money from crafts or crafting blogs.

1.  Sell your crafts at craft shows.  Probably the one of the easiest ways to make money from your crafts is to sell them at a craft show.  You can usually contact your local churches and community centers find out about purchasing booth space in their craft shows.  This is a good way to get your product out in front of people and network with other crafters to find out about shows and sales that they have sold their products.

2.  Sell your crafts online.  This is another easy, straightforward way to make money from crafting.  There are sites, such as Etsy, which basically bring the craft show right to your computer!  Just take a picture of your item, upload it to your Etsy page and then you can start to promote that page and use it to generate sales.  There are even tools to help you insert a preview of the items you are selling on a website or blog.  You do have to pay to list items on Etsy.

I have since found some other sites to list your products on where you DO NOT have to PAY to list items.  I have set up accounts on those sites.  They include

It is okay to list your products on multiple sites, as long as you have the inventory to full orders on ALL of the sites that you list them on.
3.  Create a crafting website or blog.  One thing about crafters, we love to look at items created by others.  For many of us, it helps with inspiration for our own projects.  Creating a crafting blog or website allows you to network with other who enjoy the same hobby as you, while you showcase your creations.  How does just talking about crafting make you money?  Advertising.  There are several ways to do this, so I am going to sub-divide this section.  

   A)  Buy Me A Coffee/Donations – One easy way to try and make money with your crafting website or blog is to ask for donations.  If there are people who really love your site and what you do, they may be willing to donate some money in order to see your site be able to operate.  Now, if you don’t want it to come off as you are begging for money why not make it fun and call it “Buy Me A Coffee”.  This lets people know that you are not in any way expecting anyone to donate large amounts of money, but if even a few people donated $5, it would help you to cover the costs of operating the site.  You could even set up different levels, so that people can choose if they are going to purchase a small, medium or large “coffee” for you, with the dollar amounts already preset for them.  The simple option is to leave it open for them to chose. 

If your site is purely about one specific type of craft, such as scrapbooking, and you wanted to call it “My Cardstock Fund” that would be cute too.  Making it fun, light-hearted and personal will make people more open to donating.  

   B)  Google Ads - With many blogs you can easily install ads from businesses like Google on your site.  When people visiting your site click on the Google ads that they are interested in you will get paid a certain rate per click by the advertiser.  IMPORTANT:  Google monitors clicks for fraudulent activity, so visitors should only click on ads that they are truly interested in. In other words, don't tell all of your friends to just go and click on the ads so you can make a ton of money.  Google will catch on and remove you from the program completely and you will not receive any of the money generated from the ads.

   C) Amazon Ads and Links - Many people shop at Amazon every day.  What if there was a way for you to "showcase" items related to your craft on your site that were being sold on Amazon, such as books, tools and products, and for you to then receive a commission for directing people to that product.  There is!  With Amazon Associates Program, once you create an account, you can create an Amazon virtual store.  This allows you to feature times that would be of interest to people coming to your blog, and when they make a purchase through the Amazon link on your blog, it generates a small commission for you, but if you have enough traffic and are featuring the right items, a dollar here and there starts to add up.    

    D) Affiliate Advertising - When you visit a website or blog, have you ever noticed the banner ads on the side or at the bottom of the page.  Most likely, these are due to Affiliate Advertising Programs. There are websites, such as Share A Sale, which allows you to search for businesses that have affiliate programs and sign up for them.  Once you are approved, you can choose from approved banners and advertisements to place on your website, blog or newsletter and when someone makes a purchase through the link connected with your affiliate account you receive a small commission.  I have a few programs that I personally LOVE, and you can find out more about those HERE.
  E)  Selling ad space – This might not be something that you can jump into right away, but when your site becomes popular enough you may want to look into selling ad space to others that are also targeting the same market of people as you are.

  F)   Sponsors – This is also an area where you may have to build a following and be able to show companies that your site is something different and special from every other crafting site that is already out there.  Sponsorship could be a monetary amount or through products for you to feature on your site and use in contests and give-aways, which help to bring more traffic into your site.

4.  Create a product.  – If you see the need for a product or tool in the crafting world, why not be the person that creates that item and fills that need.  You can then use some of the items listed above as ways to sell that product.  Yes, this will involve some up front costs to create a product or tool, but if you have ever said "There should be a . . . " why not be the person to create that item instead of seeing in a store 3 years from now and say to yourself "I thought of that too!"

5.  Write about crafting. – There are ways to make money crafting without ever creating an actual craft project.  If you have superior writing skills, then put those to use writing articles or books on crafting.  A blog is a great way to start, but there are also magazines and websites that may be looking for someone to write on crafts.  You could write on crafts in general, trends in crafting and even tutorial/how to type items.

6.  Create a crafting DVD. - Do people look to you for ideas, tips and inspiration?  Has anyone ever told you that you are really talented in your craft and that you showed them something that they had never even thought of doing?  Maybe you should create a DVD so that you can share that talent and knowledge with others.  If you own a video camera and a tripod, you can get started taping instructional videos or a series of informational DVD's.  

7.  Teach a crafting class - Do you have great teaching skills?  Why not teach a class on crafting.  This is similar to the writing and DVD, but just on a more personal level.  You could contact your local craft stores to see if they would be interested in hosting your class for one evening a week.  This is a good way to introduce your class to people, and you could feature and use products from the store in your class to generate sales for the store, so it is a win-win situation.  Other places to teach classes could include after-school programs, community centers, libraries and retirement homes.

While none of these alone will make you enough money to retire overnight, when combined and done over an extended period you can turn your hobby and love for crafts into something that generates some additional income.

For more information about a system I have found that is really working great for me click HERE

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween cupcake wrappers

I wanted to make Halloween cupcakes, but wanted to make them a little special.  So I got out my Cricut Cupcake Wrappers cartridge and created some cupcake wrappers.

Simple black paper, and then the background paper is a deep purple with a gold crackle finish.  I added some shading with a gold pencil around the cauldrons and drew in some lines on the end of the broom.  The finishing touch . . . a little gold bat from the K Andrew Fall-O-Oween Stamp Set.

Normally I just grab a knife, spread some frosting on the cupcakes and call it a day, but these cupcake wrappers were too cute to put on plain old cupcakes, so I decided to try piping the frosting into the cute little swirls like you see on all of the "fancy" cupcakes.

Not bad for my first time trying the "fancy" frosting.  I placed the front cupcakes so that you could see all of the sides of the cupcake wrappers.

Hope you enjoyed my project!  If you would like to purchase the K Andrew Fall-O-Oween Stamp Set to add to your collection, just click HERE.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Enjoy the Moments Subway Art card

When I was at the Cropped Event last weekend with Megan from Above Rubies Studio one of the Challenges was to create a project off of the subway art that Megan showed us as inspiration.  Subway art is anything that is created with a variety of fonts or typesets and arranging them together.

The other day I shared one subway art card I did, but this is a second one that I created using the Enjoy the Moments Stamp set.  I took different phrases from the stamp set and arranged them in a subway art style.  Then I simply placed them all on to one stamp block once I liked the arrangement.

I finished the card off with some Snazzy tape and a couple of stripes of paper.

If you would like to purchase this stamp set you just click HERE and then click on stamps.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Scrapbook Layout

I know that I have posted this project before, but it is so perfect for this time of year that I just had to post it again!  

In 2010 my family went to Walt Disney World just before Halloween, and the decorations around the Magic Kingdom were so beautiful.  I created this scrapbook layout to showcase the pictures we took.

I used the Too Cute to Spook stamp on a Mickey Mouse cut in the upper right corner of this layout.

I cut Minnie's dress out of an orange polka dot paper, and her bow and shoes are from an orange glitter paper.  Even Minnie likes her bling!

If you like this project you might want to join our Disney Pixar Blog Hop group on Facebook.  This is where we will update you on any future Disney Themed Events we will be a part of!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Football and Crafting

I received an email yesterday about a project I posted back in 2010 about a Vikings coffee sleeve I created for my husband to use.  My husband and I have a little joke . . . the Vikings always seem to play better when I am crafting, baking or shopping.  There was one time that I went shopping and happened to come home when the game was LATE in the 4th quarter, and my husband told me I needed to go back out shopping . . . I did not argue with him!

One Sunday, as we were both enjoying our favorite Caribou Coffee, I decided he needed a Vikings coffee sleeve, so I created these.  I used the cardboard sleeve as a pattern to make these.

Okay . . . back to the email I got the other day . . . 

So the staff at Internet Exposure, a Minnesota based company, saw my coffee sleeves and wanted to share THEIR Vikings creation with me . . . and I HAD to share it with you!

They made these AMAZING Minnesota Vikings pumpkins for Halloween!

Here is the best part . . . they even have stencils for each of these carvings on their website that you can use to create your OWN Minnesota Vikings pumpkins!  Just click HERE.

They also include some great tips on pumpkin carving.

Thank you Jeff at Internet Exposure for allowing me to share these photos with my readers!

Skol Vikings!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two Hour Card Challenge

So the other day I posted on my Facebook status that I was having a hard time getting motivated, to which one of my blogging buddies responded "o.k. you have 2 hours to create a card ...GO!!!!!" . . . WHAT!?!?!?  

Well, I did have a birthday card I needed to make for my niece, so I made a second cup of coffee and headed off to my craft room to accept the challenge.  Here is what I came up with

The inside reads "Have a Dino-mite Birthday!"  I used solid colored adhesive backed fabric for the dinosaur so that it can easily be removed from the card and placed on the wall of my niece's bedroom.  This little dinosaur can "travel" all over my niece's house!  You know kids . . . they like to stick stickers and other things in the WORST PLACES!  Places where you think to yourself "how the heck am I ever going to get that off of there!" . . . well not with adhesive backed fabric . . . just peel it off as easy as a post it note!

Oh, and I had the card done and the photo posted on Facebook to prove that it was done in less than two hours . . . mission accomplished!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cute Little Ghosts

I had the CUTEST idea for creating holiday decorations with the printable adhesive backed fabric. . . instead of printing on it, let's stamp on it!.

I used a small scrap of the adhesive backed fabric that I had left over from another project, and cut some ghost shapes out.  I just used a pair of scissors, but you could cut them with your Cricut too.

Then I used my Peachy Keen stamps and the Megan Elizabeth "Rainy Days" ink  to add the faces.  I wanted to use the Rainy Days ink because the grey gave the ghosts faces a softer look.

I placed them on our kitchen cupboard, and they will remove easily with no sticky residue left behind since I used the adhesive backed fabric.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The ONLY spider I want to see

The ONLY spider I ever want to see in my house is a Halloween decoration!

I used my adhesive backed fabric and my October 31st Cricut cartridge for this project.  I cut the spider at 3" and then simply cut a straight piece of the adhesive backed fabric.  I placed the straight strip of material to look like the spider was hanging from a string of webbing that was coming out from under the lid of the garbage can in the kitchen.  

I cannot wait to see the look on the face of the first person in my family who notices this!

Monday, October 8, 2012


If you are a follower of my blog, you KNOW that I LOVE DISNEY!  Did you know that I have always wanted to dress up as Tinkerbell for Halloween?  I always thought that it would be a perfect costume for myself back in the high school and college days . . . I was petite like Tinkerbell, had blonde hair like her . . . and yes, I am a little "sassy" like her too!

So when I started this new Paper Doll project I KNEW I needed to make a Tinkerbell costume for my Paper Doll.  So here she is . . . 

I made her completely from an adhesive backed fabric, so she sticks to the wall (or any other surface) and then can be peeled off and moved around.  Also, after Halloween is over, I can put a normal outfit on her or change her hairstyle out.  I made SEVERAL others and plan to continue to build her wardrobe

I want to make some for my nieces also.  They will have so much fun changing out the hairstyles and clothes!

So let me tell you how I did this.  Below is a list of the products you will need.  Each one is a clickable link that will take you right to a place you can purchase the product.

Products Needed:
adhesive backed fabric

Because I knew I wanted to stamp faces on to the finished Paper Dolls, I started with an Ink Jet Printable adhesive backed fabric.  This comes in plain while sheets that you can place in your printer and print any image on.  For this project I simply filled the entire sheet with a flesh tone rectangle.  You could also use stamping inks to get the entire sheet to a flesh tone.

Now that you have sheet that is fully covered with the flesh tone, place that on a cutting mat and cut it in your Cricut to make the body of the paper doll.  I cut mine at 6", but you can go bigger or smaller depending on what you are making yours for.  Now stamp the face on the head with your Peachy Keen stamps.

I found, with some trial and error, that you need to SEAL the paper dolls if you plan to layer clothes on them and want to make sure that the clothing does not leave a sticky residue behind on the doll when you remove them.  I know that in every other post I have done about adhesive backed fabric I talk about how it does not leave any sticky residue behind, but in this case it is the INK from my ink jet printer that is "holding on" to that sticky stuff NOT the adhesive backed fabric product.  So to solve this I placed the paper dolls down on a sheet of waxed paper and painted a couple of thin layers of Modge Podge over them to seal them.

I did three thin layers, but I think that two might have been enough.  NOW I can stick hair and clothes on to these dolls, peel them off to change their look and there is NO STICKY STUFF left behind on the doll from the clothes!

I know that it is still a few weeks before Halloween, but someone on the Cricut message board commented about another one of my projects and it got me thinking . . . I had posted a photo of Mikey from Monsters Inc. that I made out of adhesive backed fabric product and a lady commented that this would be cute to make little elves for Christmas and place them around the house . . . like they are watching your kids.  I know that some people do use the Elf on the Shelf to encourage their children to behave around Christmas time.  It is amazing how the idea of someone "watching them" to see if they are good or bad can influence some children.  Well, that got me thinking . . . what about an elf made from the adhesive backed fabric product that you could move around the house and stick anywhere!  Since I already had the paper dolls created, I just needed to make an elf outfit, so I used some red and green to make clothes. . . 

Now I have my OWN version of the Elf on the Shelf, and I can change out her hair and clothes.  I could even make a little elf skirt for her.   And since all of these are repositionable I can peel them off and save them to use again and again!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Time for a Challenge!

I am a part of a group that was put together by Jenny over at http://craftycardgallery.blogspot.com/ . . . she gathers products from sponsors and then everyone in the group is challenged to create a card from that product.

Here is my card for this challenge . . . 

and the inside

Head over to http://craftycardgallery.blogspot.com/ to see what the other people in the group created!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ready for a Halloween party

I created some fun decorations for a Halloween party with my adhesive backed fabric . . . and then when I was getting ready to type up this post I saw that there was a Halloween Party Challenge at Decorate to Celebrate AND Halloween Decor Challenge at Creative Cutter Room . . . so I guess it was just perfect timing.
I am going to need to enter this project!

I know that when I am at a party, people always set down their glass and then forget which one was their glass.  Many people use wine charms to attach to the wine glass and help people to quickly identify which glass is theirs.  I decided to do my own "twist" on that idea and cut out a variety of decals with the adhesive backed fabric.  I thought they were so cute I even cut one for a glass vase that I filled with acorns, and then placed  a cut of a witch on a tile coaster.

All of the images for this project were cut with the October 31st Cricut cartridge.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monsters in my house

I am having SO MUCH FUN creating things with the adhesive backed fabric!  I wanted to create some more Halloween decorations, and I was thinking about goblins and monsters for the wall . . . and in my house when you say monsters the FIRST monster that comes to mind is Mike Wazowski!

I used the adhesive backed fabric Halloween Pack to create Mike.  The bright green in this pack is PERFECT for him!  The cut is from the Best of Pixar Cricut cartridge using the Icon feature.  (see image below)

When I showed it to my daughter she loved it so much that she wanted it moved into her room, which was no problem since the adhesive backed fabric is repositionable.  You can remove it and it will not damage the surface you are pulling it off of.  After Halloween, if she wants to take it down we can . . . and then we can save it to use again next year.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Donald Duck Shirt

My daughter LOVES Donald Duck, and she wanted a new shirt to where for Halloween that was Donald Duck inspired but without looking like she was dressed up in a Donald Duck costume.

My inspiration was a Donald Duck card that I made for her birthday this year . . . 

I started with a plain blue t-shirt, yellow ribbon, stitch witchery, iron on product and an iron.
Using yellow ribbon and stitch witchery I placed the yellow lines for the border of Donald's shirt.  If you have never used stitch witchery, it is a bonding agent that is activated by heat.  When I place it between the ribbon and the shirt and then iron over it, it will fuse them together.  I like to stitch things down after I have allowed the stitch witchery to cool back down just to really insure a strong hold.

I used the red iron on T-shirt transfer from Neenah Paper Inc.  It comes in 12 x 12 sheets of solid colors. 
I cut the bow from the Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge at 4" with Real Dial Size on.  I did this so that it would cut the bow at a TRUE 4" and not scaled to fit the overall image of Donald Duck at 4".  For more on using Real Dial Size I would recommend getting a copy of the DVD 

I ironed the bow on to the front of the shirt and then allowed it to cool before removing the backing.  I think that the finished shirt turned out really cute!

And my daughter seems to like it too!

I am entering this shirt into the Anything Goes Disney Challenge at Red Carpet Studio

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jack-o-lanterns using adhesive backed fabric

I recently had several of my nephews and one of my nieces over at my house, and I showed them how they could play with the adhesive backed fabric by cutting out pumpkins and jack-o-lantern faces and letting them decorate them!

I started off by just putting the pumpkins and the face pieces on the door

And here is how they looked after the kids arranged the faces

The little kids went a little crazy and tried to put ALL of the faces pieces on the pumpkin in the center of the photo below!  But that is part of what makes this fun . . . they can each do their own thing and the faces can be rearranged over and over again!

We even made a Jack-o-lantern totem pole

and we can move them off the door to other places in the house