Thursday, August 16, 2012

Archiver's NEW coupons

I recieved an email from Archiver's this past week with a coupon in it, and I noticed something different about it . . . it has a barcode on it now.  I found out why, and I wanted to share that with you.

Quoted from Archiver's Printable Coupn Link
In order to continue to bring you exciting offers and promotions, we've made a change to our coupons to now include barcodes. Each person will receive a unique set of barcodes on their coupons, allowing the coupons to only be used once. Once a coupon has been used, it will not be valid for any additional purchases. Please keep this in mind when you forward our emails to your friends!
So now if I post the coupons from my emails to this board, since it has a unique barcode it can only be used ONCE.  So if I posted it and Susie Smith prints it out and uses it and then I go and try and use it at my Archiver's tomorrow it will not work . . . it was already used by Susie. 

Since I know I will not be going to Archiver's before August 19th, when this coupon expires, I am still going to post it.  If you are going to print it out and use it, could you please reply to this post . . . that way others who are reading the post will see that someone else already printed it and will not try to use a barcode that is already being used.

The link to the 43% off any one item at Archiver's now through August 19th, 2012 coupon is HERE.



  1. Do you think Archiver's is simply wanting us to THINK it is a unique bar code? I can't imagine they invested in a program that would assign a unique bar code for each email customer - I don't write computer code but have worked around those who do and it seems like that would be a very difficult program to write. I think it would be worth a try to test it out. Maybe they figure that will keep people from using the coupons multiple times if they simply "think" they will get busted. I no longer live in an area that has an Archiver's so I can't test it - or I would. I get emails from A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby and those coupons can be printed multiple times and the bar codes are not customer-specific. I imagine they would all do that if it were an easy task to accomplish. Just sayin'...

  2. I printed it off and am going to try it! Thanks so much!