Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Metal Wall Art

This is another "blast from the past" guest blogger . . . .
Adirondack Metal has metal shelf sculptures, wall decor, hooks and book ends.  Here is one that caught my eye and would be PERFECT for Halloween!

Where can you find AdirondackMetal?  I found them on Etsy . . . click HERE.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Helping others through scrapbooking

If there was a way for you to help someone else out AND enjoy your favorite hobby at the same time, would you do it?  This is just what was presented to me the other night . . .

Joel Wigstadt is in kidney failure. Joel is the son of the daycare director at the daycare my daughter has gone to since she was 3 years old . . . but his mother has become so much more than that to our family . . . she is a dear, dear friend.

The other night there was a concert event at the daycare that was called Jammin For Joel.  There were desserts and live music, and everyone could show their love and support for Joel and his family.  We were able to leave a donation to help them out with the medical expenses.

Then I saw a flyer on one of the tables . . . Scrapbooking for Joel

Well that grabbed my attention!

Joel's aunt is a Creative Memories Consultant, and from now until October 15th, 2012 she will be giving 30% of all Creative Memories sales made through her directly to helping Joel with his medical expenses.  Even if you have a Creative Memories Consultant that you normally order from, I am asking you to help Joel out and order any supplies you need between now and October 15th from his aunt.

Her site is at 

Let's help him fund his current dialysis process and future kidney transplant with our crafting!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Today I would like to feature a necklace I saw. It was created by Chipmunk Hollow. You can view thier Etsy site where they sell their items at

With fall just around the corner, soon many people will be gathered around the television to watch their favorite football team, and I think a necklace like this would be SO CUTE for your favorite football fan.  (maybe even for a Christmas gift!)
To purchase this necklace go to
Here is a little something from the creator . . .
I have been making jewelry for about 9 years. Originally, I did mostly beadwork, but that was before it became so popular and everyone started making jewelry. About 3 years ago I took a metalcrafting class and was hooked right away.

My website offers unique handstamped, handcrafted creations. My current most favorite pieces are a U. of Wisconsin college necklace with the students name that can be done for any school. My other favorite is in my Sports Necklace section. It is a Minnesota Viking Necklace!

Please check out the rest of her items at and her blogs at

Monday, August 20, 2012

CROPPED - Challenge #1 Project DONE!

I was telling you recently that I will be participating in the CROPPED Event this September with Megan from Above Rubies Studio.   Don't know about the CROPPED event?  Click HERE to get more details.

Inside the Mystery Box that you receive is one of Megan's DVD's, and for the FIRST CHALLENGE you have to watch part of the DVD and use one of the projects she demonstrates for inspiration for YOUR challenge project.  This does not mean you have to make the SAME EXACT project she makes!  Inspiration can mean anything . . . use the technique she teaches out, the colors, the overall layout/sketch or the stamp she uses . . . just watch the tutorial on the DVD and let the inspiration come.

And now for my finished project . . . 

For the background I was going for a sky look, so I masked off the paper with two clouds and blended blue, purple and a little bit of teal ink.  I backed that with a deep blue glitter paper which I think really goes well with the blended colors and it adds some sparkle.  Behind that I used a metallic gold paper with a pattern that reminded me of tiles that you might find in Jasmine's palace.  
If I remember right, it was from a DCWV Paper Pack.

I thought that this cut from the Dreams Come True Cricut cartridge of Jasmine and Aladdin flying on the magic carpet went perfect with the sentiment "To every cloud there is a silver lining" 

I have NEVER used Viva Decor Pens before (I cannot find them in stores around me) but I used one on this card . . . in the gems on Jasmine's headband and in Aladdin's turban.  It does not show up very well in this photo since it is such a small area, but in real life it adds just that extra touch of sparkle.

Now I just have to go to the Cropped Event page at 
click on Challenges & Inspiration
 and upload the photo of this card.

If you don't have a blog you can upload your photo to any photo sharing site like Flickr or Photobucket, and from there you can then upload the photo of your project.

Now all that is left is for me to upload the photo to the Cropped Event Challenge page and start
working on my SECOND project for the event!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Cricky Blog Hop - Back to School

Welcome to the Getting Cricky Blog Hop!

Where did the summer go?  I cannot believe we are already half way through August and it is almost time for the kids to go back to school . . . which leads us to the theme for this blog hop . . . Back To School!

If you came here from Lisa's blog, you are in the right place . . . if not  CLICK HERE to start at the beginning with Kristal's blog (you'll want to catch up on all the FUN!!)

Since my kids are older they don't enjoy the cute little notes and things that I might have WANTED to make, but my daughter does love to write.  I grabbed a mini notebook that I think I got from a $1 bin at a store and added a little bling to it

I used the K Andrew Designs Beautiful Thoughts stamp set to add the sentiment 
"You are the author of your own life"

Here is a preview of the full stamp set . . . 

K Andrew Designs

If you would like to purchase this stamp set just click HERE
If you would like to see more projects created with this stamp set you can go to the Pinterest board!

Now it is time to send you off to stop on the hop

Guest Blog Post - revisited

When I first began my blog my "master plan" was to gather a group of crafters to feature all of their creations . . . a few jewelry artist, paper crafters, sewing/quilters, pottery . . . I wanted to give people a sampling of a variety of crafts, kind of like going to an online craft show.  Well, I never really found that team of people, and this blog evolved more into a site just about my crafts, but today I wanted to revisit one of the crafters that assisted me with a guest blog post back in the very first year of this blog (2009 . . . WOW . . . have I really had this blog for 3 years now!?!?!?)

Artist’s statement by Marnie Karger:

If you’ve ever looked at a map of the state of Minnesota you’ll find it hard to miss the famed 10,000 lakes. They are peppered across the land -- water-filled scars from ancient glaciers. Pristine reminders that this land was once covered in ice a mile thick. They are named after French voyageurs, early politicians, topographical characteristics, and descriptive translations of the Chippewa language. This is where I grew up, and this is what inspires my work.
I could spend hours poring over topographical maps of lakes and the land that surrounds them. I imagine myself in a silent canoe, floating over clear water that deepens steeply into blue-green mysteries. The image concurrently scares and amazes me. When I create my topo pieces, I am, in essence, creating a fictional landscape. I ponder questions as I cut layers of cardstock: What will the water do here around this peninsula? What would this tiny yet deep pond look like from the edge? Would stealthy pike gather in this area? Although they are inspired by maps, the pieces allude to many other images as people have commented that the pieces remind them of amoebas, spilled substances, oil on water, and other abstract forms.

I start by cutting what becomes the top layer of cardstock (usually white or cream). Sometimes I employ a map of a chain of lakes for reference and other times I just let the blade go where it will. I apply an archival adhesive tape to this piece, especially on the thin juts of land and around great curving bodies of water, and then add the first and lightest piece of colored cardstock. I repeat the process with two more pieces of colored cardstock before adding the last, uncut layer in the darkest color of the set. I use a teeny tiny swivel blade for most of the cuts and follow up with a sharp straight blade to clean up any cut outs that struggled to separate.

During the time I spend cutting and layering each piece, I see the work take shape and become complete. When it is done, it is often as if the shapes and depths were there all along and I have merely excavated the site.
To view more of Marnie work go to

If you are a crafter and would like to share your work on this blog let me know.  You do not need to have a blog of your own . . . if you want to email me photos I can post them that way also.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hockey Scrapbook

I created a hockey digital scrapbook this past year that I gave copies to my husband, his Dad, my Dad and my Grandfather for Father's Day.  I was inspired by some photos I found on Pinterest like this one . . .

When I saw this I thought "Wouldn't it be cool to do some pictures like that with MY DAUGHTER!"  So one day after she got home from school in the spring, before all of the ice was gone from the outdoor rinks we went and took some pictures and THIS is how the layout for the book turned out . . .

I even used my Cricut to cut a heart out of red paper that I placed on the puck.  By using the My Memories software I could eaily create one page, then after I had that done I simply clicked on one button to make a mirrored copy of the same page . . . this way I had all of the same background papers and page elements already placed in the second page of the layout.  After that all I needed to do was place the photos for the second page and make some minor "adjustments" to the placement of the elements since I wanted the snowflakes grouped differently on the second page.

One thing I really like is that there are free kits that you can download.  I check the My Memories site every few weeks to see what new items have been added to the Free section and download anything that I like.  If I am not using it for a project NOW I might use it later, and you might as well get it while it is free.

Would you like to give digital scrapbooking a try?  
If you use the code 


you can get $10 off the My Memories software! 
Just go to to download the software and then you can start looking at the free kits and papers so that you can create your own digital scrapbooks too.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Donald Duck shirt!

My daughter LOVES Donald Duck, and I wanted to surprise her with a new Donald Duck shirt.  I purchased a plain tshirt for $6

Then I used my sewing/embroidery machine to add the Donald Duck image

Here is a close up of the Donald Duck image.

I did the Donald outline in a blue thread, and for the rings around him I did one in a bright yellow and the other two are in a variegated thread that has yellow, pink, teal and purple in it.  This whole project took only about 30 minutes to complete since the Donald Duck image is just and outline and not fully filled in.  

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Shawn's Teach me Cricut Design Space Group
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Working on my challenge project for CROPPED!

I will be participating in the CROPPED Event this September with Megan from Above Rubies Studio.   Don't know about the CROPPED event?  Click HERE to get more details.

Inside the Mystery Box that you receive is one of Megan's DVD's, and for the FIRST CHALLENGE you have to watch part of the DVD and use one of the projects she demonstrates for inspiration for YOUR challenge project.  This does not mean you have to make the SAME EXACT project she makes!  Inspiration can mean anything . . . use the technique she teaches out, the colors, the overall layout/sketch or the stamp she uses . . . just watch the tutorial on the DVD and let the inspiration come.

I do not consider myself a stamper.  Card maker and scrapbooker, yes, but stamping is really just something I normally do with a sentiment stamp to finish off the card I made.  So this project is a bit of a challenge for me since it involves more stamping and playing with inks then I normally do.  I was worried that my card would not turn out very good.   I used the technique that Megan shows for this project to create what will be the background image for my project.  I was going for a sky with a couple of clouds look . . . here is how it turned out . . .

Now today I plan to try to work on the next phase . . . turning this into the background for my first challenge project!  I hope it turns out as well as the idea I have in my head!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

First Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated my nephew's first birthday.  I did not have a lot of time, so I made a pretty simple card, but I still really like the layout of it and might use it again for another card.

It is a simple white card, with a slightly smaller rectangle of soft green paper, which I ran through my Cuttlebug with the Spots and Dots embossing folder.  The rectangle was longer than the length of the embossing folder, so I put it in once and embossed, then turned the paper around and embossed the little bit at the bottom . . . this also left a nice space for stamping the sentiment.

I cut a frame slightly smaller than the rectangle from a smoky blue paper, and I also cut two swirls that I added to the corner.  The number one was cut from Plantin Schoolbook from a paper that had several different colored dots on it, and then I backed it with a shadow cut in purple.

The finishing touch was the sentiment Birthday Boy from the 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cropped & Mystery Boxes

If any of you are participating in the upcoming Cropped Event, and pre-ordered your Mystery Box it probably arrived in the past week . . . I know mine did.  Don't know about the CROPPED event?  Click HERE to get more details.

I was so happy to see the DVD that is included in the Mystery Box was one of my FAVORITE Above Rubies Studio DVDs.  I have even created a project from one of the tutorials on the DVD and I thought I would share it with you again today.  If you want to see the original post you can click HERE.

To create this card, I used a stamping technique that I learned from the 1 2 3 Stamp DVD from Above Rubies Studio.

For this project I used 
red ink 
a heart shaped Cricut cut for a mask
the phrase "I do!" from the Owly Hoo Stamp set
some embossed red paper
black and white glitter border
the masking technique from the 1 2 3 Stamp DVD from Above Rubies Studio.

If you like this card, you should also check out the Subway Art card I made from several different K Andrew stamp sets.  

If you want to learn the stamping technique I used, then go and purchase the 1 2 3 Stamp DVD from Above Rubies Studio!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another case of crafters helping crafters!

Just the other day I did a blog post talking about someone that I helped when she was first starting her crafting blog . . . and I talked about how that is JUST what crafters do . . . we help each other out!

As I was reading the blogs I follow I saw another case of a crafter helping another crafter out.  This one came in the form of a comment posted on Above Rubies Studio.  For those of you that don't follow Megan's blog (is there anyone out there that doesn't!?!?!) let me fill you in on some things going on right now.  She has had TERRIBLE problems with her front teeth . . . long story . . . and she actually did a blog post about the specifics of what happened and why she needed to have surgery.  Click HERE to go to Megan's post about the teeth story.

Megan's blog has been #1 on the Cricut Top 40, she creates videos to teach all of us how to use new products and create even more amazing things, brings us updates from the Craft and Hobby Association Events (she was at the most recent CHA just a matter of days before having surgery) and she creates amazing products for us to use in our crafting projects . . . she does all of this while she is suffering through this TERRIBLE situation with her teeth.  Really, I should never complain again that I cannot get something posted on my blog because I am too busy. 

So when I read this comment on Megan's blog from Elizabeth Morris I knew I just HAD to help spread this GREAT idea!

Elizabeth Morris

August 7, 2012 at 2:05 pm

It’s completely amazing to me that Megan is going through this incredibly painful and, frankly, emotional ordeal and yet STILL has time to posts these tutorials and such. Her desire to keep inspiring us through this and want to help those with similar problems I think is just another testament to her Faith in GOD and his mission for her on earth.

Dental issues are rarely covered by insurance and problems this large cost tens of thousands of dollars. I can only imagine how this is affecting her dialy life, emotional state without the added worries of how she is going toi pay for it. While I am sure that cards and trinkets are welcome, I have no doubt she could really use some financial help. You know she would never let on if she did. Imagine if everyone of her followers here and on FB sent $5 to her paypal account ( She could wake up tomorrow and know her teeth are paid for. For everything she does for us, a simple $5 (lets face it you probably spent that much making a card with postage) could change her life right now. I myself am sending $20 but even $1 is great. I’m sure that anything over what she needs will be used to help others (she could start that fund!!). This could be the start of something HUGE!.

Imagine Megan Waking Up tomorrow with her paypal full of $5 gifts and knowing she will be SMILING for us soon!! Let’s Do this tonight!! We call ourselves a crafting “community”. One of our own needs our help! Lets Give Back!!
Elizabeth . . . you are so right!  For the price of a cup of coffee or the supplies to create and mail Megan a card we could do something that could REALLY make a difference!

I encourage every person who has ever been inspired by Megan, watched her videos to learn something new or loves her products to please join in this and help Megan with all that she is dealing with right now.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Crafters help crafters . . . that is just what we do

About a year ago I became internet friends with a lady named Claire.  I saw some of her crafting work on Facebook and told her that she needed to start a blog so that she could share her beautiful crafts with even more people.  I think she was a little nervous about the idea of starting a blog at first, but I helped her along with some "Blogging 101" lessons.  I even turned some of our lessons into blog posts on MY BLOG to encourage other crafters to start a blog.  (you can find some of them HERE and HERE)

Well, Claire is now celebrating ONE YEAR of having her blog!

She is having a contest on her blog to celebrate, and I would LOVE IT if you would go over and check out her blog, the crafts she has created and enter her contest.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Simply Sunday - Fun with Puns

Welcome to Simply Sunday with the Getting Cricky Design Team!

Today is the day that the Getting Cricky Design Team gets to show off some of the projects they have created with the wonderful stamps from K Andrew Designs.  The challenge theme for this week is Fun with Puns.

My husband's side of the family is VERY punny . . . every year at Easter I have to listen to the same egg jokes . . . "This meal is egg-cellent" . . . that is no "yoke" they really say that!  It is enough to "scramble" your brains!

Well, for my sister-in-law's birthday card I decided to bring out the family's love of puns.  I cut the oval owl shape from the Cricut Pumpkin Carvings cartridge . . . it's not just for Halloween!  I added some leaves in the corners and my Owly Hoo Stamp set to stamp the words "Happy bird-day"

I even continued the pun on the inside with the phrase "From OWL of us"

If you want to add this stamp set to your collection, just click on the preview below.
K Andrew Designs

Make sure to stop by Getting Cricky to see what the rest of the Design Team has created, and you can even enter your OWN project into the challenge.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sketch Blog Hop

Welcome to the Sketch Blog Hop. Everyone has had so much fun doing these it's turned into a regular event!

The purpose of this hop is to show how all of these talented bloggers can take the same sketch and come up with totally different cards. If you've never used a card sketch before, give it a try! You should have arrived from  Zenita  and if you just happened along the hop, you can go back to the start at

First off, I want to show you the sketch we were all given to start with . . . 

When I first saw this card I thought of an idea of clothes hanging on the line to dry . . . 

I did the baby clothes in shades of blue and then used the "Oh Boy!" stamp from K Andrew Designs Of Mice and Lil Men stamp set.  I also used the stamp set Sew Much Fun to create the clothes line.  Now I just have to wait for someone I know to have a baby boy.  

Oh . . . and this weekend my family is celebrating several birthdays, so I needed to make some birthday cards and I used the same sketch again to create this birthday card for my brother-in-law.

The blue paper was picked for this card because of the little chilli peppers on it . . . my husband and his brothers LOVE their salsa and spicy food!  I used a needle and embroidery floss to string the pendant together.

I hope you enjoyed these cards and that they inspired you to create something from this sketch.  Your next stop is 

Enjoy the hop!

Here is the full line up in case you get lost . . .