Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My vacation

My family recently went on a vacation to Cheboygan, Michigan which is located about 20 minutes away from the Mackinac Bridge.  (I have family that lives in Cheboygan)

We then took a few extra days to go to Mackinac Island and I have to tell you . . . IT WAS GREAT!  If you ever go to the island, you HAVE TO eat at Millie's on Main.  

We ate there twice while we were on the island, and my daughter and I split a meal each time . . . we didn't have any place to put any left-overs so this worked really well for us.  Over the two time we ate there, my family had the Thanksgiving Dinner, the Whitefish basket, Parmasan Whitefish with a Raspberry sauce and a Turkey Club sandwich and we would recommend ALL OF THEM!  The prices were good also.

One place I would NOT recommend is Goodfellows.  The only thing good there was the customer service.  The food was not "gross" or anything, but it did not blow me away and it was WAY over priced.  They even charged us $5 for my daughter and I to split a meal . . . so basically we paid $5 for the extra plate so we could share.  Had I known they were going to charge for that I would have told them to just bring it as one order and we can just eat off the same plate.  (by the way, Goodfellows was the ONLY restaurant that we ate at that charged for the split plate . . . other places just brought you an extra plate and let you split it)

Oh, if you need a snack and don't want to eat one of the several flavors of fudge on the island, I would recommend that you go to Sanders and get the Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookie.  This thing looks like a deep dish cookie . . . it is so THICK!!!!  There is a little treat of some fudge baked inside the cookie and then it is all covered in chocolate and placed on a stick.  LOVED IT!

Sanders also makes a chocolate shoe that I thought was so cute!

I'll take a pair of those in a size 4, and I suggested they make chocolate handbags to go with them.

And for coffee . . . forget about all of the places right on the main strip of downtown . . . go one block over and go to Lucky Bean Coffeehouse.  (click here for the Facebook Page)  My husband had a Chocolate Raspberry Mocha and I had a Caramel Mocha . . . the BEST!  There was also a punch card on the counter, so if we had found it earlier in our trip we could have gotten enough punches for a free coffee by out last day. They also have some great bakery items . . . loved the cinnamon roll!

When you are out eating on Mackinac Island, be sure to look near the hostess stands or by the registers because I found that a lot of the restaurants downtown will have a discount coupon you can grab for one of the fudge shops . . . and some of the fudge shops have discount coupons for the restaurants.  Had we known that we could have saved 15% on our dinner one night, but we did end up being able to use two of the fudge and candy discount cards.  

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  1. Oh my, those chocolate shoes are too adorable! TFS!--Pat N.