Saturday, January 28, 2012

Using masks on photos in MyMemoriesSuite

The other day I told you that I figured out how to use a mask on a photo in the MyMemoriesSuite program.  For some of you this might not sound like a big deal, but MyMemoriesSuite does not have a blending tool to "soften" the edges of your photos.  It took some research . . . and I found comments on a forum that said that there was no way to "blend" or "soften" the edges of your pictures, but I was DETERMINED that there MUST be a way to do it.

I ended up having to apply the mask in Photoshop, and then save the photo and make it almost like a digital sticker.  There are two parts to this process and here are two sites that had some good step by step instructions that I used for this process

I will mention them in the video.  I know this video is probably not that great . . . I did some stumbling around . . . but I wanted to get it out to you instead of re-recording it several times.  I have only done videos a few times, so I am new to making them.

If you want to view the video full screen, here is the link . . .

Okay . . . between that video and the links I posted above, you should be able to mask your photo and turn it into an element you can place into a digital scrapbook with the My Memories Suite software. But now how do you actually place that image? Here comes video number 2 . . . and the link for full screen

Figuring out how to do this process really opened up a LOT of options for me with my digital scrapbooking. I could now take free clip art images I found online and use the Making Backgrounds Transparent info from this link . . .
which I talked about in the first video, and then make my OWN digital scrapbooking elements!  Give it a try! It is really pretty easy!  The MAIN thing I have to remember is to save those digital images as png files.

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