Monday, November 7, 2011

There is a first for everything . . .

I have NEVER done this before, but after years of scrapbooking I guess there is a first for everything.  I had a kit that I was given as a gift a LONG time ago, and it had decorative papers, stickers and a few sheets that are those easy "insert photo here" sheets. 

I was working with three photos that were all being tied together with a cooking theme.  Two are of my daughter after her school had a presentation about careers in cooking, and one is of my son after he prepared dinner for us as an assignment for a class in high school.  When I noticed that I had a "pre-made" sheet that was in the same general layout as I wanted to go with for these pictures I thought "What the heck . . . let's use the easy page."

I added the sticker letters to say "Let's Cook" and the fork and knife stickers and called it a day.  Is it my best scrapbook page ever?  No . . . but it works.


  1. Very cute!! i have alot of premade pages but haven't tried them yet, maybe after seeing your I will!!

  2. It definitely works! I have used them before and have always been satisfied with the result -- it sure helps to knock out some pages in a hurry:-)