Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's all in your point of view

Here is a "proud Mom" moment from me . . . my daughter has really gotten into photography over the past few years.  The summer child care facility that she attends does a photography class every year since the Director of the facility is part of Wigstadt Photography.

One thing that she really encourages the kids to do is to look at things from different angles when taking pictures . . . play with the shadow that is created, frame or crop your picture in a unique way, stand on something to get a downward picture . . . really fun and creative stuff.

Here is a perfect example from our trip last year to Salt Lake City.  The first picture is how "most" people would take a picture of the landscape . . . .

And here is my daughter's picture of the same landscape . . .

She got down and was laying on her stomach so that she could take the picture through an opening she saw in the rock wall.  The opening in the rock wall really frames the landscape, and you even see shadows on the ground.  Much more interesting than my picture with all of the blue sky filling up most of the image.

The only difference . . . the point of view.

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