Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Great way to use some scrap paper

If you are like me, you have a LOT of little scraps of paper in your craft room . . . not big enough for a full layout, but too big to throw away.  I created this layout and was able to use a LOT of my little scrap pieces.

This was for my son's Junior Year Homecoming, and since his favorite color is orange I went with that for the main background.  Then I took one of my scraps that was a striped paper and cut it in half and used it to "frame" just the outside corners of the two pictures.  Then I grabbed all of my brown and orange scraps and just started grabbing things that worked with the colors I had going on.  It was kind of like making a quilt.  If I just had a small scrap, then that strip was a small one . . . if I had a bigger scrap then I could run it for a longer length.  I also use two straight stickers within the scraps.  The one in the upper left said "Junior" and the one in the lower right says "Homecoming"


  1. I can say nothing but can surely appreciate your efforts regarding what you have done with scrap paper, certainly it will be attractive for many out there.