Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Since I know that we are all busy getting those last minute things ready for the little trick or treaters, I have a quick and easy project for you.

After you complete a project, like making Halloween costumes for the kids, you always have some left over fabric . . . too much to throw away, but not enough to really make something out of.  Here is what I did with some of my "scraps" one year.

I simply cut fabric into strips. It did not matter how long they were since I wanted them all to hang at different lengths.  The fabric was all different colors and textures . . . black, orange plaid, dark green and a blue/green netting type fabric.  After I had cut the fabric into strips I simply gathered the fabric pieces together and secured them with a rubber band.  I then hooked the rubber band to a nail that I have just above the door frame . . . I leave the nail there year round to hand decorations from . . . you cannot even see the nail since it is so close to the door frame.  I did not finish off the edges of the fabric, and over the years some of the fabric has frayed more than others, but this only adds to the old, worn Halloween look.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where to start?

My daughter is playing hockey for the second year this year, and at the parent meeting they asked for people to volunteer to do different tasks . . . one of the tasks was to be in charge of the team yearbook, so I volunteered for that.

Once I did I started thinking "How am I going to do this?"  I figured the easiest way would be digital scrapbooking since I could make one book and just get it printed out for all of the girls, but I have never done digital scrapbooking before!  Where do I start?

I found the My Memories program, and it is pretty easy to use.  Even a computer dummy like me can handle it. I also found that the site offers several free kits, so you don't need to dump a lot of money into it just to try it out.  I think that was my biggest fear . . . if I am just going to do this for the hockey team, and then keep my own scrapbooks the "traditional" books then I don't want to spend a lot of money on digital supplies.

And some of the freebies are really cute!  This one would be so fun for a birthday party.

If you want to test out the digital world, you can download this freebie at

Right now you can get this My Memories software at a discounted price . . . use code STMMMS69390 when you check out and you will get $10 off!!!

As you know, I am all about tips to make your life easier or more creative, so as I am playing with the program and learning it I will share the tips and tricks I find with you.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Fun

I am so happy to be getting to work on my scrapbook layouts again!  I am so behind!

Here is a layout I did from a family gathering . . . I think we were getting together for someone's birthday.

I accented this layout on both pages with several strips of paper that I embossed with the Bloom Dots Cuttlebug folder.

Here is a close up of the sentiment that I used on this layout. It is from the new Crafty Friends set by K Andrew Designs.

If you would like to add this stamp set to your collection, make sure to head over to K Andrew Designs.  I have a feeling I will be using this one a LOT!

Friday, October 28, 2011

New Cricut cartridges are coming soon!

Custom Crops will have the newest Cricut cartridges soon!  Place your pre-orders now so that you can be one of the first to get these new cartridges!

And check out the new paper set from Basic Grey called Little Black Dress.  Every woman needs a good little black dress in their closet, and this set looks like it could be the paper pack that every crafter needs in their collection!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mickey embossing folder . . . my finished folder

Yesterday I told you about a project idea I was testing out.  I got the wonderful idea to create my own Mickey Mouse embossing folder from my blogger friend Tami.  Today I wanted to show you how mine turned out.

I do not own a Gypsy or Design Studio, so I did my layout in the Cricut Craft Room software.

To line up the Mickey heads like I wanted them I first placed one and made it the size I wanted it.  Then I copied it so that there was a full row.  Then I copied that row down to a second row.  Since I wanted them in a staggered pattern, I then deleted every other Mickey . . . that got me two rows of Mickey's staggered and perfectly spaced without me having to play around with the spacing.  Then I just copied those two rows over and over until I had my full plate layout.

Then I put the cereal box down on the mat and started cutting.  I used a deep cut blade, and also did mulit cuts to make sure it went all the way through.  I think I did a mulit cut of 4 . . . I did not want any partial Mickey heads!  Here is what the mat looked like when I pulled the cereal box off.

Then I trimmed up the edges of the cereal box plate into a rectangle. I guess if I would have been thinking I could have added a rectangle cut around the whole Mickey layout in Cricut Craft Room and had the Cricut trim this nice and straight for me. Oh well . . . maybe next time I make my own embossing folder I will remember to do that.

I cut a second rectangle to be the back of the plate, and I used painter's tape to "hinge" my two sides together.  I then closed the plate, applied glue inside the open holes and placed a Mickey head inside the hole.  This allowed me to make sure that when the embossing folder opened and closed all of those little Mickey heads lined up right.  After I would glue in one row I would open and close the plate to make sure that everything was in line and sticking to the back side of the folder.

The above picture shows the first two rows glued on with the folder opened up.  I let the whole thing set for a while to make sure that the glue dried good before I tested it out.  And here is the final embossed paper . . .

IT WORKED!!!!!  I cannot wait to use this in a project . . . maybe something for the next Disney Pixar Blog Hop!  Thank you Tami for showing me how to do this!  Just THINK of all of the different things I could create now . . . my daughter would LOVE it if I made a Donald Duck embossing plate.  I have a feeling that I am going to be encouraging my family to eat more cereal because I need those empty boxes to make embossing folders!

Later on I did trim this down so that it was more square.  I had a project where I wanted the Mickey head pattern to run horizontal instead of vertical, so with a squared off folder I could run the paper through in sections in either direction.

This project can be found on Pinterest by clicking HERE.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mickey embossing plate . . . a test run

This project made me SO HAPPY!  As many of you know, I am a HUGE Mickey Mouse fan so any time that I can combine Mickey Mouse with one of my other passions I am like a kid on Christmas.

For one of our Disney Pixar Blog Hops my blogger buddy Tami created a project where she had some Mickey Mouse embossed paper.  I saw it and my first thought was "I NEED THAT PAPER!"

So I contacted Tami to find out where she got it and she told me that she made her own embossing plate!  If you want the full details on how Tami did this I am including a link to her blog for the full tutorial.  Basically get some chipboard and cut your own folder.  Since this is something I have never done before I wanted to "test" it on a smaller scale first.  I cut the border image from Mickey and Friends of Mickey Mouse's head from a cereal box.

I creased the box and put glue on the back of the cut and pressed it down to the part of the box that was folded behind it so that when I opened it up it looked like this.

So far so good. Now let's make sure it embossed before I go through all of the effort of making one like Tami's.  I ran it through my Cuttlebug and this is what I got.

You should have seen me when I took it out of the Cuttlebug!  I was so happy that I had gotten this to work! I suddenly had visions of making a full border like this.  Just think of the Disney projects I could create now!

Thank you Tami for showing me how to do this!  Tomorrow I will be posting my finished embossing plate.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost forgot . . .

I almost forgot to announce the winners for the Blog Candy from the Getting Cricky Thank Fall Blog Hop!  I decided to do TWO winners, so I used to generate the winning number, and then counted that number from the start and from the end of the list of people who entered to get the two winners.  Here is the funny thing . . . they both have the same first name, just a different spelling!

The winners are 


I have sent both of you ladies an email so that I can get your information and get your Custom Crops gift certificate out to you!


Great way to use some scrap paper

If you are like me, you have a LOT of little scraps of paper in your craft room . . . not big enough for a full layout, but too big to throw away.  I created this layout and was able to use a LOT of my little scrap pieces.

This was for my son's Junior Year Homecoming, and since his favorite color is orange I went with that for the main background.  Then I took one of my scraps that was a striped paper and cut it in half and used it to "frame" just the outside corners of the two pictures.  Then I grabbed all of my brown and orange scraps and just started grabbing things that worked with the colors I had going on.  It was kind of like making a quilt.  If I just had a small scrap, then that strip was a small one . . . if I had a bigger scrap then I could run it for a longer length.  I also use two straight stickers within the scraps.  The one in the upper left said "Junior" and the one in the lower right says "Homecoming"

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Junior Crafty Chic!

My daughter had a few days off of school last week, and we spent one of them scrapbooking together.  She takes a photography class every summer and wanted to scrapbook some of the pictures she took.  Here is the layout that she did.

I even showed her how to use the Cuttlebug, and she had a LOT of fun embossing flowers with all different patterns.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Simply Sunday - Black and Orange Color Challenge

Welcome to Simply Sunday with the Getting Cricky Design Team!

Today is the day that the Getting Cricky Design Team gets to show off some of the projects they have created with the wonderful stamps from K Andrew Designs.  Our challenge for today is to use the colors black and orange.  I used some of the stamps from the new Fall-O-OWeen stamp set.  Have you seen the NEW Fall-O-OWeen Stamp set from K Andrew Designs?

If you don't already own this stamp set I would suggest you click here to purchase it.  It has so many great words that you can combine to create your own phrases!

I wanted to make a birthday card for my niece, who is turning 3 just a few days before Halloween.  At first I was going to go with a Halloween themed card, but nothing was coming to me . . . then my daughter suggested Tigger, since we always joke around about how my niece LOVES to bounce, just like Tigger.  And Tigger is black and orange, so that fit for the color challenge.

It was really quick and easy to make.  I used an orange gingham check for the background, trimmed 3 different Tigger images from a Pooh and Friends paper I had, punched 3 orange squares and then used my Fall-O-Oween stamp set to stamp the words "A little treat for you" on the card.  I added some little stars for an accent.

Make sure to stop by Getting Cricky to see what the rest of the Design Team has created, and you can even enter your OWN black and orange project into the challenge.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Cricut Cartridges for October 2011

If you are here for the Getting Cricky Design Team Blog Hop Click HERE

Hello Thursday is the day that ProvoCraft announces the new cartridges being released for the month . . . of course now a days the emails with the list of the new cartridges seems to come out on Friday instead of Thursday, but it is still fun to see the NEW themes right away.

Let's take a look at what is new for October 2011!

If you ever want to view all of the images on a Cricut handbook, you can always go to and use the advanced search tool, found HERE.  Uncheck the Keywords box and check the Album titles box, and then type in one word from the album title.

I don't own an Imagine machine, but let's start off with the new ones for the Imagine.


To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.


To me, this one has a "retro" feel . . . reminds me of the pictures with the pink and aqua colored Christmas trees in them.

To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.


This also has a retro feel, but of a "classic" or "antiqued" Christmas

To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.

STENCIL Project Cartridge

I have been seeing a LOT of people online talking about making stencils with their Cricut, and I guess ProvoCraft listened and created this cartridge just for you.

To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.

We all know we should not eat it, but we do  . . . fast food and junk food!  And now we can cut images of it with our Cricut too!

To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.


To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.

This one reminds me of the counted cross-stitch patterns my mother used to make.  Not sure if I really like it, but it is something different from what ProvoCraft has put out in the past.

To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.

Here is the Canadian version of the 50 States Cricut cartridge.  I do like the hockey images.

To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.

For all of the Cricut owners that have been asking for a religious cartridge, and then were disappointed that the first one, Inspired Hearts, was a Lite cartridge, here is ProvoCraft's second religious cartridge . . . a FULL cartridge.  It looks like it will have images, scripture verses, a font along with icons like crosses.

To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.

This one is nice since it could be used for a Noah's Ark theme, or also for an animal ABC.  And the images can be cut regular or 3D.  Good job ProvoCraft for allowing for BOTH options in one cartridge!

To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.

I have seen these paper rosettes EVERYWHERE recently, and now there is a Cricut cartridge that allows you to cut them with intricate details on them . . . like the Cupcake Wrappers cartridge for rosettes.  It also has cuts for ribbons or border images, which remind me of some of the fancy designs that you can get with the border paper punches.

To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.

This one is a Creative Memories Exclusive

This one is a Cricut Circle Exclusive, and I think I like this one.  It reminds me of Paper Lace, but with some images specifically for different holidays.

To see all of the images on this cartridge, click HERE.

If you ever want to view all of the images on a Cricut handbook, you can always go to and use the advanced search tool, found HERE.  Uncheck the Keywords box and check the Album titles box, and then type in one word from the album title.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Cricky Thank-Fall Blog Hop

Welcome to the "So Thank-Fall" Getting Cricky Blog Hop!
We're so happy you could join us for this month's Getting Cricky Design Team Blog Hop!  Each of us, along with our Special Guest - Letillia from Diva of 5, are so pleased to have you here with us!!  Along the way, you'll see NEW ideas for creating cards and projects with Kristal's stamps sets!

If you've hopped along from Deb's site, then you are in the right place! If you are just joining me from your dashboard, or reading this via email, please be sure to CLICK HERE to start at the beginning with Kristal's blog (you'll want to catch up on all the FUN!!)

Each of Kristal's stamp sets benefit charity. At least $1 per stamp set goes to benefit the charity noted on the stamp set package. You can learn even more about Kristal's stamps (and pick some up for yourself) by visiting her online store: K Andrew Designs:

To say "THANK YOU" for hopping along with us today, we have TWO coupon code specials for you to take advantage of for THIS WEEKEND ONLY (thru Sunday, October 23rd):

  fallblessings for 25% off the Fall-O-Ween set

shipitfree for FREE SHIPPING!!

Kristal's newest stamps sets are LARGER sets -- perfect for cards, layouts, and so much more...  For more details or to make one these sets YOURS, please click on the preview:

Crafty Friends (LARGE SHEET)

Owly-Hoo (LARGE SHEET--mix and match shown with combinations)

Pirate Party! LARGE SHEET (Faces included--but separate so you can use other face stamps)

Pirate Tales & Fish Scales (LARGE SHEET)
For my project, I'm featuring the Fall-O-Ween Stamp Set.

Fall-O-Ween benefits "Adopt a Classroom"
Last year my family went to Walt Disney World just before Halloween, and the decorations around the Magic Kingdom were so beautiful.  I created this scrapbook layout to showcase the pictures we took.

I used the Too Cute to Spook stamp on a Mickey Mouse cut in the upper right corner of this layout.

I cut Minnie's dress out of an orange polka dot paper, and her bow and shoes are from an orange glitter paper.  Even Minnie likes her bling!

If you liked this project, be sure to come back on November 19th and 20th when I will be hosting, along with my good friend Melissa, another Disney Pixar Blog Hop!

Before you go I would like to offer you a chance to win a prize of a $25 Gift Certificate to Custom Crops!

Those of you that know me know that my family created the website and that I like to have everyone play a game with in order to enter to win prizes.  Since my layout had a pumpkin in it, let's go to MyCutSearch and search the word


and then send me an email by clicking here or by using the Contact Us Page at telling me how many Cricut handbook pages came up in the search for the word pumpkin.  The number will be in the lower left corner of the first preview page.

Good luck and thanks for playing!  The winner will be announced here on Monday, October 24th.

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