Thursday, June 9, 2011

The First Hello Thursday for June

If you are NOT a fan of the Lite cartridges by ProvoCraft, then you wallet is safe . . . this week.  The first of the three June Hello Thursday cartridges are all Lites.  There are some ones that I think are really cute.  I might need to find a Walmart around me that carries the Cricut cartridges . . . the one that is the closest to me does not.

9 Months is a cartridge that is PERFECT for documenting a pregnancy.

How is this cartridge different from the other baby cartridges out there?  This one also looks at all of the things leading up to the day the new baby arrives.  Mommy's growing tummy, baby showers, doctor's visits, cravings . . . it is all covered. 

Where are all of my coffee lovers?  Here is the cartridge for you!  

Love you a Latte

If it has to do with coffee or coffee shops it is in this cartridge.  I can almost smell that morning coffee now!

I would have liked to see some coffee phrases on this cartridge . . . wake up and smell the coffee . . . instant human, just add coffee . . . 

I do really like this idea that I found online, as a way to give someone a gift card to their favorite coffee shop

Recess is the next cartridge on the list . . .

This is another child-like school cartridge.  To me, really nothing "new".  If you check you can find other cartridges with images of a pencil, apple, owl . . . but if you don't already own a cartridge with some good school images, you might find a need for this.

How about some sweet treats?  Sweet Shop Lite is full of them.

I know, I know . . . just when you thought that we had ENOUGH cartridges with cupcake images on them, ProvoCraft gives us another one.  At least this time around they added some ice cream treats, donuts and candy bars for us too.

The last one is called County Fair and it is a HSN exclusive.  I found some images of layouts created using this cartridge, but I really want to find some images that show you more of the cuts that are on the cartridge, so I am going to wait until I can find that to post on that one.


  1. You can shop for these at That's what I'll be doing! ;o)


  2. On u can order one for 39.99 or 2 for 60.00. You save 20.00 when you get 2 at a time. June's releases would be why Cricut Rewards are double for Lite cartridges this month.

  3. Loving them all!!! My wallet will definitely not be safe this month! I want them all!!! I will definitely be checking out! :)