Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fourth of July . . . just around the corner

Have you seen or made any good Fourth of July crafts?  First off, I cannot believe that the 4th of July is almost here already!  I am really hoping to get some scrapbooking in over the long weekend.

I did find some Challenges going on with the Fourth of July theme if you are interested . . .

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby card using Card Patterns

I have a co-worker who's wife is pregnant.  We think she might have had the baby because he was not in to work the other day.  I found this sketch at Card Patterns, and I knew I could use it for this baby card.

I knew I wanted to use diaper pins to create the scalloped look for the bottom part of the card, and I knew that the Cricut cartridge Simply Sweet had a diaper pin image on it . . . how did I know that?  I went to and typed in diaper pin and let the site do all of the work finding all of the handbook images of diaper pins.

I also cut the word baby from Simply Sweet.  I layered all of this over a baby block patterned paper that I had.

Do you have an idea for a card with this same sketch?  Then head over to Card Patterns and add your creation to the list!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Card - CPS Card Sketches

I had so much fun using various card sketches for the cards I needed to make last weekend, that I decided to do it again this weekend.  This sketch is from the Card Positioning System blog

I used this one for a card for my Sister-in-law, who's birthday is today (Happy birthday Christina . . . the card is on the way . . . if you don't want to see it STOP READING NOW!)

I used a paper with fun summery flowers, and then some green for the bottom.  Now that I look at it online, I wish I would have embossed that green paper.  I cut out a flower from my George and Basic Shapes Cricut cartridge.  Then I added a brad to the center to give it some extra bling.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

In Search of . . .

I am trying to think of good places to advertise on . . . what are some of YOUR favorite scrapbooking and paper crafting resources?  Websites?  DVDs? Magazines?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Celebrate Love

My Brother-in-law is a rocker, and is almost always wearing black, so when he got married I could not just give him and his new bride a typical frilly wedding card.  For this card I started with the Black Magic cardstock by Coordinations, and then ran it through my Cuttlebug to get the all over swirl pattern.  I then sanded away some of the black to show the soft peach color underneath.

I added a sticker that looks like a chain link . . . no fancy lace or ribbons here.  I finished with an oval with the words Celebrate Love inside of it . . . the words did not show up very good in this picture.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simple card

Sometimes I put off making a card until the last minute, or in the case of this past weekend I had so many to make I had to go with a couple "quick and easy" cards just to get them done . . . here is one of them.

I had some paper with Father and Dad on it, with images that make you think of Dear Old Dad . . . ties, sports equipment, a lawn mower . . . and I used a deep olive green which I ran through my Cuttlebug to border it.

Simple, quick but still a one of a kind creation.

Another simple card

My Grandfather loves bright colors, and there was something about this paper that just made me think of him, so I knew it would be perfect for a card for him.

At first I was just going to go with the two main papers . . . the stripe and the polka dot . . . but then since I was in a hurry I cut the paper wrong and when I put them on the card there was a small white gap between the two papers.  I was going to run some orange paper through the Cuttlebug, but then I found this old border sticker that had some sun bursts embossed on them and I thought that was PERFECT.

For a final touch I added some cream colored letter stickers to spell Papa (which is what I call my Grandfather)

I was happy that I was able to turn my "mistake" of not cutting the paper the right size work out into such a cute card.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday

I don't know why I did not do this a LONG time ago . . . when I had several cards to make over the weekend I used card sketches that I found online, and then I was able to create a card and enter them into different card sketch challenges.  

I found this card sketch at Sketch Saturday . . . 

and I used it to create this birthday card for my Sister-in-law

I found the kola bear in the birthday cake image online, and then I smudged around the edge of the oval with some pink ink.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Cut Search Tip Tuesday

After my family created we found out that there are actually different versions of some of the handbooks out there . . . it looks like they went back and re-printed some of the handbooks and put more content into the beginning of the books, which then can throw the page numbers "off" . . . something we have listed as being on page 24 could be on page 32 in your book.

The page numbers that we use will always correspond with the page numbers on the handbooks that are posted at the Cricut Handbook Library but we have also started to include a Keypad Button number on our page titles.  I have circled one in red in the image below . . .

Even if the PAGE number is different for a new printing of a handbook, the BUTTON location you would push on your Cricut Keypad will always be the same.

So, how do you know which button we call Keypad Button 21, for the image above?  Use our Keypad Button guide!

Basically, we started with the first image button and numbered that as 1 and just kept going.  Each cartridge would have 50 buttons.

I hope that this helps you to enjoy MyCutSearch and your Cricut cartridges even more!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kick up your heels!

Today I am going to share a card that I created for my Father-in-law for Father's Day, but it could be a great birthday card also.  I got my inspiration for this card from the Let's Capture these Sketches weekly card sketch.

(sorry . . . I forgot to grab the image of the sketch to insert, and it is no longer on the blog)

Here is the card I created . . .

I used twine instead of a hard band of paper on my card, and my featured item is in a square instead of a circle as they did.  I used my Cuttlebug to emboss a snake skin texture on the bold colored papers . . . my Father-in-law loves his cowboy boots, and I thought "snake skin" boots would be a great theme for him.

Ironically, I think this card would also work good for the sketch at

Here is their sketch . . . .

Funny how this one works for both of these sketches.  

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

WOW!  What a weekend!  We had a busy week, and then had a family wedding event to attend yesterday, and now it is Father's Day.  I had so many cards to make for Father's Day, the wedding and a birthday over the weekend that I decided to use some ideas from Card Sketch Challenges I found online.

What is a Card Sketch Challenge?  There are some blogs and websites that will post a black and white "sketch" of a card layout, and that ask you to create a card using that sketch as your inspiration.  Even though I was creating most of mine with a Father's Day theme, you can look at the basic sketch and use that idea for any occasion that you need to create a card for.

I found the sketch for the card I created for my husband for Father's Day at

Here is the sketch . . . .

And here is the card that I created . . . .

My husband loves Sock Monkeys so I knew when I saw this paper by Recollections called Monkeying Around I had to get it to create something for him.

I hope that you have a wonderful Father's Day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello Thursday part 2 for June

I know, I know . . . it's Saturday, but I was so busy on Thursday I did not get to post anything about the new Cricut cartridges announced this week.

The first one is from Creative Memories and is called Traveler.  Personally I think that it looks like another repeat of Summer Vacation or Luau . . . sunglasses, flowers, sunshine, sea shells and surfboards.

But one thing I did see on the handbook pages is that it has a full font set and it looks like there could be some fun little icons that are NOT related to the beach theme that appears on the back of the box.

The next one is Summer Celebrations.  It is the Fourth of July, Father's Day and vacations all rolled into one.

And after we get done with our Summer Celebrations . . . we need our Autumn Celebrations.  Back to school, Thanksgiving, Halloween,

Did you guys like Ornamental Iron? I was not a fan of it . . . and now they have a second one.

This next one I might have to take a closer look at . . . . Phrases.  A phrase for every event or celebration.  I might be able to use that one!

And last but not least is Sophisticated by Theresa Collins.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

HSN Exclusive ~ County Fair

Last Thursday I promised you some pictures of the new HSN Exclusive Cricut cartridge County Fair once I found them.  I found them over the weekend, and just finally had time to get them up for you today.  Sorry about the wait.

There should be some NEW cartridges announced today because ProvoCraft is doing THREE Hello Thursdays this month . . . so I will share the new ones with you very soon!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Graduation card

I mentioned the other day that over the weekend my son attended a Graduation party for one of his friends.  I needed to make two Graduation cards FAST so I focused on simple rather than detailed.  Plus, these cards were for teenage boys and we all know that all they really care about is the money inside of the card.

This graduate that this was going loves black and white, so I found a black, white and silver paper for the background.  Their school colors are baby blue and silver, so I did the accent band in baby blue with a little Cuttlebug embossing on it.  Then I used two stickers from a set that I purchased that was made specifically for this high school . . . JHS are the school initials.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Searching for Tags and Boxes

As many of you know, Shawn Mosch and her family created the website which allows you to search for images that are on the Cricut Cartridges and preview those images so that you can easily find the perfect cut for your project. 

Shawn has gotten emails from people asking questions about using MyCutSearch, so we would like try to answer questions as well as give you tips on ways to use the site that you might not have even known about.

Question:  I like to make boxes and tags with my Cricut . . . can you tell me which cartridges have cuts for boxes or tags?  I tried typing boxes and tags into MyCutSearch but did not get the results that I thought I would.

Answer:  Yes, you can search for cuts of boxes and tags on MyCutSearch, but you need to remember that everything is tagged for the singular version of a word.  So, to find the cartridges that have cuts for boxes and tags, you would need to type the word box or tag into the search bar.

If you have a question about MyCutSearch or ways you can use it, let us know and maybe we will use your question in one of our Search Tips posts.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Graduation card

Over the weekend my son attended a Graduation party for one of his friends.  One of his former classmates that moved out of town was also going to be at this party, so I created two Graduation cards in a VERY short time.  Here is the first one . . .

Since time was short, I went for simple instead of intense.  Plus, these cards were for teenage boys and we all know that all they really care about is the money inside of the card.

I found some stickers I purchased a while ago with Graduation phrases on them, and used a green paper for my base to accent the dark green around the edge of the sticker.  The lettering was in a bronze color, so that is what made me go with the bronze paper which I added some Cuttlebug embossing to.

I will share the second card with you later on this week.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Make your own Mickey Mouse embossing folder!

I have been wanting to do a blog on this for a LONG time, but I have just not had time to sit down and put all of it together.

Back in April, we had another one of our Disney Pixar Blog Hops and if you came to the hop you probably remember a project from Tami in which she had this GREAT Mickey Mouse embossed paper.

I took one look at this paper and said "Tami . . . I need this!"  Then she told me she made it herself, with an embossing folder she made.  WHAT?!?!?!  How the heck did you do that!?!?!?  (remember, I just got a Cuttlebug recently so I am new to the things you can do with embossing)

Tami was wonderful enough to put together a tutorial on her blog to show us how she created her Mickey Mouse embossing folder.

You can either go to Tami's blog, or follow the directions that she allowed me to share with you here.  Take it away Tami!

Making the Mickey Mouse Head Embossing Folder:

Decide on the size you want and make the folder itself. You can use poster board, or even cereal boxes. Most Cuttlebug folders are roughly A2 size (4 1/4 x 5 1/2.) I did make the Mickey Mouse Head folder a little larger, but not so large it wouldn't go thru the Cuttlebug.
I made my design Layout of all the little Mickey Heads with my Gypsy, but have also used Design Studio as well. I lay out the first row of images and then just cut and paste it over and over, but alternate the spacing of each row.

I will mention that poster board seems to cut cleaner than cereal boxes for some items so you may want to play around and see what works best for you and for whatever images/designs you are cutting. Also keep in mind that the thickness of the material you cut is going to make a difference in the depth of the embossed impression you get.

Cut the images with the deep blade housing set at the deepest setting and cut two or three times depending on the thickness of the material you are cutting.
Your folder is going to have a "positive" side and a "negative" side that when closed up fit together like a puzzle. 
I start with the "negative" which is the larger piece and is what all the little Mickey Heads were cut out of. Lift this piece off the cutting mat (leave the Mickey Heads adhered to the cutting mat for now) and securely glue this to one side of your pre-made folder. Once this is secure you can start adhering the Mickey Heads to the other side of the folder. I do this by very loosely putting them back in the holes they were cut from one row at a time, carefully apply glue just to the backs of the heads & then close up the folder pressing down to make the heads stick to the opposite side. Some of them may stick down in the holes they were cut from instead of on the opposing side but a straight pin works great to pry them out of the hole and then try re-sticking them. Repeat with each row. 
These are examples of the embossed images from two of the folders I have made. I just used scrap paper. You obviously will get a nicer result when using better paper.

I have also used the embossing folder kit by ProvoCraft but can NOT highly recommend it. This lattice folder is an example of one of these folders.

Thank you again Tami for allowing me to share your great tip with all of my readers!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Beth!

Yesterday was my daughter Beth's 11th birthday, and since she LOVE Donald Duck right now I made her this card with Donald on the front and some birthday candles on the side.  I even added a little bit of Cuttlebug embossing to the paper behind Donald.

I need to find some time to get back to my scrapbooks. I am currently on the layouts for her 9th birthday, so I am now officially 2 years behind! Keep following me and join my Teach Me Cricut Design Space group on Facebook!

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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Daughter ROCKS!

I have not had much time to be crafty recently with everything going on for the end of the school year with the kids, but I wanted to share my daughter performing in the school Talent Show.

She is cute, plays soccer, hockey and can rock the electric guitar . . . and helps me keep track of things at

She ROCKS!  And by the way, today is her 11th birthday.

Happy Birthday Beth!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The First Hello Thursday for June

If you are NOT a fan of the Lite cartridges by ProvoCraft, then you wallet is safe . . . this week.  The first of the three June Hello Thursday cartridges are all Lites.  There are some ones that I think are really cute.  I might need to find a Walmart around me that carries the Cricut cartridges . . . the one that is the closest to me does not.

9 Months is a cartridge that is PERFECT for documenting a pregnancy.

How is this cartridge different from the other baby cartridges out there?  This one also looks at all of the things leading up to the day the new baby arrives.  Mommy's growing tummy, baby showers, doctor's visits, cravings . . . it is all covered. 

Where are all of my coffee lovers?  Here is the cartridge for you!  

Love you a Latte

If it has to do with coffee or coffee shops it is in this cartridge.  I can almost smell that morning coffee now!

I would have liked to see some coffee phrases on this cartridge . . . wake up and smell the coffee . . . instant human, just add coffee . . . 

I do really like this idea that I found online, as a way to give someone a gift card to their favorite coffee shop

Recess is the next cartridge on the list . . .

This is another child-like school cartridge.  To me, really nothing "new".  If you check you can find other cartridges with images of a pencil, apple, owl . . . but if you don't already own a cartridge with some good school images, you might find a need for this.

How about some sweet treats?  Sweet Shop Lite is full of them.

I know, I know . . . just when you thought that we had ENOUGH cartridges with cupcake images on them, ProvoCraft gives us another one.  At least this time around they added some ice cream treats, donuts and candy bars for us too.

The last one is called County Fair and it is a HSN exclusive.  I found some images of layouts created using this cartridge, but I really want to find some images that show you more of the cuts that are on the cartridge, so I am going to wait until I can find that to post on that one.