Sunday, May 22, 2011

To My Blogger Buddies

You would all be VERY proud of me.  My daughter had a soccer tournament this weekend, and instead of just trying to make it to one game, and then missing the rest to work on updating the database I went to ALL of the games!  I was outside, instead of in the basement.

On Saturday they tied the first game, which was played in the rain, but they won the second game.  Who knows what Sunday will bring.

Also, I have been going to the chiropractor, and things are getting better with my shoulder.  There is not as much pain in my shoulder, and I can actually lay down and sleep comfortably again . . . last weekend any time I put any pressure on that shoulder it just hurt.  I still have some numbness in my thumb and first finger, but that is getting a little better too.

Thank you all for reminding me what is MOST important and not to let the words of one "bad apple" on a message board get me down.


  1. Family first always!! Way to go Shawn!!!

  2. So happy for you, Shawn! Enjoy your daughter's games and take care of yourself.


    ~ Jen