Friday, May 27, 2011

Cricut Decals

Cricut Decals is one of the new Cricut cartridges.  The Cricut Car Decals cartridge MUST have done good if they created a "sequel" to it!

I believe that this one is also pre-loaded onto the new E2 machine.  At first I thought "No big deal if I get this one or not.  I don't ever plan on doing car decals or those stick people" but there are actually some cute images on this cartridge.

Okay . . . let's look at the BIGGER images . . .

The bumper cars, merry-go-round and some of these images would be cute for a layout of a day to the fair.

I LOVE snowmen!  I would use these snowmen, or snow people, for SO MANY (or SNOW MANY) things . . . layouts, cards, holiday decorations

I like that the Cricut Bug is getting in on some of the sports too!

If anyone has the new E2 and has played with this cartridge let me know!  I would love to do a guest blog spot and show of some of the things you have created with it.


  1. Custom decals and stickers are a way to express yourself, showing what kind of person you are. It’s a sort of identity …

  2. When does this come out? I NEED it! LOL

  3. Can anybody tell me where I can buy this cartridge - I am having real problems sourcing it.

    1. I found it on Amazon . . .