Friday, April 22, 2011

What day is it?

So I was lurking around on the message boards and blogs last night to try and find the new Cricut Cartridges that were supposed to be announced yesterday for Hello Thursday, but no one was leaking anything.  So then I checked again Friday morning and saw something, but since I had to go to my day job I did not have time to put the post together to share the info with you.  Sorry that I made you wait this long!

The names of the cartridges are

American Alphabet
Imagine: Baby Boutique
Imagine: Black and White
Imagine: Vintage Damask
Lite: Beep Beep
Lite: Bump in the Night
Lite: Crocs Rule
Lite: Yee-haw
Cricut Decals

I will post pictures either tonight when I get home, or for my blog post tomorrow.  

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